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Chapter 2158: Fighting with an Upper-Grade Demonic Saint

Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

The Blood Sea Saint's words completely irritated the Nine-headed Golden Lion. He decided to teach her a lesson.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion suddenly swung his hand and slapped the Blood Sea Saint's face. Five red finger marks emergedon her face, making her look delicate and fragile.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion hit The Blood Sea Saint to take vengeance on Qingfeng Li.

He hated Qingfeng Li very much because Qingfeng Li had killed his descendants and one of his avatars. He was anxious to torture Qingfeng Li.

In the other direction, Qingfeng Li was hurriedly heading here with Clear-wood Saintess and the rest.

A few minutes later, Qingfeng Li finally got to Thunder Lake. He looked over and took a deep breath.

For he found many powerful self-cultivators here. There were many upper-grade Saints besides middle-grade ones. Each of them was exuding powerful talisman scripts of Orders, which were no weaker than Qingfeng Li's.

Suddenly Qingfeng Li frowned with a freezing look, for he found the Blood Sea Saint in the distance.

The Blood Sea Saint looked a bit miserable at this moment, with wounds on her face and blood in the corner of her mouth. The five finger marks indicated that she was slapped before.

Most importantly, she was tied up by a rope like a prisoner.

Qingfeng Li showed killing intent, thinking, “Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to do this to The Blood Sea Saint? It's like slapping on my face.”

Qingfeng Li came to the Fallen Immortal Arena with The Blood Sea Saint, and they were friends.

The Blood Sea Saint had helped him fight Crimson Fire Emperor before, so Qingfeng Li had already considered her as his best friend. He didn't expect she would be this miserable when meeting her again in Fallen Immortal Arena.

Qingfeng Li was furious, like a volcano that was about to erupt at any moment.

Black Puppy also saw the Blood Sea Saint and got irritated as well.

They came to the Fallen Immortal Arena together. It had got familiar with her and considered her as a friend. Seeing a friend in this situation, Black Puppy also showed killing intent.

Black Puppy said, “Qingfeng Li, let's go and save The Blood Sea Saint out. We'll make whoever did this to her pay hundreds of times more.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and walked toward north-east with Black Puppy. They walked fast, moving hundreds of meters with each step, and instantly got in front of The Blood Sea Saint.

The Blood Sea Saint showed a touch of delight when seeing Qingfeng Li.

But then she shook her head and implied him not to come when thinking of Nine-headed Golden Lion's power.

Qingfeng Li didn't pay attention to her gesture, saying, “The Blood Sea Saint, don't worry. I'll come and save you right now.”

“Haha, Qingfeng Li, you finally showed up. After searching you for so long, it's so lucky to run across you this easily. I've been looking for you for revenge. I'll kill you today and relieve my inner hatred.” The Nine-headed Golden Lion saw Qingfeng Li and said angrily.

Qingfeng Li showed a freezing look and said, “Nine-headed Golden Lion, it's you. I have killed one of your avatars in the mysterious sun realm. I didn't expect you came by yourself today. Good, this time I'll kill you completely.”

Qingfeng Li and The Nine-headed Golden Lion were talking loudly. All surrounding self-cultivators heard them, and all looked over.

After all, The Nine-headed Golden Lion was well-known in the self-cultivation world in the universe. He ranked 50 on the Hidden Dragon List and was definitely a powerful master.

“Look, who is that guy that dares to challenge Nine-headed Golden Lion? How foolish is he?”

“You're right. The Nine-headed Golden Lion is an upper-grade Demonic Saint. It's said that he has once killed a saint level master in the same realm.”

“Sure, The Nine-headed Golden Lion has nine heads. He is super powerful.”

“Who is that person? Why have I never seen him before?” The surrounding self-cultivators kept pointing at Qingfeng Li and discussing.

Many of them knew the Nine-headed Golden Lion and his power but were not familiar with Qingfeng Li. After all, Qingfeng Li was only famous on Crimson Fire Continent but didn't have too big f a name in the universe.

Many saint sons and saintesses had never met Qingfeng Li before. It was the first time they saw him.

Not far from them, Vast Sky Saint Son, Linglong Saintess, Heavenly-sword Saint Son and Furious-blade Saint Son were also looking over here. These four were interested in watching the fight between The Nine-headed Golden Lion and Qingfeng Li.

Though it was Thunder Lake beside them, and there was a treasure inside, they were more interested in Nine-headed Golden Lion. After all, he was a remarkable master, and they wanted to see how he would kill that young man.

It was the first time they had met someone this arrogant as this young man, who was only in low-grade, but bold enough to challenge an upper-grade Demonic Saint.

Qingfeng Li exuded powerful saint vital essence all over his body. He was furious with sharp energy bursting out. All he wanted at this moment was to kill The Nine-headed Golden Lion and to save The Blood Sea Saint out.

Qingfeng Li operated wind-elemental wings, turning into a whirlwind, and instantly rushed to the front of Nine-headed Golden Lion.

Qingfeng Li wielded his Strangle h.e.l.l Fist, shaping a giant fist of two million feet large. It showed up in the sky and smashed through the void. The surrounding self-cultivators were all shocked and stepped backward.

It was the first time they saw Qingfeng Li attack, which was shockingly powerful. It was beyond the fighting power of a low-grade Saint and was even more powerful than middle-grade.

The Nine-headed Golden Lion was a little shocked and turned serious. He was despising Qingfeng Li before, but after the incredible attack, he realized this young man was not ordinary.

“Saint Lion Fist!”

The Nine-headed Golden Lion wielded his fist, shaping a giant lion.

The lion was made of saint vital essence. It roared across the sky, crashing against Qingfeng Li's Strangle h.e.l.l Fist with invincible power, creating earsplitting noise.


The surrounding air was exploded. Even the thunder in the sky was bounced back by this energy, which showed how powerful these two were.


At the next moment, Qingfeng Li took two steps back, feeling numb in his right fist.

Qingfeng Li thought to himself, “He is truly a high-tier Demonic Saint. His fist technique is so powerful that even my Strangle h.e.l.l Fist can't defeat it.”

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