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Qingfeng Li didn't know until now that the Taotie and Qiqiong had not unleashed their full power when they fought with him

Qingfeng Li would have been killed by one of their palm strikes if they had used their full force.

I'm finished. They will catch me even though I'm now in the tunnel, Qingfeng Li thought with a pale face.

At this moment, a white palm appeared in the tunnel.

The white palm was so powerful that it blocked out the heavens. On the palm were written shining golden tadpole-shaped runes which were ancient characters that no modern people could decipher.

Tadpole-shaped scripts were runes of the Heavenly Dao and contained ancient aura from nature.

The palm of golden runes crashed downward, shattering the river of time release by the Taotie and the Qiqiong, sending the two ferocious beasts flying for several hundred kilometers. The ferocious beasts spewed blood as their bones broke, shattering the mountain that they crashed into.

Wounded all over, the Taotie and Qiqiong had their bones broken and their blood dripping from their wounds to the ground of h.e.l.l.

Terror and hopelessness filled their eyes.

"The Palm of Sky Emperor! He should have set the Palm of the Sky Emperor in the second layer tunnel." The Taotie and Qiqiong exchanged a look and fled.

 The almighty ferocious beasts were out of here instantly, leaving blood behind them.

 Qingfeng Li was stunned at the sight of the ferocious beasts fleeing like two rabbits.

 It must be noted that as ancient ferocious beasts, the combat abilities of the Taotie and Qiqiong were equivalent to that of a saint. But now they fled immediately at the sight of the white palm.

After sending the two giant ferocious beasts flying, the white palm retuned to the second layer tunnel and vanished.

 At this time, the tunnel became very unstable and looked like would shatter any second.

 "Qingfeng Li, get out of here immediately. The second layer's tunnel is going to collapse soon since the Palm of Sky Emperor just shattered the river of time."

Qingfeng Li didn't hesitate. He dashed along the tunnel which ran tens of thousands of meters.

While he dashed forward, the tunnel behind him disintegrated into debris and vanished into the air.

As Qingfeng Li watched, one of the meteorite rock from a high-tier dimension planet was shattered into dust.

His face turned pale with fear, knowing that he would have been shattered into dust if he had fallen into the s.p.a.ce tunnel.

 It was a race against death. Qingfeng Li was racing against the collapse of the s.p.a.ce tunnel.

 At the same time above the Forbidden District of the Kunlun Mountain, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, Ziyue Jiang, and the members of the Wolf Fang Team had all run out of the second layer, to the first layer of h.e.l.l and finally returned to the surface.

Looking at the cave opening, Flower Fairy said, "Puppy, when do you think Brother Li will come out?"

Black Puppy wagged its tail and said, "How am I supposed to know? I'm not a G.o.d."

Sky-Devouring Snake looked at it in disdain, saying, "You called yourself Granddaddy Dog, how can you not know it?"

Black Puppy was displeased. It said coldly, "Disgusting guy, you tell me when Qingfeng Li will come out."

 Sky-Devouring Snake frowned since it didn't know either. When they came out, the Taotie and Qiqiong had been running after them and Qingfeng Li was in danger of being killed by the almighty ferocious beasts.

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Flower Fairy, and members of the Wolf Fang Team were all worried for Qingfeng Li.

Flower Fairy said, "Puppy, let's wait for Brother Li here."

Black Puppy shook its head and said, "We'd better leave here. This place is the entrance into h.e.l.l and is very dangerous."

 Alice of the Wolf Fang Team shook her head, saying, "I won't leave. I want to wait for the boss right here."

 The other members of the Wolf Fang Team nodded their agreement.

Black Puppy had no choice but to wait here. It couldn't leave by itself since Qingfeng Li had entrusted his brothers to it and it had the responsibility to protect them.

The other self-cultivators thanked Black Puppy and the others and took their departure.

The less strong self-cultivators couldn't withstand the bone-chilling air coming from the entrance of h.e.l.l.

All the people around the entrance turned pale with cold and some of them shivered slightly.


Suddenly, a hissing sound came from nearby. The sound was very slight, but it contained a presence of danger.

 Black Puppy's face turned grim, warning, "Everyone be careful."

All of them held their breaths and looked towards the direction of the sound source.

A shroud of black mist was floating toward them, engulfing everything it pa.s.sed by, including the sky, rocks, and the ground. The visibility was so low that nothing could be seen in the mist.

Faint red lights glowed in the black mist, like two blood-thirsty red eyeb.a.l.l.s looking coldly at them.

Black Puppy slammed out its paw abruptly and created a powerful hurricane trying to scatter the black mist. But the hurricane was swallowed by the mist as well.

Sky-Devouring Snake said from the side, "Puppy, the black mist is the dark aura from the depths of h.e.l.l and the ghosts conceal themselves in it. You must be careful."

Hearing Sky-Devouring Snake's words, the expressions of Black Puppy and the others changed sharply.

Of course, they had heard the legends about the ghosts from h.e.l.l, which were an extremely evil existence in the depths of the underworld. They were more powerful than the fierce ghosts. Fierce ghosts originated from human souls after death while h.e.l.l ghosts were formed by the dark aura of h.e.l.l and contained an evil presence.

Terrifying lights and screams came from the black mist. 

 The black mist devoured a pa.s.sing demonic beast and turned it into a skeleton instantly.

The blood-thirsty h.e.l.l ghost was very strong and the demon beast was no match for it.

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