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While Qingfeng conversed with the Lingyun Emperor inside the Imperial room, a sudden knock on the door was heard from the outside, and then a eunuch walked inside.

This eunuch was an elder of a hundred or so years old. His face was wrinkled and old, but he released powerful energy, as a lower grade Saint.

He was the butler of the entire Imperial Palace, controlled the Imperial Palace, and had served three generations of Lingyun Emperors.

"Your royal highness, the Blood Sea Saint is here, and has asked to see the Ruler," said the elderly butler as he bowed with respect.

Qingfeng frowned when he heard the elder, as his eyes grew odd. He never expected the Blood Sea Saint to come and ask for him.

The Blood Sea Saint was once the Blood Sea Monarch.

After Qingfeng killed the Crimson Fire Monarch at Fire Monarch Mountain, he was separated from the Blood Sea Saint and hadn't spoken with her in a while.

Qingfeng knew that the Blood Sea Saint was the ruler of the Crimson Fire Continent's Blood Sea and she controlled the sea, so she would rarely want to find him under normal circ.u.mstance.

He knew that something was up this time. Since the Blood Sea Saint came with such stress, something grand must have happened.

Qingfeng asked, "Where is the Blood Sea Saint now?"

The elderly butler bowed with respect, and said, "Your Highness, she is inside the great hall of the Imperial Palace."

Qingfeng nodded and said, "I'll go to see her. You guys stay here and don't move."

Qingfeng's body turned into a ray of surreal shadow that suddenly disappeared from the room, and in the next moment, he appeared in the great hall.

The great hall was where the Monarch would call upon other ministers, but now the entire hall was empty without any generals or ministers. There was only one woman who stood there quietly with hints of anxiety on her face.

This woman was the Blood Sea Saint. She wore a blood-red robe that wrapped around her wonderful figure and made it look more attractive.

However, her attractive face was somewhat pale, as she was clearly anxious, and she walked around the great hall nonstop.

Hints of bloodiness appeared in the Blood Sea Saint's eyes when she saw Qingfeng, and she said, "I've finally found you Qingfeng, this is great."

Qingfeng frowned and said, "Blood Sea Saint, what has happened, let me know the details. Theres no need to rush."

The Blood Sea Saint said, "How could I not be in a rush? This entails the survival of the entire Crimson Fire Continent and the Blood Sea."

Qingfeng asked with confusion, "The Crimson Fire Monarch, the Planet Ruler of the Crimson Fire Continent, has already been killed by me. I've also eradicated the three forbidden areas, what else could threaten the Crimson Fire Continent?"

The Blood Sea Saint shook her head and said, "Did you forget that our Blood Sea is also one of the most crucial forces of the Crimson Fire Continent? It takes up fifty percent of the entire Planet surface area, and there is a ma.s.sive Abyss crack in the depth of the Blood Sea, which is the Blood Sea Abyss."

Qingfeng frowned slightly and said, "Blood Sea saint, you mean that the danger comes from the Blood Sea Abyss?"

The Blood Sea Saint nodded and said, "A lot of odd changes have occurred in the Blood Sea Abyss recently. There have been frequent surfaces of powerful Blood Beasts, and they were all at the Saint grade. Some are too powerful for even me to fight, and these Blood Beasts are all coming towards the Crimson Fire Continent."

Qingfeng said, "Seems like the Crimson Fire Continent is in danger, these Blood Beasts of the Blood Sea Abyss really can't stand the solitude. I'll go with you to see what really is happening there."

The Blood Sea Saint nodded as hints of joy appeared in her eyes and she said, "It's best if you could come with me. You're more powerful than I am and must be able to easily defeat those Blood Beasts."

"You'll have to wait for a moment. Let me say goodbye to Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and the others." After Qingfeng separated with the Blood Sea Saint, he went to Xue Lin's room.

Xue Lin was now awake, as she felt hints of pain on her body, clearly from the aftermath of last night. 

Xue Lin was frightened when she saw that Qingfeng had entered the room, as she hurriedly covered herself in fear that Qingfeng would see her.

Qingfeng was speechless, as he said, "You were crazy last night, why are you covering yourself now?"

Xue Lin's attractive face grew red from embarra.s.sment and awkwardness, as she said angrily, "It's all your fault."

Qingfeng slightly smiled and said, "Okay, Honey. It was entirely my fault last night. Oh right, I've come to tell you something, the Blood Sea Saint was just here, and she said something wrong has happened to the Blood Sea Abyss. Powerful blood monsters have charged out, so I'm going with her to see what happened."

Xue Lin nodded and said, "Okay. Go early so you can return sooner, I'll wait for you."

Then Qingfeng left Xue Lin's room and went to Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu's rooms to tell them the situation.

Xue, Ruyan, and Mengyao all initially wanted to go with Qingfeng, but Qingfeng stopped them all today.

Their bodies wouldn't be able to withstand the long trek, so Qingfeng took Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Hunting Mouse with him.

Qingfeng arrived outside the Imperial Palace, as he took out a spiritual boat and tossed it onto the ground. Then he sat in it with the Blood Sea Saint.

He took out eighteen spiritual stones from his interspatial ring and put one in each of the eighteen positions on the spiritual boat. Then he transferred his vital essence into the spiritual boat and it glowed with white light, as the entire sky glowed with white talisman scripts.

The spiritual boat traveled at incredible speed, tearing through the void, and flying out by several thousand kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Qingfeng frowned more and more as he traveled further north of the Crimson Fire Continent, because he clearly felt a rush of a strong b.l.o.o.d.y stench in the air.

This was the stench that a powerful blood creature would release, and it was completely different from the bloodiness the Blood Sea Saint beside him released.

The Blood Sea took up fifty percent of the entire planet's surface area, and the blood-coloured sea was everywhere.

Legend had it that the sea her was once blue, but after countless battles of blood beasts against self-cultivators, their blood tainted the entire sea. The sea had turned b.l.o.o.d.y red, and that was where the name, Blood Sea came from.

There were numerous islands above the Blood Sea of roughly several hundred thousand islands. Some islands were just as big as a kingdom on land, while some were only as big as a village.

There were numerous blood beasts that lived on these islands.

These blood beasts were different from demonic beasts, because their bodies were completely formed with blood. They would engulf the b.l.o.o.d.y energy within the heaven and ground, and they also trained differently than the demonic beats on land, as they had evolved into a different species.

The spiritual boat travelled very fast, and within an hour, Qingfeng and the others arrived right above the Blood Sea. 

At this moment, a ma.s.sive Blood Sea wave of several hundred feet tall blew up into the sky. The sea wave rushed into the sky and wrapped around the entire heaven and ground, as it filled the sky with b.l.o.o.d.y energy.

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