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Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. The office was instantly crowded.

"Is this real or not? Gu Li, quick, see whether it's real or not!" Yan Lu rushed him, even though Gu Li was already checking Xinghe's software…

"It's real." He deeply exhaled in disbelief. "And it's perfectly done, there's no mistakes at all!"

"Then, how about the fact that she finished it in three hours?" Yan Lu asked again.

Gu Li answered, "It would take me at least six hours to do something like this."

"My G.o.d, this is too much…" Yan Lu was stunned, the way he looked at Xinghe had completely changed. It was the same for everyone else.

Munan said smugly, "Well, does anyone else here still believe that Miss Xia's talent is lacking?"

Gu Li was the first to respond, "Miss Xia, it's my fault for not recognizing a talent when I saw one. I sincerely apologize for my earlier offense."

"It's okay, I don't mind it at all."

"Miss Xia, you've truly impressed us all. Don't worry, from now on, I, Yan Lu, will be your shield whenever you're in the army, no one will dare to bully you here!" Yan Lu exclaimed happily, he was overjoyed that Munan had found them such an incredible computer expert. "Now, I can't wait to see the looks of those people's faces when we beat them next time!"

Yan Lu was already imagining the victory they would secure against Saohuang.

Munan chuckled. "Don't be too optimistic and think that it's all down to technology alone. We have to train harder and give it our best and only then can victory be in ours!"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone gave a solemn military salute. The atmosphere in the room turned serious. However, it only lasted for a second before the group of adjutants surrounded Yan Lu asking for money.

"You've lost again, it's time to pay."

"Quick, give us the money, the brothers are going to the bar to celebrate later tonight."

"We've just found ourselves an incredible computer expert, we should be celebrating and not hung over small details like a childish wager. Isn't it a bit improper to demand money over something as auspicious as this?" Yan Lu clamped his wallet to his body but the group of men, of course, wouldn't let him go so easily.

"Buddy, come on, cough it up or we'll take it ourselves."

"That's right, and the money's not even that much. Do you need to act this way?"

"Fine, I'll pay but you have to bring me along with you when you go drinking," Yan Lu took the opportunity to demand.

"No way!" The group of adjutants rejected him in unison.

"…" This group of brothers is even worse than hyenas!

Munan laughed heartily as he those events unfold. He then turned to Xinghe. "Big Sister Xia, from now on, you will officially start working for my platoon. But don't worry, we'll give you the best treatment because you've proven that you deserve such a treatment."

"Alright, let's get to work now."

"How about tomorrow? It's already quite late, I suggest you go rest for the day."

"I'm fine, I would like to familiarize myself with the environment."

"Alright. Gu Li, give Miss Xia a tour of the compound," Munan ordered. Gu Li accepted the task gladly.

He first took Xinghe to their tech department, along the way, he made small talk with Xinghe.

"Miss Xia, I seem to have heard Boss call you Big Sister Xia, what is your relationship to him?" Gu Li asked curiously.

"Technically, there is no relationship between us," Xinghe answered matter-of-factly, "He insists on calling me that even though I've corrected him many times."

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