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Chapter 407: Wedding With Xue Lin

On the next day at 5 am, Qingfeng Li woke up. He woke up this early because it was the day of the wedding between him and Xue Lin.

After brushing his teeth, Qingfeng Li ate a simple breakfast and headed towards Zhang Hotel.

The location for the wedding was at the Zhang Hotel, managed by Tianci Zhang. It was an upper-cla.s.s 5-star hotel.

Qingfeng Li’s parents went missing so a lot of the wedding had to be planned by him himself.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at the hotel, Tianci Zhang was already waiting for him. As the little brother of Qingfeng Li, naturally he had to arrive early.

"Big brother Li, congratulation." Tianci Zhang said with a laugh seeing the arrival of Qingfeng Li.

"Thanks a lot and the trouble today. You have to take care of the errands for me today." Qingfeng Li thanked him.

Tianci Zhang shook his hand and said, "I feel proud that you are asking me to help you. Don’t be so modest."

The location, hotel, drinks, sweets, cigarettes, tea, and everything else was organized by Tianci Zhang. Qingfeng Li felt a.s.sured that Tianci Zhang was the one managing everything.

In a short moment, a monk in Taoist clothing walked in. The man was Xuanji Lu. When Qingfeng Li sent the invitations, he also told the Taoist that today was their wedding.

"Boss you didn’t invite Alice and the others ... is it really ok?" Taoist tensed his brows and asked.

The monk wanted to notify Alice and the rest of the Wolf Fang team, but Qingfeng Li didn’t want to. This was because he didn’t want to hurt Alice.

"Monk, no need to tell Alice. You represent her." Qingfeng Li smiled.

It was simple, Alice liked him, and the two even had s.e.x. But Qingfeng Li could not divorce Xue Lin and marry Alice. Thus why he didn’t invite Alice. This was a good decision because he didn’t want to hurt Alice.

In terms of the Wolf Fang team, he naturally he couldn’t invite them because then Alice would become aware. Qingfeng Li didn’t want Alice to come and mess up the wedding.

Monk nodded. If the boss didn’t want to, then he had nothing to say.

"Oh right boss, before I came, teacher told me to tell you something. I am not too sure if I should say it or not." Taoist hesitated.

Seeing the expression on monk’s face, Qingfeng Li said, "We are life-death brothers, there isn’t anything that you shouldn’t tell me. What's up?"

"Boss, before I came my teacher told me that there might be blood shed at your wedding date. He told me to tell you to be careful." Taoist said.

To be honest, today was the date of their wedding, but his teacher said something bad was going to happen. Monk felt it wasn’t the best thing to say.

What, something bad was going to happen at today’s wedding?

Qingfeng Li’s heart beat suddenly sped up. If it was any other person that told him, he would have already slapped them. But Taoist’s teacher was different.

Qingfeng Li knew that the Monk’s teacher knew how to predict the future and was extremely powerful; he wouldn’t say anything so carelessly.

In addition, Qingfeng Li’s eyelids were twitching nonstop; he felt something was going to happen, but he didn’t know what will.

Qingfeng Li was a man, not a G.o.d. He could not know what everyone was thinking.

"Monk, I felt something was going to happen as well. Come pick up Xue Lin with me later. Your job is to protect her, understood?" Qingfeng Li said seriously.

"Yes sir. I will protect her at any costs." Taoist promised.

Time flew and became 9 o’clock in just a short while. Some relatives and friends arrived one by one.

Of course, these were all relatives of Xue Lin. Qingfeng Li’s Jing Capital’s relatives didn’t come. In terms of grandpa Chen and Meier Li, they were probably still on the way. After all, the Jing Capital was far from Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng Li saw a lot of familiar faces between the crowds. There were Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia

, Hao Luo, Mengyao Xu. These were all friends from the Ice Snow Corporation.

When these people came they all congratulated Qingfeng Li’s marriage. But the girls all looked at Qingfeng Li grimly.

Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia weren’t special so after they came, their names weren’t announced.

At the room in front, there was a huge LED screen. Every name of the person who came for the wedding appeared on the screen.

Beside the screen, Tianci Zhang stood there with a mic. If anyone important were to arrive, he would call out their names.

In a short moment, the first important guest came with wedding present.

"Eastern Sea City president of Antique a.s.sociation Yunchang Xu arrived with Night Pearl." Tianci Zhang said with a loud voice.

Being the young master of Zhang family, previously one of the top four young masters of Eastern Sea City, Tianci Zhang knew the upper cla.s.ses well, so naturally it was a job for him to announce the names.

Yunchang Xu arrived dressed in a Tang suit and his granddaughter Lingxiu Xu came along as well.

What, president of the Antique a.s.sociation came?

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t think that the president would come to Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin’s wedding personally.

"Qingfeng, congratulation on your marriage. This Night Pearl is one from my collection, I will give it to you as a gift for your wedding." Yunchang Xu said with a smile.

This Night Pearl was worth millions; a piece from Yunchang Xu’s most precious collection. Today he brought it out for Qingfeng Li’s wedding.

"Thank you so much President Xu, please sit." Qingfeng Li said with a smile and asked him to sit down.

Yunchang Xu was pretty cold usually. Qingfeng Li was extremely thankful that he came to his wedding personally.

"Qingfeng League Leader King Kong arrived with one million Yuan as a present."Hao Luo announced with the mic.

Hearing what Hao Luo said, the guests were shocked again. They didn’t think King Kong would come to the wedding.

They all knew King Kong was the boss of the underground forces of Eastern Sea City. Not only did he come to Qingfeng Li’s wedding, he even brought one million with him.

The next moment shocked the guests even more. King Kong walked directly to Qingfeng Li and saluted, "Grand Daddy Li, I want to say congratulation for the wedding between you and sister-in-law. This is one million Yuan, please accept it."

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