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Chapter 743: Fighting for Black Crow Vines

The people around stared at Qingfeng Li with great favor, not only because of his grandmaster-cla.s.s martial arts skill, but also because of the sword in Qingfeng Li's hand.

Yes, just the sword in Qingfeng Li's hand. It was strong enough to contend against the Water Moon Sword and apparently was a grandmaster-cla.s.s weapon of a very high level as well. Currently Qingfeng Li had plenty of treasures with him, which included not only two grandmaster-cla.s.s weapons but also the powerful grandmaster-cla.s.s martial arts skill. As a result, some people even intended to kill Qingfeng Li and grab his treasures.

"Miss Luo, a gift for you." Qingfeng Li stood on the chain and threw the Water Moon Sword to Niching Luo.

Niching Luo was in the fight with Baidao Jiang, with the Water Moon Sword suddenly thrown by Qingfeng Li, her attack force greatly increased, and she forced Baidao Jiang to step back one pace with only a single attack the sword.

"Wolf King, what did you say just now?" Niching Luo held the Water Moon Sword, with a trace of confusion on her enchanting face.

"I said the Water Moon Sword is yours now." Qingfeng Li said with a mild smile.

It's mine? Niching Luo heard it clearly this time, and her charming face was full of surprise, because it was a grandmaster-cla.s.s weapon, which could not be bought even at the price of ten billions Yuan Qingfeng had casually given it to her.

Even the people around were shocked, let alone Niching Luo, as they had never seen such a generous person that gave away grandmaster-cla.s.s weapons as a gift.

As was known, grandmaster-cla.s.s weapons were very

rare, and generally only grandmasters could possess them. In the Luo Family, only the patriarch could use grandmaster-cla.s.s weapons, and therefore Niching Luo only owned a Higher Heaven-cla.s.s weapon, even if she was the young lady of the family.

"Miss Luo, this is a symbol of my appreciation to you for bringing me into the Grandmaster Tomb." Qingfeng Li explained with a mild smile.

In fact, the reason why Qingfeng Li gave Niching Luo the Water Moon Sword, was that he wanted to show his grat.i.tude to her not only for helping him to enter the tomb, but also for helping him to go against Baidao Jiang and others. Qingfeng Li had always been very generous to his friends. Besides, the Water Moon Sword was useless to him because he cultivated a fire-element sword technique. Now that the sword was useful to Niching Luo, he just gave it to Niching Luo as a favor.

"Wolf King, you're unfair." Xianzhi Qin complained with an enchanting glance at Qingfeng Li. Niching Luo received the Water Moon Sword because she gave a hand to Qingfeng Li, while Xianzhi Qin herself also helped him but got nothing.

Qingfeng Li smiled guiltily, and felt sort of embarra.s.sed. After all, Xianzhi Qin also exerted herself to fight against Cold Blood.

"Young Mistress Qin, I'll give you a treasure as a gift in the future." Qingfeng Li said with a gentle smile.


Just then, there was something wrong with the lava river. Probably the battle between Qingfeng Li and Jianlong Gu was too fierce, the lava river turned very violent after the energy impinged on it.

The giant lava waves soared to the air, most of

of which splashed onto the iron chain and damaged it a lot. When the lava waves fell back, most of the iron chain had been melted away. The chain seemed to be at its breaking point.

"d.a.m.n it, the iron chain is about to break." Qingfeng Li paled with a hint of anxiety. The Black Crow Vines, which could save Xue Lin, were still in the Elixir King's palace opposite, he must get it.


Qingfeng Li moved and leapt across the iron chain, running to the opposite side. His speed was so fast that he reached the palace in an instant.

"Stop fighting, hurry and go." h.e.l.l King shouted, jumping on the chain as the first one, and rushed over.

Later, Niching Luo, Xianzhi Qin, Cold Blood, Baidao Jiang and the other people all ceased fighting and jumped on the chain, rushing over as well. Those people were masters, so they successfully went across the iron chain even though it was swinging. The disciples they brought were not that lucky, some of them fell in the lava river below due to inferior strength, ending up with miserable screaming and melted bones.

There were many people entering the tomb previously, but the number went down now. Apart from Cuilan Tie and Jianlong Gu who were killed by Qingfeng Li, a lot of people died in the lava river.

Although the young masters and ladies of the big powers were sad about the death of their men, they got excited when they saw the treasures in the Elixir King's palace.

This palace was the place where the Elixir King was buried. In the middle of the palace, there was a huge coffin,

huge coffin, which contained two persons, and they were Elixir King Yun Xiao and his wife Water Moon.

There was an alchemy furnace on the left side of the coffin, and the Black Crow Vines and other medicinal herbs were placed right on the furnace. These herbs were all used for alchemy, many of them were species that went extinct in Huaxia. In addition to the medicinal herbs, there were also a dozen bottles of pills, which were all Higher Heaven Pill and are very rare. On the right side of the coffin, there were two books, one was the Water Moon Sword Technique, which was a grandmaster-cla.s.s martial arts skill, and the other one was related to Trap Skills at the grandmaster-cla.s.s as well.

"Those are Higher Heaven Pills, go get them." At the sight of those bottles of pills, everyone went wild with joy, running to grab the pills.

Qingfeng Li paled and moved, also running to the left side of the coffin, but his target was not the pills, but the Black Crow Vines. Even though the Higher Heaven Pills were precious, Qingfeng Li did not even gave them a glace, as he only want to get the Black Crow Vines to save Xue Lin.

"F*ck off!" Qingfeng Li got enraged when he saw Tianhao Luo intend to grab the Black Crow Vines on the alchemy furnace.

Black Crow Vines was very precious, and it was not merely a kind of herb for alchemy. It was said that the martial warriors could become more physically stronger by eating Black Crow Vines, and therefore it was the favorite of body refinement masters, which was more valuable than more valuable than Higher Heaven Pill.

As the young master of Luo Family and the cousin of Niching Luo, Tianhao Luo had recognized the value of the Black Crow Vines and therefore he intended to grab it.

Peng! Qingfeng Li immediately kicked out Tianhao Luo, who flew through several meters, then fell hard onto the ground, ending up with a few holes in his broken clothes.

"Qingfeng Li, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're brought here by Luo Family, why did you attack me?" Tianhao Luo cursed angrily, rising up and sensing his body ached.

"As I said, the Black Crow Vines belongs to me, anyone who dares grab it is my enemy." Qingfeng Li said with a domineering look on his face, and smiled coldly. His words were not only said to Tianhao Luo, but also to everyone on site, whoever dared fight with him for Black Crow Vines, Qingfeng Li would never let the one go.

Qingfeng Li had just killed Jianlong Gu, and therefore his strong strength was obvious to all. Even though Black Crow Vines were precious, some people had given them up and turned their attention to the Higher Heaven Pills when they saw Qingfeng Li behaving so aggressively.

The attraction of the Black Crow Vines was too great, however, and there always someone who was not afraid of death. See, just when Qingfeng Li put his hand on the Black Crow Vines, a flash of saber lightning came from behind suddenly.

Cold Blood drew his saber hard, ripped through the air and slashed towards Qingfeng Li. He was both a martial warrior and a body cultivation master, so he needed the precious Black Crow Vines.

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