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In the heat of the moment, Yao Si wasn't the least bit sympathetic, stacking one tile onto the other, and then… the game ended. 

Ehem! She played the grand prince into a mess! 

If Mu Xuan hadn't suddenly fainted, she would have went on forever. Anyway, when she regained her senses, the conceited and stuck up grand prince was a mess—blood and exposed flesh covering his whole face. 

Yao Si grew increasingly anxious when Mu Xuan didn't wake up even after three whole days, and her desire to bash the grand prince up began to burn within her once more. 

"Don't worry!" Lin Long told her calmly. "If pure breeds could die so easily, we wouldn't suffer so much just to find our contractors. He's just in a temporary slumber after overexerting his ability and mental strength.

"When will he wake up?"

"I'm not sure." Lin Long shrugged." But with you around, he definitely won't be able to sleep for long. It's because of the over exertion, not his injuries, that he's like that. Once his ability recovers, he will awaken. His condition is much better than the grand prince's."

He couldn't help trembling at the thought. "That reminds me, what's up with your mental strength? Isn't it a little too scary? Even the grand prince was defeated. You didn't just puncture his mental walls, but destroyed his whole consciousness. I'm not sure if his ability will even be able to recover!"

After witnessing the scale of her wrath, he started to feel relief that she hadn't raged at him back when he had opposed Mu Xuan. 

"I'm not sure." Yao Si shook her head. When she saw Mu Xuan being punctured by the red light ray, anger and anxiousness had drowned out all her logic, leaving only one thought: Kill! Like that, how could she have noticed anything else?

"At that moment I..." When she regained her senses, the grand prince was already a mess!

"Was it perhaps an outburst of your mental strength?!" Lin Long looked her up and down.

Mental strength was basically one's consciousness, and under critical situations, it was possible to unleash an astonishing amount of it. He halted his questioning and instead adjusted his expression to one of utmost seriousness.

"Even though we successfully prevented the grand prince from delivering the message, it will be a matter of time before the others find out. We should start taking precautions since there will most probably be more than one grand prince visiting the next time." 

"Isn't there just one of them?" The corners of Yao Si's lips twitched. "How many grand princes does your clan have?"

"When I left my world… If I were to add in the three elder grand princes, there would be..." He took a moment to calculate before providing an accurate number. "Fifty-six of them." 

"Fifty-six!" Yao Si exclaimed. F*ck! She had expected a maximum of around ten, but there were fifty-six?! Fifty-six different communities, fifty-six flowers, fifty-six brothers… Ah! "Why are there so many?!" It felt as though she had poked a grand prince nest. 

"They are called grand princes because their abilities being much stronger than those of the average pure breeds," Lin Long explained. "There are fifty-six such bloodlings, the most impressive of them being the three elder grand princes. Legend has it that their abilities are much stronger than even those of the grand princes." 

Yao Si frowned. If one grand prince was this hard to tackle, if they were to come all at once...

"Why are they insisting on taking over this universe?" She couldn't wrap her mind around it. "Just because you and… w.a.n.g Erma managed to find your contractors, it doesn't mean the others would be able to find their contractors here, right?" Judging from the grand prince's words, they intended to send their entire clan over to this universe.

"I suspected that in the past..." Lin Long's face sank, and his voice lowered. "But when I saw the grand prince, I started to feel that the other contractors might really all be in this world." 

"What?!" F*ck, don't scare me. "Why do you think so?" 

"Because… this could be our twin universe." 

"..." What the f*ck?

"Everything has two sides: Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Life and Death," Lin Long explained. "But our clan is an exception. We never die, everyone living eternally in our world. Hence, we have a legend that in the infinite universes out there, there is one that is our twin, the one which would solve our immortality." 

"You mean..." Yao Si's heart sank. "They are convinced that this universe is their twin." 

He nodded. "Every pure breed that transcends to another universe is tasked with two other missions other than to find their contractor. The more important of the two is to find the twin universe, the universe where the majority of the contractors reside, but no one has succeeded thus far. It is considered a miracle to find a contractor among the infinite universes, but..."

"But you, w.a.n.g Erma, and Mu Xuan managed to find your contractors all in the same universe!" Yao Si said. "So… they are convinced that this is the twin universe they have been looking for?" 

"That's right!"

F*ck! This meant that regardless of whether the grand prince were to return, the others would still come over just because the contractors they had been looking for their entire lives might really be here. 

It was a f*cking stalemate!

"Wait a minute!" Yao Si said. "Didn't you say you had two missions? What's the other one?" 

"Oh, the other one isn't related to this." He frowned slightly in confusion before explaining himself in a low voice. "It's to find the king of our clan. Legend has it that he is the strongest pure breed. He is the only other person other than our contractors who can grant us death. But this is just a legend. No one has ever seen him before, not even the grand princes. Hence we can't be sure of his existence." 

Yao Si nodded. She stopped pursuing the topic as there were more pressing matters at the moment, like how was she going to deal with the impending war. 

"Is there really no other solution?" 

"Maybe..." Lin Long frowned. "The grand prince might have a solution, but..."

Yao Si understood. The prince had been battered to a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp and hadn't even recovered yet, not that he would ever tell them anything. 

"It'll need some thinking. For now, I'll check on the grand prince's condition." Lin Long pointed outside. 

Yao Si nodded and saw him out. Her nerves were all bundled up. Were they really going to fight a war? But with those perverted ancestors, even if all the bloodlings were summoned, they wouldn't stand a chance. The only one who could have a chance was Mu Xuan…

"Yaoyao?" A familiar voice called from behind. 

"Mu Xuan!" Yao Si's heart leaped, and she turned to look at the person who had awakened on the bed. Her tensed up nerves from before soothed instantly, and she pounced straight on him."You're finally awake!" Suddenly, all the grievances went away, the past three days that had been both gruelling and unbearable. 

Reminded of his injury though, Yao Si straightened to inspect him. "Are you alright? How is it? Do you feel unwell anywhere?"

Mu Xuan pulled her into his lap easily as he sat up. He hugged her with one arm and caressed her hair with the other. "Mmh, I'm fine! I just… missed you." Without any warning, he suddenly lowered his head to kiss her. 

Yao Si stilled as the familiar face came closer, unable to process the situation. Whilst she was in a daze, his tongue probed into the depths of her mouth. It was totally unlike his past half-hearted attempts that were brief and bashful. His actions now were filled with tenderness and limitless supply of affection, sentiment. and adoration. Even an experienced Yao Si couldn't help but feel her heart race as her mind blanked out. 

What was wrong with Mu Xuan? Was he perhaps enlightened by the sleep? 

She couldn't be certain for exactly how long the kiss lasted, but when they finally stopped, she was slightly out of breath. All she could hear was Mu Xuan's rapid breathing as though he was struggling to suppress something. After a while, he spoke in an usually low tone. "I'm sorry." He tightened the hand over her waist while slowly pulling the other one that had at some point crept into her clothes. 

Yao Si took a while to process the situation. "..." Why are you apologizing? Continue, don't stop!

"Yaoyao..." He caressed her face tenderly as his eyes shone with an inner light. "I suddenly remembered some things from before Earth was destroyed." 




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