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Qingfeng Li placed the money down on the table beside him and said, "King Kong, you just had to come, what is up with the money?"

"Grand Daddy Li, it is just a bit of my appreciation to you. Without you, I wouldn’t be anything." King Kong said with respect.

King Kong’s position was extremely clear. Grand Daddy Li was his boss, and he would always be Grand Daddy Li’s underling.

Everyone was shocked. King Kong was the boss of the underground, but now he was calling Qingfeng Li Grand Daddy Li and calling himself his little bro. Just how powerful was Qingfeng Li?

"King Kong, sit anywhere you like." Qingfeng Li pointed to the seats beside him and said.

"Yes sir." King Kong saluted again and sat down.

Before King Kong even sat, Tianci Zhang’s voice announced again, "Hujiang Province's wealthiest lady Yanchi Pei arrived with one Maserati."

After hearing what Tianci Zhang said, the whole room became rowdy. Even Yanchi Pei came? Just how big was Qingfeng Li’s reputation.

Yanchi Pei was wearing a red dress. With her delicate face, jade like skin, big melons, and slim waist; she was emitting a mature presence.

A lot of people became blood-boiled after seeing Yanchi Pei.

Not only was Yanzhi Pei was rich, she was a beauty. She was the G.o.ddess in every man’s dream.

"President Pei, how come you came personally?" Qingfeng Li smiled.

Yesterday Yanzhi Pei said on the phone that she was giving him the diamond wedding dress as a gift and personally came today with a Maserati. This made Qingfeng Li feel a bit sorry.

"Of course I have to attend the wedding between you and Xue Lin." Yanzhi Pei looked at Qingfeng Li with complicated emotions.

With the arrival of Yanzhi Pei, another important figure came; Eastern Sea City’s mayor came with his son.

But right after them, another even more important figure arrived.

"Jing Capital Li family’s housekeeper Tiangang Chen and mistress Meier Li arrived with one billion." Tianci Zhang’s breath started cracking up. Even his eyes were filled with shock.

Jing Capital Li family, Tiangang Chen, Meier Li?

After hearing the names everyone in the room were shocked and looked at the elderly man and the girl that arrived with a baffled look.

The elder was in his 70s, had a grey mustache but with a bulky body. His body emitted a powerful presence. The man was Tiangang Chen.

The girl was in her 20s emitting the presence of royalty. The girl was Meier Li.

The two were part of Jing Capital’s Li family; one of the top four families of the Jing Capital, and were worth billions. In the Eastern Sea City citizens’ eyes, the Li family were like G.o.ds. They could never achieve what the Li family achieved.

But now, the Jing Capital Li family came to Qingfeng Li’s wedding. Just how reputable was Qingfeng Li? At this moment everyone looked at Qingfeng Li with fear.

"Grandpa Chen, Cousin, no need to bring so much as a wedding present." Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Qingfeng Li was already extremely happy that they could come for his wedding. But now they even brought one billion Yuan in red pocket money. This made him feel guilty.

"Little Qingfeng, this was what I saved up for a long time. Today my grandchild, you, are going to marry. Naturally, I have to bring it out." Tiangang Chen said with a smile.

Being able to see Qingfeng Li get married was the happiest event in the world for Tiangang Chen. He withdrew all the cash in his bank.

With Tiangang Chen’s status, he had at least tens of billion, but most of it had been donated to orphanages and he only had one billion left. Today for Qingfeng Li’s wedding, he brought it all out.

"Grandpa Chen, Meier, thank you so much. Please, sit down and rest." Qingfeng Li smiled and directed the two to sit down beside him.

Grandpa Chen and Meier Li were probably tired from their trip from Jing Capital; they needed to rest more.

"Monk, what time is it now?" Qingfeng Li asked after seeing most of the guests arrived.

Monk looked at his watch and said: boss, right now it is 9:30am.


Qingfeng Li tensed his brows. The time they agreed was 10am. At 10am, he had to go pick up Xue Lin.

But now Qingfeng Li’s eyelids were twitching for no reason. He felt something bad was going to happen.

"Monk, let us go pick Xue Lin up."

"Boss, didn’t you say we are going to go at 10, it is only 9:30 right now?"

"Monk, we are not going wait. The earlier I pick up Xue Lin, the earlier I can calm down." Qingfeng Li said. He didn’t tell Taoist how he felt.

Normally the bridegroom picks up the bride on the agreed time but because Qingfeng Li was scared something was going to happen, he decided to go half an hour earlier.

Taoist nodded and walked out with Qingfeng Li. They called the chauffeur team and drove towards the Lin family.

Currently on Eastern Sea City’s Tianhe Road.

Xue Lin was sitting in a car; just coming out from a makeup shop.

Today was the wedding between her and Qingfeng Li si naturally she had to be in her prettiest state. Not only did she have to wear a wedding dress, she also had to put on the prettiest make up.

Xue Lin went to the shop with her driver at 8am, after one hour of work, she was finally finished preparing.

Her car was originally going to go from Jianshe Road back home, but it was closed on their way back. A bunch of other roads were also closed temporally.

There wasn’t any other way, the car could only go home from Tianhe Road.

Tianhe Road was extremely narrow and crowded.

When Xue Lin’s car arrived in the middle of the road, a truck suddenly appeared and drove towards them.

"Little Mei, there is a truck, avoid it fast." Xue Lin’s face changed and told the driver.

Xue Lin was surprised at the truck. She didn’t think that someone sent it to kill her.

After hearing what Xue Lin said, the driver immediately changed the course of the car; wanting to avoid it by going to the side.

But the road was extremely narrow and the truck was extremely fast; the sedan couldn’t avoid it.


The truck hit Xue Lin’s sedan extremely hard. The sedan was rammed out of shape.

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