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"Bro, that dude is incredible," the other doorman standing on the side said when he looked back onto the smashed sc.r.a.ps on the ground.

Qingfeng had intimidated the crowd by turning the gun into pieces within seconds.

The short-hair man said, "Remember, never mess with him in the future. I feel like I was facing a wolf that could kill me any second."

Everyone kept nodding as they were all terrified by Qingfeng. They have never seen such an invincible man before.

"Master, you are unbelievable," Black Panther said to Qingfeng admirably. He was still amazed by Qingfeng's power even if he was already extremely powerful himself.

He felt lucky to have become Qingfeng's minion. Otherwise, he would have had a tough time dealing with this kind of enemy.

Qingfeng smiled faintly since he really didn't think of them as threats, apart from the Kings.

The Eastern Sea Arena was a large majestic battlefield built from black marble slabs. An enormous 300-meter-high black platform was set in the middle, separating the contestants and the audience.

"Head, we need to sign up for the battle first. Follow me."

Qingfeng nodded and went to sign up with Black Panther.

The registration stand was set up in a vacant area. A gray-haired senior was registering contestants for the battle behind the table and was protected by a 2-meter tall man with muscles bulging from his back.

This senior is Sanxing Liu. He was not only the registration manager of the battle arena but also the supervisor here.

"h.e.l.lo, I'd like to sign up for the Heroes List battle," Qingfeng said after he walked up to the senior.

Sanxing frowned and said after taking a glance at Qingfeng, "You have to pay 100,000 Yuan for registration."

What? 100,000 registration fee?

Qingfeng frowned with discontent. He remembered that Black Panther told him the registration only charged 10,000 Yuan. How come it suddenly raised to 100,000 Yuan?

"Butler Liu, I only paid 10,000 Yuan for the battle when I registered. Why did it increase ten fold more?" Black Panther complained.

"Because there are too many contestants now. The registration fee has now raised to 100,000 Yuan. You either pay or leave," Sanxing Liu said directly to him while sneering.

Qingfeng stopped Black Panther when he was about to continue to try to bargain and said, "I'll pay for it, let me register."

Neither 10,000 nor 100,000 mattered much to Qingfeng as long as he could partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. Although he was sick of the att.i.tude of this old man, he couldn't do anything to him since he was the supervisor here.

Sanxing Liu slightly became more friendly to Qingfeng once he paid the 100,000 with his credit card. To him, the battle arena was a battlefield as well as a casino, everything would come easy as long as you had money.

"Your name, age, and occupation?" Sanxing Liu asked with a way better att.i.tude.

"Head, you can just use a nickname for this battle," Black Panther told Qingfeng after walking up to him. Basically, he was really familiar with the rules here since he had partic.i.p.ated once already.

Qingfeng nodded and said to Sanxing Li, "My name is Sky Wolf, 24 years old. I'm a salesman."

A salesman?

Sanxing Liu looked slightly weird since it was his first time registering a salesman. People who came to sign up for the Eastern Sea Battlefield have either been fighters from Huaxia or masters from hidden families. Some of them were even MMA fighting champions.

Sanxing Liu could tell Qingfeng wasn't tough enough and didn't look like someone who had mastered Kung Fu just by glancing over his body.

"Buddy, I'm just saying, the arena is pretty brutal and can severe injury, disability, and even death. Are you sure you want to sign up like this?" Sanxing Liu gave Qingfeng a warning sign.

Qingfeng smiled and replied indifferently, "Don't worry, none of these people here are my match."

"Buddy, don't try to brag. We have so many masters here."

"Though they aren't as strong as me."

"Huh, what an ignorant brat. Here, your number is 999, Sky Wolf," San Liu said unpleasantly while pa.s.sing a number tag to Qingfeng.

Sanxing Liu tried to warn Qingfeng in advance that there were many masters in the battlefield. Yet, he didn't expect that this arrogant man would actually ignore his warning. This p.i.s.sed him off.

"Excuse me, is h.e.l.l King here?" Qingfeng asked while holding the number.

"Why, you want to fight with him? Let me put things straight, h.e.l.l King is the top master here. You are not his compet.i.tor," Sanxing said with disdain, feeling more annoyed with Qingfeng.

h.e.l.l King was the top fighter in the Eastern Sea Battle Arena and had beaten countless contestants. Except for only one woman called Guiying Wu, who managed to draw with him, other people weren't even close to knocking him down.

Qingfeng frowned discontentedly as he felt like Sanxing was looking down upon him. What the heck, just wait to take my punch after I get on the arena.

"Is h.e.l.l King in the Arena or not, I am going to challenge him," Qingfeng questioned dominantly.

"No, he left after he defeated Black Panther. I don't know where he went specifically," Sanxing sneered at Qingfeng's ignorance.

"Well, then I am going to beat all the contestants here, win first prize of the battlefield and coax him out," Qingfeng laughed faintly and walked towards the arena.

At this moment, two contestants were competing up there. A 6.2 foot tall man full of muscles and strength was on the left and a young man that only reached to the shoulders of the muscular man were on the right.

Although the young man wasn't tall, he was fast enough to dodge all of the attacks from the muscular man.

The muscular man was enraged after his attacks missed consecutively. He rushed towards the young man and smashed him on the chest, which completely knocked him off the arena. The young man dropped on the floor outside of the arena harshly with some broken ribs and blood leaking from his mouth. He eventually pa.s.sed out.

"Huh, I won! Next," the muscular guy roared as he demanded the next contestant.

The judge checked the list and announced, "Number 999, Sky Wolf."

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