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Chapter 391: I Didn't Do Much. All I Did Was Kill Him!

When they walked into the auction, Dai Shiyu would turn her head to look at Fang Mi and William who were behind. She said while lowering her voice, “Mr. Ye, do you think if she knows that it was y-you who killed Fang Hao?”

She asked that mainly because it was she who caused Fang Hao to die. She did not want to drag Ye Chen into any trouble.

“Doesn't matter!” Ye Chen chuckled, not caring at all. Why would he care about others' feelings when he was this powerful?

Under w.a.n.g Long's guidance, Ye Chen and Dai Shiyu took the elevator and went to the 18th floor of the building.

Crowded with people at that moment, it was even more luxurious and grand than the Captain's Ball last night. Everyone was dressed to the nines and radiated extraordinary charisma.

After they got themselves a seat, a staff dressed in a cheongsam with a warm charm handed them a catalog. “Dear Sirs and Madam, this is the auction catalog. All of the auction items are in there except for the last three items.”

Ye Chen took the catalog and skimmed through it. He glanced at it quickly to learn about most of the auction items tonight. Most of the items that would be auctioned first were some porcelains, famous paintings, and calligraphy works.

All auctions could not escape from having common items up for bids. After all, while most people came to an auction for the finale item, it would be great to hype up the atmosphere with some antiques.

“What? I can't believe there's the Thousand-spirit Herb!”

Ye Chen suddenly stopped his browsing. The Thousand-spirit Herb was a plant that was similar to fungus. It had five spores and was described as such: “Unknown fungal herb that was found by a family. They consumed it and went from 120 kilograms to 78 kilograms without any side effects. Based on a study by the experts, this herb helps one to lose weight fast. However, it cannot be cultivated. It's a consumable. The starting bid is a million…”

“It's really the Thousand-spirit Herb!”

A smile was revealed on Ye Chen's face.

The medicinal efficacy of the Thousand-spirit Herb was indeed similar to its written description. Besides growing a person's cultivation base, it was effective for losing weight and was safe for humans to consume.

It was ordinary in the cultivation world, it was almost worthless. After all, a cultivator possessed the cultivation base to control their weight as they wished.

However, it was useful for Ye Chen who was currently on Earth because it was time for his daughter, Mengmeng, to lose weight. Her cheeks were chubby although he was not sure if that was the result of pinching her cheeks too often or from all of the food that she ate.

If he managed to take this Thousand-spirit Herb back and refine it into medicinal pills, the little girl would lose weight after she consumed it. He could even ma.s.s produce it. While others might find it impossible, it did not mean the same for him.

Just when he was thinking to himself, a silhouette walked over quickly. It was none other than Fang Mi. She stared coldly at Ye Chen as she spoke, “Ye Chen, let me ask you this. Does Fang Hao's disappearance have anything to do with you? What exactly did you do to him?”

She had gotten a call earlier from her family who said that Fang Hao was at a hotel before he disappeared. Meanwhile, that hotel happened to be the one that Ye Chen was staying at.

Ye Chen frowned slightly because he was slightly irritated. “I didn't do much. All I did was kill him!”

Fang Mi was stunned at first as soon as she heard that. Eventually, she said in disbelief, “Y-you killed Fang Hao? Why would you dare to do that?”

One must know that the Fang family had appointed Fang Hao to take over the family in the future!

Ye Chen scoffed and said extremely dangerously, “I'll kill you as well if you say one more word!”

Fang Mi's face turned pale, and she retreated many steps back by instinct. Tang Ning walked over just when she was going to speak.

“How dare you kill Fang Hao? You're dead!” Fang Mi could only glare at Ye Chen in resentment and left.

Tang Ning glanced at Fang Mi, appearing in deep thought, and then she sat next to Ye Chen. A smirk appeared at the corner of her lips. “Mr. Ye, did you sleep well last night?”

“Not bad,” Ye Chen said calmly.

“Really?” Tang Ning gave a short response, a.s.suming that Ye Chen was being stubborn. “I'll give you one last chance. As long as you're willing to kneel and apologize, I'll forget about the grudge between us. Otherwise, you won't walk out of Hong Kong alive.”

“Just give me all you have.” Ye Chen chuckled softly, appearing to be in contempt.

“I hope that you can still walk tonight.” Tang Ning threatened and got up to leave. She walked to the third floor of the auction directly and said to Shen Xingye who was there as soon as she opened the door, “Xingye, I want Ye to die tonight. As long as you kill him, I'll marry you.”

“I'll kill him myself after the auction ends!” Shen Xingye smiled warmly as if he was saying something ordinary.

Tang Ning could not help but reveal a smile of satisfaction. She turned around to look where Ye Chen was downstairs. A grin appeared at the corner of her lips.

'Even Young Master Lei wouldn't be able to say no if Xingye were to attack! It was you who didn't take the opportunity that I gave, so don't blame me! I'd love to see how much despair you'll be in by then!'

In the auction lounge, w.a.n.g Long looked in the direction where Tang Ning left. He could not help but ask Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, did something happen between you and Ms. Tang?”

Although he neither had any idea what happened nor did he know what Tang Ning said to Ye Chen earlier, his instinct told him that something was going on between them.

“I guess you could say that!” Ye Chen said casually.

w.a.n.g Long hesitated as he spoke, “If the issue between you and Ms. Tang isn't serious, I'd suggest you resolve it with her. She's close to Young Master Shen. Don't ever make Young Master Shen your enemy, or the consequences will be serious.”

“No need to worry!” Ye Chen smiled calmly, unperturbed at all. He was fearless of Tang Ning's threat. He was also not afraid of Young Master Lei and Young Master Shen. If they dared to attack him, he did not mind making these two men disappear from this world.

w.a.n.g Long sighed softly and said nothing more.

Just when they were chatting, the auction began officially. The first auction item was an antique from the Tang Dynasty at a starting price of five million yuan. The sequence of auction items was exactly the same as in the auction catalog.

Compared to the people who were bidding enthusiastically as if they had injected chicken blood into their bodies, Ye Chen felt rather bored. He finally waited until the Thousand-spirit Herb was out. n.o.body was interested in that item, so there were no bids.

The auctioneer felt rather awkward.

Ye Chen raised the paddle to bid, “Two million!”

He attracted everyone's attention as soon as he said that. Many people looked at him like they were looking at an idiot. This herb could only be used to lose weight. What was the use of purchasing it?

As long as they were willing to spend 100,000 yuan, there would be countless nutritionists and trainers willing to crack their heads to come up with all sorts of effective weight-loss programs. Only idiots would spend two million to purchase such a thing.

Apart from them, even w.a.n.g Long and Dai Shiyu, who were sitting next to Ye Chen, were stunned. They did not expect him to be interested in that item.

“Mr. Ye, are you sure you want to spend two million to purchase that?” Dai Shiyu could not help but ask, “The auction catalog mentioned that you can't grow this item. It's a one-time consumable. Also, you don't look fat to me.”

“I'll decide that for myself!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and did not bother explaining.

Seeing that Ye Chen placed a bid for two million, the auctioneer on the stage shouted twice in excitement, “This sir is bidding two million. Is anyone placing a higher bid?”

Just when he was about to conclude the bid, a clear voice came out of a private room on the third floor, “Five million!”

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