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Chapter 2159: Refining the Body

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Seeing the powerful Saint Lion Fist only struck Qingfeng Li two steps back, the Nine-headed Golden Lion was surprised with his mouth wide open.

He was an upper-grade Demonic Saint, two levels higher than Qingfeng Li.

He thought he would easily kill Qingfeng Li with his Saint Lion Fist, or at least severely injure him. But Qingfeng Li wasn't hurt at all.

Not only the Nine-headed Golden Lion was shocked, but other self-cultivators were also astonished, especially those saint sons and saintesses from the upper-grade saint sects.

The Vast Sky Saint Son, Linglong Saintess, Heavenly-sword Saint Son, and Furious-blade Saint Son all looked with surprise at Qingfeng Li.

They were all upper-grade Saints, but they felt a sense of threat when seeing the Nine-headed Golden Lion didn't kill Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was only in low-grade but could fight with an upper-grade Demonic Saint. If Qingfeng Li reached the upper-grade, he would be invincible in the same realm.

The Vast Sky Saint Son took a cold look at Qingfeng Li and was thinking if he should strike out or not.

Standing beside him, Linglong Saintess noticed his thought, saying, “Vast Sky Saint Son, as someone in the top 30 on Hidden Dragon List, are you really going to attack a low-grade Saint?”

The Vast Sky Saint Son frowned and asked, “Linglong Saintess, do you know that guy? Why are you defending him?”

The Linglong Saintess shook her head and said, “I don't know that guy and haven't met him before. I just feel that we should have the dignity of the top masters on Hidden Dragon List. If you want to attack Qingfeng Li, at least wait until his fight with The Nine-headed Golden Lion is over.”

The Vast Sky Saint Son nodded and said, “Relax. I know where the line is.”

Qingfeng Li was confronting the Nine-headed Golden Lion not far from them. He had a sharp sense of hearing and heard the conversation between the Vast Sky Saint Son and Linglong Saintess.

Qingfeng Li was annoyed by the Vast Sky Saint Son. Qingfeng Li didn't even know this guy, let alone offend him, but he was still thinking of attacking Qingfeng Li. What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

But Qingfeng Li had good feelings towards the Linglong Saintess, for this beautiful woman stood up for him at the critical moment.

If the Vast Sky Saint Son struck out, Qingfeng Li would be in great danger. He had used his full power to deal with the Nine-headed Golden Lion. If Vast Sky got involved, he would absolutely be injured.

At this moment, the Linglong Saintess didn't know her favor to Qingfeng Li would help her a lot later in Fallen Immortal Arena.

Qingfeng Li even saved her life and gave her treasures in the future in return for her help. But, of course, it was another story.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion stared at Qingfeng Li and said coldly, “Not bad. You can withstand my Saint Lion Fist. Let's see how many punches you can take.”

The Nine-headed Golden Lion channeled his saint vital essence and put it all into his fist.

His body started to fly up and got bigger, growing 100 thousand feet large, like a mountain.

The surrounding self-cultivators were afraid of being hurt and kept stepping back. They couldn't withstand The Nine-headed Golden Lion's furious power at all.

Moreover, nine heads showed up in the Nine-headed Golden Lion's body, with eighteen arms and eighteen fists.

Every single one of these eighteen fists were as large as a small hill and much bigger than Qingfeng Li, towering over the ground, sc.r.a.ping the sky.

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly saying, “Transformation, interesting.”

Qingfeng Li wasn't scared. He didn't use a transformation technique because he had realized something. When the Nine-headed Golden Lion hit him with the Saint Lion Fist, although he was struck backward, his inner power of Mortal Purgatory Body was activated.

The practice of Mortal Purgatory Body had two important aspects. One was to absorb the ghost energy from h.e.l.l by oneself.

But it was the human world here after all, not h.e.l.l. The energy was weak. So Qingfeng Li improved slowly in this way.

Another way was depending on the opponents to train. Under the attacks from self-cultivators more powerful than Qingfeng Li, his Mortal Purgatory Body could be refined and could activate the talisman scripts of h.e.l.l. It could forge his body and improve his strength.

Qingfeng Li's body strength was equivalent to the force of 50 million pounds. But it was far from enough. He needed to become more powerful.

After he Nine-headed Golden Lion became 100 thousand feet large, Qingfeng Li looked like an ant to him and could be easily crushed.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion said with killing spirit, “Qingfeng Li, I don't care what technique you've practiced. You may be able to withstand one fist of mine, but can you withstand eighteen at the same time? Now I'll smash you with these eighteen fists.”

The Nine-headed Golden Lion yelled. With saint level talisman scripts of Order surrounding him, he wielded his eighteen fists and attacked Qingfeng Li from different directions. He wanted to smash Qingfeng Li into mud from these eighteen directions.

Qingfeng Li operated his Mortal Purgatory Body, exuding black energy all over his body. Black tadpole-liked Talisman scripts were floating around his body. Those were the order of h.e.l.l.

The Golden Energy inside him was also activated. The golden energy mixed with the black one, merging into something more powerful.

“Strangle h.e.l.l Fist!”

Qingfeng Li shouted out loud, wielding his fist and hit against the eighteen fists in the air.

But eighteen fists were too many for him, and they attacked from different tricky directions. Qingfeng Li could withstand the fists in the front but couldn't block those behind.

Boom boom boom boom…

A few fists of the Nine-headed Golden Lion hit Qingfeng Li's back, shattering his clothes and breaking his bones. He spat out a mouthful of blood and turned awfully pale.

Before Qingfeng Li could react, another fist smashed over from the left and hit him in the rib, directly knocking him away.

Seeing Qingfeng Li was injured, the Blood Sea Saint, Clear-wood Saintess, and Yun Lan all became worried. They all had a crush on Qingfeng Li and didn't want him to be hurt.

Black Puppy, on the other hand, didn't worry at all, for it was very confident in Qingfeng Li.

Though Qingfeng Li was bleeding and injured, he wasn't afraid at all. Instead, he got more excited.

Qingfeng Li felt unbearable pain when his bones were broken, but his Mortal Purgatory Body released powerful black energy and healed his bones immediately.

At the same time, his bones got polished, turning darker and more powerful.

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