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Rain fiercely a.s.saulted Daisuke's face as he collapsed face-up.

The air mixed with the rain's smell was unchanged from how it was five years ago.

This was the smell of his birthplace.

Daisuke was born there and spent his days there up until the later grades of elementary school.

However, in the night sky reflected in Daisuke's pupils a scene far removed from reality spread out.

Through the cracks between the dark clouds one could catch a glimpse of a far too large purple-colored swallowtail b.u.t.terfly. On the surface of its four wings, large enough to cover the entire town, was a pattern like human eyes. Purple scales emitting phosphorous light poured down from the b.u.t.terfly in the sky.

"Thinking you can win against me - have you come this far telling yourself that?"

While he was being hit by the rain on the cold floor, Oogui's voice entered Daisuke's ears.

"You should have known though… Only you, who knows of my ability, should be aware that you can't win against me as I am now, right?"

Oogui's sweet whisper didn't change in the slightest ever since the time Daisuke had come there. This bewitching voice that took away the reason of all listeners made fun of him putting his life at stake to battle her and played with him as if he was a toy.

"Despite knowing you can't win, you still had no choice but to come here…"

The air mixed with the rain's smell was unchanged from how it was five years ago.

It was the same smell of creeping despair from that time.

"You've shouldered everything by yourself and continually fought by yourself. Nothing's changed in these five years."

Mustering all of his remaining power, Daisuke roused his body.

While he was trying to stand up, the rain wetting his entire body mixed up with endlessly flowing fresh blood. The red stream was being absorbed into the drainage of the already closed elementary school's roof. The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's long coat he wore soaked up the rain and blood, changing colors.

"I'm different… from how I was five years ago…"

Standing up, Daisuke's face was dirtied by rain, blood and mud.

He raised his face and stared directly at Oogui.

"No, nothing's changed."

Gazing at the wounded Daisuke, she sneered at him.

"You're simply about to repeat the same from that day… from the time you turned into a Mus.h.i.tsuki."

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