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"Unbelievable. How could he make two white pegasi?"

"Right? It totally beats the Martini Tao Jiang made. He lost the bet."

"This Qingfeng guy is incredible. I've never seen any better bartender than him."

The crowd was buried in a discussion as they all started to admire Qingfeng and look at him like he was a G.o.d.

On the other hand, Qilang and Tao Jiang were frustrated when they heard the crowd. They were furious that their plan had been completely ruined by Qingfeng.

"Qilang, apologize to me on your knees with your cousin now," Qingfeng said calmly while overlapping his hands behind his back.

Qilang lost his s.h.i.t immediately, "You want me to kneel down for you? You wish! Who do you think you are?"

"Qingfeng, why don't you go out and ask everyone about me? I have the most power in the area around my Men's Bar. Do you want to get your b.u.t.t kicked?" Qilang sneered while warning Qingfeng coldly.

"So, you are trying to go back on your words? T-R-A-S-H," Qingfeng swore at him with disdain.

"Brothers, come up! Let's break Qingfeng's leg and bring Lingmeng and Liuli Su back to our bar," Qilang waved his hand and ordered his minions to beat Qingfeng.

At this moment, somebody suddenly roared in the crowd, "Qilang, stop!"

King Kong rushed to the front robustly.

Qilang knew that King Kong was the head of the Underground Forces in Eastern Sea City. He could easily smash Qilang with only one finger.

"Brother Kong, what brings you here?" Qilang bowed as he said politely at him with a fake smile.


King Kong slapped Qilang harshly right as he was trying to please him. Qilang spun three times on the spot after receiving King King's slap.

"Brother Kong, why are you hitting me? I'm Qilang Jiang," Qilang looked confused while covering his face.

"How dare you mother f*cker even try to punish Grand Daddy Li? Are you tired of your life right now?" King Kong sneered while kicking Qilang on his stomach and launching him off the ground.

Although Qilang felt the pain, he was shocked when he heard King Kong called Qingfeng "Grand Daddy Li".

Grand Daddy Li?

Qilang and Tao Jiang looked at each other simultaneously and both saw the fear in eachother's eyes. They certainly knew who Grand Daddy Li was. He was the G.o.d of Eastern Sea City, an invincible existence. Whoever got into trouble with him would end up dying.



Qilang and Tao Jiang kneeled on the ground and were kowtowing and begging with tremendous fear, "Grand Daddy Li, please forgive us petty people. Please don't kill us."

While seeing Qilang begging on his knees, dozens of his minions at the back all freaked out and were kowtowing at Qingfeng, hoping that he would forgive them.

Both Lingmeng and Liuli froze, and so did everyone else. What was happening now? What caused Qilang to switch drastically from an intimidating vile gangster to a obedient puppy that was continuously kowtowing and begging on the floor? They felt like the world had flipped upside down.

"Slap yourself 100 times first, then apologize to Lingmeng and get out of here," Qingfeng commanded Qilang and the rest of the others.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa…

Qilang, Tao Jiang and those underlings were slapping themselves nonstop. Everyone could only hear their slapping sounds at the moment, which was made quite a funny scene.

After, Qilang immediately left the bar with his cousin and his minions. holding their swollen faces.

"Thank you so much for helping me and Lingmeng, Qingfeng," Liuli walked up to Qingfeng and said gratefully while bowing to him.

She knew that her bar would have been smashed and both Lingmeng and her would have been taken away by Qilang if this guy wasn't here.

"Don't worry, Lingmeng is my apprentice, things that concerns her also concerns me. Please treat her well in the future," Qingfeng replied calmly.

"No problem, I'll raise her salary to 10,000 Yuan per month from now on," Liuli said.

Wow, 10,000 Yuan? All of the other staff in the bar looked envious since they only earned around 4000-5000 Yuan per month. They would obviously feel jealous that their boss was willing to pay Lingmeng double to please Qingfeng.

Lingmeng blushed in her face once she heard her pay was raised tremendously. She said embarra.s.sedly to Liuli, "Boss, I don't have that much work to do. It's not necessary to give me a raise."

Liuli shook her head, "Lingmeng, your teacher saved me and the m Bar. You deserve what you get."

In fact, Liuli was even a bit envious of Lingmeng. This Qingfeng dude must be an extraordinary existence that could make Qilang, thatearless hooligan,beg and slap themselves on their knees. He must have a horrifying background.

Liuli gave Lingmeng a raise mainly for two reasons. First, she was thanking Qingfeng for his help; Secondly, she was trying to please Qingfeng and draw Lingmeng over to her side since that could keep her bar free from troubles as long as Lingmeng stayed in the bar.

Qingfeng knew what Liuli was thinking, but he didn't really care. After all, it was just a favor to Lingmeng. Regardless she even gave him a kiss.

"King Kong, what brought you here?" Qingfeng asked.

"Grand Daddy Li, Black Panther is injured. I need your help," King Kong whispered frustratingly since Black Panther was the protector of the Qingfeng League.

What? Black Panther was injured?

Qingfeng freaked out. As you may know, Black Panther is an S level ace and n.o.body should be able to hurt him besides Qingfeng in Eastern Sea City. How come he was injured?

 "King Kong, how did Black Panther get injured?"

"Grand Daddy Li, Black Panther was attacked by someone who was partic.i.p.ating in the Heroes List."

"Heroes List? What is that?" Qingfeng asked as he has never heard of it.

King Kong explained to him, "Grand Daddy Li, the Heroes List is a list ranking all the masters in Huaxia. Those who have their names on the list are those who had competed against and defeated others in battle."

Qingfeng nodded as he had basically understood the main point of this list. Technically, it was a list ranking martial artists and fighters in Huaxia. The more formidable they were, the higher they are put on the list, which gave them a strong reputation.

However, Qingfeng was still shocked about the fact that those people on the list could actually hurt Black Panther. The list seems like a reliable credential.

"King Kong, let's go! Bring me to Black Panther," Qingfeng smiled faintly and walked towards the Qingfeng League with King Kong.

Qingfeng asked Jiaojiao to be careful going back home by herself when he left. Although Jiaojiao was slightly disappointed, she had no choice but had to go back home alone since she knew her brother-in-law was leaving for an important reason.

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