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Chapter 375: Spirit of the Xi Family

"Yes, sir!" Munan straightened himself and gave his grandfather a standard military salute. "Grandfather, I will not let you or the whole Xi family down."

"Good, good." Grandfather nodded and laughed from pride and relief. "I know you won't. Now, go busy yourself. Come to grandpa if you need anything. Remember, you have the whole family supporting you."

"Yes, sir." Munan's lips quivered slightly and something glistened in his eyes. He said no more and turned to leave.

His most recent defeat might be serious but he understood it was nothing more than a b.u.mp compared to the Xi family's ill.u.s.trious history. Therefore, he wouldn't live in self-doubt or self-denial. He must rise above the defeat or he wouldn't have the right to bear the Xi name. He had to power on and face the cruel reality with courage and determination.

The belief and bravery exuded by Munan had a lasting impact on Lin Lin who was also in the study. The little fella would spend time with his great grandfather to study every day. Therefore, he heard all of their conversation.

Grandfather Xi didn't have him leave the room also because the words were intended for Lin Lin's ears as well. After Munan left, Grandfather Xi asked Lin Lin in a low voice, "Do you think your second uncle will arise above the occasion?"

"Definitely!" the little fella answered without thinking. His eyes shone the same way Munan's did earlier. The spirit of the Xi family was apparent in them.

Grandfather Xi looked at him and saw the shadows of Mubai in his four-year-old great grandson. Mubai had never shied away from difficulties. To him, difficulties were nothing but challenges that were meant to be overcome.

Lin Lin would grow up to be an upstanding young man like his father. Grandfather Xi was sure of it.

"Xi Lin, I had you stay in the room because I want you to know you have a great responsibility on your hands. You are also the hope of the Xi family's future. The Xi family's glory came from a b.l.o.o.d.y and stormy history, so you mustn't look down on the contribution of each Xi before you, and more importantly, you mustn't let them down. For the sake of every Xi that has paved the way for you, you must make sure that the Xi legacy lives on. Do you understand?"

The little fella had on a serious countenance and nodded determinedly. "Great grandfather, I understand. I will do my best to be better than Daddy and second Uncle!"

Grandfather Xi started laughing again. He felt gratified because he knew that the Xi family was in competent hands.

After Lin Lin got left Grandfather Xi's study, he was deep in contemplation. He knew he shouldered a lot of responsibility so he never once slacked during his studies.

However, after the talk between Grandfather Xi and his second uncle as well as Grandfather Xi and himself, he had a new understanding of the Xi family name. He understood his family's status was more precarious than he a.s.sumed.

Second uncle's small mistake had caused the whole family to be on edge. It made him more determined to study harder so that he would not disappoint the sacrifices of the Xi's that came before him.

After Lin Lin returned to his own small study, he called Xinghe. After their little outing, he would have daily phone call with his mother.

Normally, he would tell her about his day but today he wanted to discuss something different.

Xinghe was still at the lab doing her research. She was studying and improving her computer skills. Even though she might be the best computer expert in the world, it didn't mean that she had reached the pinnacle of her ability. Study is never-ending.

When she saw it was Lin Lin calling her, she decided to take a breather.

However, from her son's first word, she could tell something was different about Lin Lin's mood that day.

"Lin Lin, what's wrong?" Xinghe asked over the phone.

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