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Seeing h.e.l.l King on the opposite side, Qingfeng Li's face became downcast and he said coldly, "h.e.l.l King, was it you who kidnapped Ruyan Liu?"

"Right, it was me. I was about to call you, but didn't expect that you would hurl yourself willingly into the net. You are looking for your death." h.e.l.l King sneered, chilling lights shining out of his eyes.

h.e.l.l King kidnapped Ruyan Liu in order to tempt Qingfeng Li, but, Qingfeng Li showed up even before h.e.l.l King made any moves.

It was all thanks to the Sky Ghost Battle Array set up earlier by Sky Ghost Elder, that Qingfeng Li was trapped.

"h.e.l.l King, how is Ruyan Liu now?"
"Don't worry, she is in the room now. She isn't dead yet, but she will be if you die."

"h.e.l.l King, you will pay the price for what you did. You have to die today." Qingfeng Li showed a cold smile, killing intent covering him.

h.e.l.l King was already sentenced to death in Qingfeng Li's heart. He had to kill h.e.l.l King today.

Qingfeng Li stopped looking at h.e.l.l King, as he knew that his main goal now was to break down the Sky Ghost Battle Array. He could kill h.e.l.l King only if he gets out of the array.
Ouch ...
The disciples of the Luo Family screamed miserably again. The disciple who had his palm eaten earlier was swallowed by the ferocious ghost directly, dying tragically in the array.

Witnessing this terrifying scene, the faces of all the other disciples of the Luo Family turned dreadfully pale, their eyes filled with fear.

"Senior, how can I break down this array?" Qingfeng Li was burning with anxiety while talking to Dark Night Emperor within his mind.
Qingfeng Li knew that those disciples of the Luo Family were here to help him, yet now, a lot of them were killed by the evil spirits of the Sky Ghost Battle Array, which made him feel really guilty.
"Little brat, I am looking for the array point. However, your fire and thunder vital essence can restrain those evil spirit ghosts. Physical attacks don't work on them." Dark Night Emperor said to Qingfeng Li while giving him a faint smile.

Hearing this, Qingfeng Li nodded. He knew that what was most effective in dealing with evil spirits was fire.

Meanwhile, an evil spirit had walked up to Niching Luo and was about to lacerate the beauty.

Niching Luo groaned effeminately, then reached out her slim hand and slapped the evil spirit ghost. The evil spirit was immediately shattered, but this seemed to have triggered a reaction from the other spirits. All the evil spirits around gathered together and formed into a human-shaped ghost.

The human-shaped ghost screamed, took advantage of the time when Niching Luo had just consumed her vital essence, and moved to bite her head off.

Seeing Niching Luo in danger, Qingfeng Li's face darkened. He swung the Red Fiery Sword in his right hand, turned it into a red flame, and cut directly into the evil spirit ghost.

The evil spirit ghost was struck by the fire and it gave out a miserable scream, turning into a ma.s.s of black gas and burning to death.
Niching Luo's charming face turned delighted, as she said happily, "Thank you! It's amazing that you were able to damage that spirit!"

Qingfeng Li nodded, "All ghosts are made of evil spirits, and are controlled by humans. They are vulnerable to fire."

Hearing this, joy appeared on Niching Luo's face, but soon it turned upset as she realized that what she cultivated was wind type vital essence, not fire.
"Don't worry, stay behind me. I can protect you." Qingfeng Li took a look at Niching Luo and said with a smile.

Niching Luo mumbled, her charming face blushing. She had to admit that it made her happy when a man strives to protect her.

"Red Fiery Arrow." Qingfeng Li grunted and instantly applied the second move of the Red Fiery Sword Technique. Although the second move wasn't the most powerful, it had the widest coverage, and launches countless fire type arrows.

Wherever Qingfeng Li's sword travelled, dozens of red arrows immediately appeared in the air, which were made of fire type vital essence that contained an enormous fire energy.

Dozens of arrows shot at those evil ghosts, instantly making them scream miserably before they turned into plumes of dark smoke and disappeared without a trace.

Sky Ghost Elder sat in the room of the Ghost King Palace, feeling the ghosts in his array dying. His face darkened, looking terribly pale.

"Kill then, my ferocious ghosts." Sky Ghost Elder sat on the ground with his legs crossed, and laid one of his hands on the other to form a spell seal. A black radiance came out of his mouth. The black radiance entered the array, and transformed into one thousand evil spirit ghosts to attack Qingfeng Li and others.

Seeing one thousand evil spirits ghosts, Niching Luo and the others' faces all turned dreadfully pale. It was tough already to defend against the dozens of ghosts from earlier, but now there were one thousand waiting to tear them apart.
Not to mention the disciples of the Luo Family, even Qingfeng Li felt the pressure.

The Sky Ghost Battle Array was indeed powerful. It transformed into one thousand ghosts which were beyond anyone's expectation. Although Qingfeng Li's fire attack could kill the evil spirits ghosts, he didn't have enough Fire Type vital essence in him.

Dark Night Emperor's voice arose as Qingfeng Li was in panic, "Little brat, the array point of the Sky Ghost Battle Array is fifty steps away from your north west."

Joy flickered in Qingfeng Li's eyes after he heard Dark Night Emperor's words. He was delighted that Dark Night Emperor didn't let him down as lucky star, helping him find the array point.
Qingfeng Li was aware that the most important thing of an array was its array point. The array would break down as long as the array point was destroyed.

Fifty steps away from the north west.
Following Dark Night Emperor's instructions, Qingfeng moved fifty steps quickly towards the north west.

The array point was guarded by a black evil spirit ghost, but it couldn't move. Seeing Qingfeng Li coming, all it could do was to show his horribly grinning face to scare him away. However, Qingfeng Li didn't buy it, moving fearlessly.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." Knowing about the extreme power of the array point, Qingfeng Li used the fourth move without hesitation, which was the most formidable move.

Qingfeng Li swung his long sword firmly, and turned it into an enormous silver moon fire. It was aimed at the array point with a burning wind and terrifying force.
The evil spirits ghost at the array point were cut to death immediately. The enormous fiery silver moon cut at the array point, leaving a booming noise as if it could crack the ground and tear the sky apart. Countless crevices appeared on the ground like a spider web and kept spreading in all directions.

The Sky Ghost Battle Array was collapsing with a huge booming noise. The black fog was disappearing and all the evil spirits ghosts screamed miserably before disappearing without a trace.

The entiriety of the grounds returned to normal, without the black fog and evil spirits.

Niching Luo and all the others became excited as they regained hope that they could be saved. All of them looked at Qingfeng Li with admiration, thinking of how powerful Qingfeng Li's sword skills were. This man was so formidable that he could break down the array with only one sword swing.


In the room of Ghost King Palace, Sky Ghost Elder's face turned pale, and he coughed up a big pile of blood. He set up the Sky Ghost Battle Array, but it was destroyed by Qingfeng Li now. As a consequence, the array came back to haunt him and his organs were damaged.

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