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The truck was extremely quick and rammed the sedan out of shape.

The driver’s head was smashed and she died on the spot.

Xue Lin was sitting at the back, a bit further from the collision, but the force still damaged Xue Lin’s body badly.


A lot of Xue Lin’s bones broke. Her head also collided with the seat in front of her, and blood was coming out.

"Honey, I love you." Xue Lin’s mouth was filled with blood and went unconscious.

Before she blacked out, Xue Lin’s eyes were filled with Qingfeng Li. She regretted that she didn’t give Qingfeng Li her body before. Now that she was dying, she could not see her husband anymore.

There was also a picture in her lap. The picture was the sketch she drew of the wedding between the two of them. She drew it herself a couple of nights before; hoping Qingfeng Li and she could host a huge wedding.

In the picture, Xue Lin was wearing a white wedding dress with a ring on her finger; extremely pretty. Qingfeng Li was wearing his suit standing on her side, looking extremely caring.

But now, the wedding obviously was going to be canceled because Xue Lin was dying; blood dyed her dress and the picture.

Xue Lin was lying in her blood puddle; only in the picture she was smiling while holding on to Qingfeng Li.

Two men walked down from the truck, it was the elder Teng w.a.n.g and Sky-Ruling Tiger.

Seeing the car and the blood, Teng w.a.n.g smirked, "Qingfeng Li, I said I was going to host your funeral. Your bride is dead now and you are next."

"Elder, should we head to the hotel now or wait for him here." Sky-Ruling Tiger saluted and asked respectfully.

Teng w.a.n.g smirked and said, "Call him and tell him his wife had died in a car crash. Wait for him to come and kill him."

Sky-Ruling Tiger took out his phone and called Qingfeng Li.

Just the day before Sky-Ruling Tiger told his daughter Ya w.a.n.g to come to Eastern Sea City and investigate Qingfeng Li.

The woman at the wedding dress shop was Ya w.a.n.g, or Sky-Ruling Tiger’s daughter.

Currently on Jianshe road.

Qingfeng Li and Taoist were sitting in the car heading towards Lin family. Suddenly Qingfeng Li’s heart ached to the point that he started to sweat; it was like he was going to lose something important.

The pain came extremely sudden and severe, even Qingfeng Li couldn’t tolerate it.

"Boss, what happened." Seeing Qingfeng Li holding his chest, Taoist asked.

He knew that his boss was extremely powerful. Before when they were doing mission back in the Wolf Continent, his boss didn’t show any sign of pain even getting hit by a bullet.

"My heart is aching." Qingfeng Li said with pain.


At this moment his phone started ringing. He took out his phone and looked, it was an unknown number.

Qingfeng Li answered and said, "Who are you?"

"You are Qingfeng Li?" an arrogant voice came from the phone.

"I am Qingfeng Li, what is this about?"

"Very good, here is some unfortunate news. Your wife Xue Lin died in a car crash on Tianhe Road."

What, Xue Lin died in a car crash?

Qingfeng Li’s face changed and he felt like his head exploded. His whole body was emitting killing intent.

"It was you guys that killed her." Qingfeng Li said coldly.

"You are right. You have five minutes, or else we are going to feed her body to the dogs." The voice was filled with a cruel tone.

"You are going to die. In five minutes I am going to kill you." Qingfeng Li said with a murderous tone.

When the Wolf King rages, blood will spill over miles.

 Qingfeng Li was raging with murderous intent; the whole crowd was pale from fear.

Qingfeng Li told the driver to stop and drove himself towards Tianhe Road with the Taoist.

Qingfeng Li stepped down at the peddle and drove towards them. The car was like a beast not stopping for any red lights.

Blood shed, the blood shed finally arrived.

"Honey, please don’t die on me." Qingfeng Li was praying while he was driving.

He was extremely anxious and nervous.

He was blaming himself for not picking up Xue Lin earlier. If he had followed Xue Lin, she would have avoided the car crash.

No matter who, he was going to kill the person and send them to h.e.l.l.

Qingfeng Li was extremely fast; it only took them three minutes to arrive at Tianhe Road.

when Qingfeng Li arrived, he saw the car was out of shape and Xue Lin was lying on a puddle of blood.

Xue Lin’s eyes were closed; like a pale beauty. Qingfeng Li’s heart ached again.

In front of the car there were two men, one was an elder and the other was a middle-aged man.

Both of them was emitting powerful presence, especially the elder; he was a SSS master.

"Qingfeng Li, you killed Shaoyang w.a.n.g and my brother Ku w.a.n.g. So today I am going to host a funeral for you and your wife, are you satisfied?" Teng w.a.n.g smirked.

"You are going to die; the whole w.a.n.g family is going to die. I am going to break every single bone in your body." Qingfeng Li said with a cruel tone.

"Heng, I am going to kill you now and send you to meet with Xue Lin." The elder smirked.


The elder’s finger tensed up, forming a withered vine shape. He went straight for Qingfeng Li’s head.

His Withered Hand was more powerful than his brother Ku w.a.n.g; it was perfected. The moment his hand extended, the air beside it screeched.

Qingfeng Li’s face was ferocious; with killing intent pouring out. Seeing Xue Lin lying in the puddle, he released all the murderous intent in his heart. He was like a devil craving for blood.

He was going to avenge; he was going to avenge Xue Lin!

Qingfeng Li’s palm reached out like a bolt of lightning. He held onto the elder’s hands and pinched extremely hard. With the sound of the elder’s hand breaking, bones were showing from the ripped hand.

"What, you broke my Withered Vine Claw?" The elder was filled with shock.

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