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Tianxin said with a smile in her voice, "That's good to know. It's late. Mubai, do retire to bed soon."


"Good night," Tianxin concluded warmly.

Mubai kept his phone, stopped his car by the roadside, and lit a cigarette.

As throngs of cars rushed him by, he chuckled to himself.

So what if Xia Xinghe had disappeared, why was it his responsibility to find her?

She was a grown woman, she could find her way home.

Mubai turned his car back home but as a safety measure, ordered some men to investigate Xinghe's present situation. At least that way he would know she was still alive and finally have an idea what had happened to her in the past few years.

He was interested to find out how a woman with such a sizeable amount of alimony could end up in her state.

Early the next morning, Mubai received updates on Xinghe for the past 3 years.

After the divorce, she was taken in by her uncle.

Through family connections, he understood her uncle had a son and the three of them had been keeping each other afloat. Their life took a turn for the worse when Xia Chengwu was diagnosed with kidney disease.

To earn money, Xinghe had to take on multiple odd jobs.

Cleaner, dishwasher, waitress… She spent her times doing all sorts of menial labor.

However, she was bullied and isolated at every single workplace due to her reticence and reluctance to socialize. This meant that none of her work lasted longer than a month.

Three years of bouncing from one harsh working environment to another had taken a toll on her.

Mubai was still surprised when he thought back to their encounter yesterday. It seemed like she had aged tremendously since their divorce.

He could barely recognize her anymore.

If not for their chance encounter yesterday, he wouldn't have known how much pain and cruelty she had endured…

Nevertheless, there was one thing that puzzled him. Why hadn't she used her alimony?

He knew Xinghe wasn't a spender but even if she was, it was impossible to burn through the amount he'd given in a short period of time.

Mubai leaned back in his chair with a serious expression. It would appear that there were some details that were hidden from his knowledge…

When Mubai stepped into the dining room, his whole family was already seated, having their breakfast.

Xi Lin was the first to wake up since he had an early bedtime the day before. He had already finished his breakfast when Mubai sat down.

"Take Lin Lin to school for me," Mubai ordered one of their maids.

"Yes, sir," the maid complied. She took Xi Lin's hand and led him out of the room.

Old Mrs. Xi took a delicate bite of her barley porridge with a porcelain spoon before asking, "Why did you leave so suddenly yesterday? You are the reason we were gathered there, you know? How awkward you've left your father and mother."

"I did call to say Lin Lin wasn't feeling well, didn't I? By the way, mom…" Mubai looked at his mother, the rest of his question caught in his throat.

Old Mrs. Xi encouraged him with a smile, adding a "Yes?"

Mubai continued, "Did Xinghe accept the alimony after our divorce?"

Old Mrs. Xi's spoon froze in mid-air and her face dropped…

Based on her reactions, Mubai knew instantly that the answer to his question was no.

"Why didn't you tell me if you didn't give her the alimony?" He thought Xinghe was living well with the money. That was why he didn't think to check up on her.

If not for their chance encounter yesterday, he would still be left in the dark.

Old Mrs. Xi's face froze over. She shrugged, "It wasn't that I didn't give her the alimony, she didn't want it."

"Still, you could have told me."

"Why should I? She no longer had anything to do with us Xi Family. It's better that the relationship was cut off cleanly. If she didn't want our help, good riddance, I'd say."

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