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Chapter 2282: Controlling the Immortal Palace Lightning

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Under Qingfeng's orders, the Blood Immortal had to step back, so she helped Qingfeng to protect the Blood Sea Saint, Linglong Saintess, Clear-wood Saintess and others.

The Blood Immortal's clear eyes slightly blinked, but there were hints of confusion in her heart, she didn't know why Qingfeng would be this confident. What kind of powers did he have, to be able to face off all of those sect masters and elders?

A ray of murderous intent flashed past Sky Rock Elder's eyes, and with murderous rage, he said, “Qingfeng, you sure are wild and arrogant. How dare you fight all of us? Today is your death date, but don't worry, I'll crush all of your bones, pull out your veins, and leave you with a complete corpse.”

All of those sect masters and elders couldn't help but trembled from the cold when they heard the Sky Rock Elder.

This Sky Rock Elder was truly too brutal, he wanted to leave Qingfeng alive but torture him to the point of begging for death.

The most painful thing for a human wasn't death, it was quite nice to just have the head chopped off, but if all of his bones were shattered, then he would have to withstand torture and pain without an end. No one could withstand that.

A ray of cold light appeared in Qingfeng's eyes and was very disappointed with Sky Rock Elder's cruelty. He knew that one of them had to die, between he and this Elder.

Plus, Qingfeng has also noticed all of those other sect masters and elders around looked at him with murderous intent as well. They clearly wanted to steal Qingfeng's treasures.

Qingfeng coldly laughed, and arrogantly said, “You bunch of wastes, attack together. I'll beat up all of you.”

“Qingfeng, what a wild native you are. How dare you tease all of us.”

“That's right, I must take out your veins, and strip your skin today, Qingfeng. We're the sect masters and elders of universal saint sects, how dare you say those things with us?”

“Qingfeng, you're truly arrogant and oblivious as a native. You're already surrounded by all several hundred of us sect masters and elders, how dare you speak so arrogantly there?”

All of those sect masters and elders around were extremely angry when they heard Qingfeng, and they talked to Qingfeng with hundreds of mouths.

All of the self-cultivators around took out their dharma treasures, and transferred their saint vital essence into the dharma treasure. The dharma treasure released fierce murderous rage, and all of it gathered around Qingfeng, and surrounded him within, as they prepared to attack.

Qingfeng wanted this effect. He saw that everyone has surrounded him, but hints of joy appeared within him.

Qingfeng wanted to give all of the sect masters and elders a surprise, a big gift.

He has already controlled the nine-coloured lightning bolts within the Immortal Array Palace. Once he had controlled the nine-coloured lightning bolts, he would be able to control all of the nine-coloured lightning bolt within the entire Palace. It was perfect for killing all those people.

Qingfeng activated his internal nine-coloured lightning bolt, as he released nine-coloured light, red, black, green, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, and grey.

The nine colours intertwined in the air, it instantly attracted all of the tens of thousand rays of five-coloured thunders within the entire Thunder Immortal Palace.

Splatter, splatter, splatter…

Tens of thousand rays of five-coloured thunder exploded in the void, and it formed rays and rays of ma.s.sive thunder light pillar. The sounds made the entire Palace tremble, as if it was about to explode.

Qingfeng formed a Five Thunder Immortal Array with these tens of thousand rays of five-coloured thunder. This was the Array Qingfeng has learned from the Thunder Immortal Array, and after Qingfeng has made some changes, it has already turned into an attack Array, and was very powerful.

This type of Array was formed with a thousand rays of thunder. It took its position on the east, south, west, north and center, which corresponded to gold, wood, water, fire and wood.

These five-coloured Thunder Array contained horrific force, as Qingfeng immediately surrounded all of the several hundred saint sect masters and elders within.

“Oh no, this peasant Qingfeng had attracted all of the five-coloured thunder in the entire Thunder Immortal Palace, let's hurry and run.”

“No, we can't escape his Array. Not only has the Five Thunder Immortal Array trapped us, it's also attacking towards us.”

“We're doomed, this native is knowledgeable in Array, and could control all of the Five-coloured Thunder within the Thunder Immortal Palace.”

All of those saint sect masters and elders discussed nonstop, as all of their faces' changed dramatically, and hints of shock appeared in their eyes.

Within these saint sect masters and elders, there were some who were perfect saint peak, and only had a slight difference from half-immortal powers. They couldn't withstand all of those five-coloured thunders at all.

Not only has those saint sect masters and elder's faces dramatically changed, even the half-immortal powers, Tianxing Ming, Sky Rock Elder, Yibing Han, and Grandma Plum Blossom's faces dramatically changed. Everyone had hints of terror on their faces.

They never expected that Qingfeng has controlled all of those five-coloured thunder within the Thunder Immortal Palace so soon.

They all originally thought that even if Qingfeng has already acquired the Thunder Immortal's inheritance, they would only understand a bit because of how short the time was.

They never thought that Qingfeng has already controlled the five-coloured thunder. Qingfeng's understanding, and talents were truly too demon-like.

All of the self-cultivators around grumbled, “Qingfeng must have already trained all of the Thunder Immortal Sword techniques, and he could even control the nine-coloured lightning bolt. This isn't some simple thing, not even the number one general, Sky-fighting Immortal General of the desolation era could control the nine-coloured lightning bolt.”

All of the saint sect masters and elders even had a thought that Qingfeng's talents would be no less than the Thunder Immortal of the desolation era. He could even become the second Thunder Immortal in the future.

Of course, this was only a pa.s.sing thought, they now had to face the five-coloured thunder in the sky first.

These five-coloured were too powerful, there were ten thousand rays that were closely packed together, like gra.s.shoppers that charged towards his body, and they couldn't dodge it at all.

All of those saint sect masters and elders activated their internal vital essence, as they took out their dharma treasures, and formed into a ma.s.sive defensive light beam to block those five-coloured thunder.

At this moment, they no longer had anytime to attack Qingfeng, it was most important to save their own lives.

Clash, clash, clash…

Under Qingfeng's control, the five-coloured thunder within the Five Thunder Immortal Array grew more powerful, and has increased by two times, as it clashed onto those saint sect masters and elders' dharma treasures. It suddenly shattered all of those dharma treasures.

Their defensive light beam grew weaker and weaker, and it turned into ashes and exploded into pieces just with one touch.


These five-coloured thunder heavily clashed onto those saint sect masters and elders' body with heaven and ground destructive force, and they screamed out in great pain.

“Ah, my hair is all burned up, it's too painful.”

“My head was truck.”

“I'm smoking up, I'm doomed.”

“My arm is broken.”

The saint sect masters and elders cried out in great pain.

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