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"Sister Mei, do you think that she is really that capable?" a young man asked the woman beside him. Shu Mei was the best of the few ladies working there. The many men there couldn't wait to get into her good books. This made her feel very good about herself. Therefore, Xinghe's sudden arrival irked her greatly.

Shu Mei answered nonchalantly, "Who knows, but she manages to become the second-in-command the day she arrived, I bet her looks and connections have many things to do with it."

"I think so too, but our leader is not someone who would do something like that."

"Didn't he say that this woman is Major Xi's guest?"

"But Major Xi is not someone who would bend the rules due to someone's connection as well."

"Major Xi managed to be a Major at his young age. Think about it, other than his capability, what other factors could have been in play?" Shu Mei whispered in meaningful manner.

The young man gave a curious expression and went back to work. The meaning of Shu Mei's words was quite obvious. The reason Munan could become a Major and have a chance at leading the Flying Dragon Unit wasn't just his ability. It relied on his family background too.

Therefore, that Xia Xinghe probably had a great family background propping her up as well…

Suspicions such as these were inevitable, because these people realized they'd lost at birth and they couldn't help but envy those who'd been born into a better family…

Xinghe's arrival rocked the military camp a tiny bit, so much so that even Saohuang's side had received the news. However, Saohuang only managed to find out that Munan had hired a new computer scientist but had no way of finding out who that person was. After all, both sides were highly defensive against one another, the defensive measures were well put in place.

"They finally realize the spot that they are lacking in, but from how I see it, no matter who they find, it will still be pointless," Sun Yu said smugly.

This was because his computer skill was unparalleled; he didn't think a worthy rival even existed on Earth. Furthermore, his team of technicians was all capable people. They were truly a force to be reckoned with.

Saohuang said coldly, "We're now in a critical period, we mustn't make light of any information. Who this person is and how good he is, we must find out soon."

"Should we hack into their system again?" Sun Yu asked.

Saohuang warned him with a withering look. "One time is more than enough for such a risky measure! No one is allowed to bring that up again without my order!"

"Yes, sir!" Sun Yu answered seriously, "But Boss, this will be extra difficult because the news might not even be true. Xi Munan is highly defensive against us now so this might just be nothing more than a smokescreen."

Saohuang smirked. "So what? His team is not impenetrable, there is a mole in there that I can make use of."

Sun Yu was surprised. "Who?"

Naturally, it is Shu Mei!

Shu Mei once worked alongside Saohuang before. She was madly in love with Saohuang, even then her love towards him hadn't dissipated. However, this relationship was known only to Shu Mei and Saohuang. Therefore, he could make use of this hidden relationship to his advantage without getting found out.

Saohuang's lips curved into a smile as he pulled out his phone to send a text.

Tomorrow's a weekend, how about we go for lunch together?

The sudden message from Saohuang made Shu Mei almost faint from joy!

She didn't expect Saohuang to actively ask her out. This was something unimaginable for her. Shu Mei started to blush and her heart started to beat like a little girl going to meet her crush.

She couldn't wait for tomorrow to arrive.

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