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Lin Lin told Xinghe everything, not withholding any information.

"Mommy, I feel so weak because I don't know how to help everyone even though I want to," Lin Lin told Xinghe helplessly. "Plus, Daddy is not home now. This must be very hard for second uncle to face alone."

Xinghe consoled her, "Actually, no one has it easy but they definitely can handle it well, so don't worry yourself too much."

"But great grandfather said, second uncle mustn't lose or it will greatly affect his future."

"Your second uncle will not lose, he will succeed," Xinghe said affirmatively.


"Of course, you have to believe him. You have to believe that the Xi family will not be defeated so easily."

Lin Lin finally smiled. "Mommy, of course you're right…"

Lin Lin felt better after talking with Xinghe. They chatted for a while longer before hanging up.

Xinghe put down her phone and started thinking. Her thoughts were interrupted by Mubai's phone call. Much like Lin Lin, Mubai would call her daily as well.

Mubai was still overseas. The armed organization was a lot more elusive than he'd predicted. He was still trying to sniff them out. Mubai faced a bit more resistance because he was not in Hwa Xia. The Xi family, albeit still influential, weren't as influential overseas as they were within Hwa Xia. However, after exhausting much money and manpower, Mubai still managed to unearth some information regarding this mysterious group.

Of course, Mubai never once burdened Xinghe with those issues. In any case, for Mubai, issues that could be solved with money weren't technically issues.

"I heard from Lin Lin that it is not going so well with Munan, is that right?" Xinghe asked Mubai.

"That's right, things are a bit b.u.mpy. Honestly, that is what I want to talk to you about today. I was hoping you could lend Munan a hand," Mubai told her directly.

Xinghe asked in return, "In what way?"

Her tone implicated that she was willing to help.

Mubai smiled and said, "We're losing on the computer science front. Go look for Munan and he will fill you in with the details. This might turn out to be pointless because it is very hard for us civilians to get involved in military affairs. Of course, I wouldn't pin that on you if it happens, you've tried your best."

"Alright, I'll give it a try."

"Thank you," Mubai told her gently, "Ordinarily, I wouldn't disturb you, but Munan really could need your help."

"That's alright, I need to contribute my fair share after all." Xinghe said truthfully. Furthermore, she wasn't doing the heavy lifting. The only thing she could help with was computer stuff, the real dangerous part was carried out by Mubai and Munan.

Xinghe's perspective had changed. She understood she couldn't take on the world on her own. Along the way, she realized that Mubai's aid had been instrumental in helping her defeating certain enemies. They needed each other's help and Xinghe wasn't so conceited to think she could do everything on her own.

"Then, take care and be careful."

"I know."

"Alright, I won't disturb you anymore. Call me if you need anything," Mubai said with reluctance.

"You be careful too," The words slipped out of Xinghe's mouth. It surprised even herself. Mubai on the other end of the phone was smiling wickedly.

Xinghe was an action-orientated person. After she put down the phone, she stopped her research and went looking for Munan.

With Mubai's orders, Munan quickly met up with Xinghe and explained to her everything.

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