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They had also been contributing for the sake of their troops, but now, they were more than a little annoyed by it. This was because they thought that Xinghe's arrangement was too ridiculous. How could she a.s.sign a new task when the old one hadn't even been finished yet?

Everyone was feeling a little bit resentful after what happened yesterday. They even started to think Munan was exploiting his position for private gain. In any case, they started to get prejudiced against their Major…

At that moment, a group of people entered the lab. The one in front was naturally Munan, and then Yan Lu's group. Trailing behind them were three officers from Internal Affairs Department. The technicians were shocked watching the Internal Affairs officers stride into their lab.

However, the next second, they could guess why. Unexpectedly, Munan soon asked, "Is Xinghe here?"

"She hasn't arrived yet." Someone answered immediately.

"Who's looking for me?" Xinghe's soft voice floated from the main control room as she walked out. The lab was shocked, they had no idea she was already there. The three officers immediately moved forward.

"You're Xia Xinghe?" the leading man asked.

"I am." Xinghe nodded. Her eyes saw the solemnity in Munan's dark eyes. It looked like trouble was brewing.

"Miss Xia, nice to meet you. We're from the Internal Affairs Department. We received a report this morning that you gained the position of the second-in-command for the tech department even though you are grossly unqualified. That violates the military structure and rules. Therefore, we ask you to follow us to a.s.sist in our investigation."

Munan was afraid she might be scared so he quickly added, "Xinghe, I will also be investigated. Don't worry, this is just a formality."

Xinghe scanned the room of technicians and saw many were giddy with excitement. It was obvious the person who made the report came from this room. She just didn't expect that the person would report Munan as well.

Xinghe looked at all of their faces and asked, "Which of you made the report?"

They didn't think she would ask that question outright. But only an idiot would admit what they did!

"It's one thing to be suspicious of my ability, but to report me? Looks like someone is really resentful of me," Xinghe said matter-of-factly.

The officers frowned. "Xia Xinghe, what do you mean that? The Internal Affairs Department is not someone's instrument to punish others. We in the military have always welcomed reporting of unlawful conduct!"

"The fact is I don't like to be treated this way," Xinghe commented coldly.

The room was stunned…

Isn't she being a bit too arrogant‽

Even Munan was shocked by the fact that such incendiary words came out of Xinghe's mouth.

The Internal Affairs officers had already lost it. "Xia Xinghe, follow us to complete the investigation now!"

Xinghe laughed. "Sure, but before that, I would like the person who reported me to know how foolish they have acted."

Shu Mei couldn't take it anymore. "Xia Xinghe, what kind of att.i.tude is this? Do you need to be so petty and vengeful because someone doubted you and reported you? Furthermore, reporting you was for the sake of the platoon!"

"Sister Shu is right. If you're that good, then why are you afraid of being reported?"

"It must be because she knows she's unqualified!"

"Definitely, why else would she threaten us in return?"

"Threaten?" Xinghe laughed. "I will say it again. I find this whole thing foolish!"

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