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Seeing that Feng Sheng didn't intervene, Feng Sheng froze for a few seconds before coming alive.

"Get up!" Jiang Haifeng roughly jerked the heartbroken Luo Yangyang up. Pulling her, he haughtily stepped towards the elevator.

Wasn't it just a step-sister? Feng Sheng's way of doing things was absolutely correct.

If it were him, he would also be too lazy to take care of some little sister who appeared out of thin air.

"No!" Although Luo Yangyang was still dizzy, she didn't completely lose her mind. She began to struggle: "Don't touch me! Let go!"

Even though the struggle behind him was fierce, Feng Sheng acted like he couldn't hear her, continuing forward without a backward glance.

As he entered the private room, Feng Sheng's eyes looked down the hallway. Luo Yangyang was forcibly dragged into the elevator by Jiang Haifeng, yet he didn't pause at all before entering.

In the end, there is a difference between the physical strength of men and women. Not to mention that Luo Yangyang was drugged. She grew more and more weak as she struggled, and Jiang Haifeng dragged her into a room, throwing her onto the bed.

On the other side…

After taking a seat, Feng Sheng absentmindedly swirled his gla.s.s of red wine. He seemed to be thinking about something.

After sipping some red wine, the him who had not sat for a full minute slammed his gla.s.s down and stormed out.

"Sheng, where are you going?" Chunyu Cheng confusedly looked at him. He just got here and he's already leaving?

"Bathroom," Feng Sheng offhandedly replied.

"…" Chunyu Cheng looked at the bathroom in the private room and looked at Feng Sheng rushing out of the door. He became even more puzzled, but he didn't ask.

Once he exited the private room, he immediately called the front desk to check the hotel room Jiang Haifeng had opened. The elevator had not even arrived when the response came.

Feng Sheng went up to the top floor and stood in front of a certain room's door. He didn't immediately rush in and seemed to be deliberating, hesitating a bit.

He didn't have the obligation to take care of that little girl.

But inside the soundproof door, he could imagine what was going on.

He thought of that quiet and obedient girl with a pure nature. Separated by this door, she was being pressed down by Jiang Haifeng…

Thinking of this, Feng Sheng's eyebrows furrowed and his black eyes turned colder.

The next second, he lifted a long leg and kicked hard.

"Bang!" With a loud sound, the st.u.r.dy door was kicked open by him.

The huge noise scared Jiang Haifeng so much he scrambled off of Luo Yangyang. He turned and wanted to call for mom. Witnessing Feng Sheng walk in with an icy face, he was so scared his legs almost turned to jelly.

Feng Sheng stepped in with a chilling aura, storming through the room. His eyes coldly swept around the room and ignored the shaking Jiang Haifeng standing by the bed.

Luo Yangyang was lying on the bed with no clothes on her body. The seaweed-like long hair spread out against the dark-blue bed, forming a stark contrast between the dark hair and white skin. It slammed against his heart for a moment.

The drug was too strong, so Luo Yangyang's body was completely red and devoid of strength. Her eyes seemed like it couldn't see clearly anymore, but her slender arms were still tightly guarding her chest.

The pet.i.te and frail girl lay powerlessly on the big bed.

Feng Sheng unconsciously recalled the first day they met. When she obediently called her "Big Brother" for the first time, he was taken aback.

He then looked at her, with only her undergarments on, lying weakly on bed at the mercy of others. An unexplainable surge of anger rose within him.

"Feng… AH!" The moment Feng Sheng came in, Jiang Haifeng knew things had turned south. He saw Feng Sheng's cold eyes directed at him and quickly tried to explain. But he had just opened his mouth when Feng Sheng sent a punch at his face.

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