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Qingfeng Li had already wanted to use thunder to attack h.e.l.l King, but he didn't know how effective it would be. After all, it was an upper-grade spirit weapon.

After hearing confirmation from Dark Night Emperor, Qingfeng Li was extremely excited.

But he also knew that he only had one chance to destroy the Ghost Blade.

Qingfeng Li took out his Sky Thunder Jewel and injected it with his vital essence. He pretended to fall back so h.e.l.l King wouldn't be alerted.

"h.e.l.l King, I will give you one last chance. If you release Ruyan Liu now and take your own life, I will leave your corpse whole. If not, then your soul and body will both disappear." Qingfeng Li smirked.

h.e.l.l King laughed, his eyes filled with ridicule. He thought Qingfeng Li was only boasting.

"Ghost Blade Three Consecutive Swings." h.e.l.l King howled and suddenly hacked towards Qingfeng.

Ghost Blade three consecutive swings was the most powerful attack within his repetoire. He slashed out three times and formed three powerful, razor sharp energy blades. They sliced through the air and formed three big black rifts.

Explosions occurred in the sky and a large amount of energy flew towards Qingfeng Li; it was about to kill him.

"G.o.d of Thunder, please lend me your strength and strike this b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Qingfeng Li said with the Sky Thunder Jewel in his hand.

h.e.l.l King laughed because he thought Qingfeng Li was still going to boast. They were hundreds of meters below ground and there shouldn't be any lightning or thunder.

Before the smile on h.e.l.l King's face could even disappear, a crimson thunderbolt appeared and struck towards h.e.l.l King.

h.e.l.l King was scared and screamed like a girl. His techniques were inherently evil and were thus vulnerable to cleansing forces like thunder and fire. Especially thunder, it was its biggest weakness.

h.e.l.l King couldn't comprehend why there was thunder as they were hundreds of meters below ground, and there was even a lightning rod to prevent thunder from striking on the surface.

It didn't matter however, because h.e.l.l King knew he couldn't afford to be hit by the thunderbolt or he would die and evaporate.

h.e.l.l King wanted to run away, but the thunderbolt was too quick. In the heat of the moment, he threw his blade into the air.

The blade was an evil weapon and contained evil spirits. The thunderbolt was attracted by the vile nature of it and landed right onto the blade.

The Ghost Blade was broken into pieces and disappeared under the attack of the thunder.

h.e.l.l King was able to dodge the thunder because the Ghost Blade had blocked it for him.

Qingfeng Li was a bit disappointed because he wanted the thunder to kill h.e.l.l King as well but h.e.l.l King was smart to throw out his knife at the last second to save his own life.

Qingfeng Li's didn't perfect his attacks yet. Even though he could summon thunderbolts to attack, he couldn't control the exact target and direction of the thunder.

If the technique was perfected, the thunder could be used as a homing missile; it could attack wherever Qingfeng Li wanted. Even though Qingfeng Li could aim the thunder at h.e.l.l King, he couldn't do much if h.e.l.l King throws his weapon up to block the attack. After all, the thunder didn't have its own consciousness.

Even though h.e.l.l King was safe, his spirit weapon was destroyed and lost much of its fighting power.

"Red Fiery wave." Qingfeng Li howled and used his third attack.

A fire wave formed and rushed towards h.e.l.l King with its power and pressure.

The s.p.a.ces that the wave pa.s.sed through were all burned and made explosive sounds.

h.e.l.l King's expression changed. He knew that he was like a tiger without its claws because he lost his weapon.

"Ghost Realm." At this crucial moment, h.e.l.l King released his realm.

The area was covered by a black light and evil spirits filled the s.p.a.ce. The evil spirits were trying to block the fire and sacrifice themselves for h.e.l.l King's life.

A grandmaster's realm is 10 meters while a martial artist in the True Spirit Realm would have one 20 meters in size. One had to say h.e.l.l King's strength and level definitely increased a lot as his realm was now the size of someone who had stepped half way into the True Spirit Realm.

Even though the fire wave was powerful and countered the evil spirits, there were too many evil spirits within the Ghost Realm. It couldn't burn through all of them in a short period.

Qingfeng Li's expression changed because he knew how powerful the realm was. He could only fight it with his own realm.

"Gravity realm." Qingfeng Li released his gravity realm because he thought it would be more useful than his other realms.

Like he thought, the gravity realm was able to slow down the spirits and restrict their movements.

The evil spirits were able to move freely within the realm and were able to dodge the wave, but now they couldn't dodge it anymore because they were slowed by Qingfeng Li's gravity realm.

Large amounts of evil spirits were stuck and were burned. Qingfeng Li decided to add to the fire because the ghost realm was too big.

"Inferno Realm." Qingfeng Li released his realm once again.

Qingfeng Li's plan was to slow the movements of the spirits with gravity realm first, then burn them with the Inferno Realm.

A 10 feet Inferno Realm formed and was filled with burning fire.

The spirits were screaming in pain while getting burned by the fire.

It didn't take long to burn through all the spirits within the ghost realm, and the black smoke was burned away as well.

h.e.l.l King was pale from spitting out too much blood. Ghost realm was formed with his original life energy, he was wounded heavily because it was destroyed by Qingfeng Li.

h.e.l.l King was shocked about how powerful Qingfeng Li was. Not only was his unorthodox upper-grade spirit weapon destroyed, his ghost realm was destroyed as well.

Fortunately, h.e.l.l King became the pupil of self-cultivator Sky Ghost Elder and learned a self-cultivation training methods, or else Qingfeng Li would have easily killed him.

h.e.l.l King was scared because he felt Qingfeng Li was too powerful.

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