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She dreamt about everything that happened before she turned 19. The memories that she thought she had lost returned to her.

She realized that the Xia Xinghe of the past was no pushover; she wouldn't have ended up in such a miserable state.

She was once the pride of her family… but now…

Reflecting on the adversity that she had been forced to endure, tears of sadness rolled down her face.

"The patient is still unconscious but her condition has pretty much stabilized. She suffered from a minor concussion to the head, but one or two weeks of rest should be enough to put her back on her feet. However, she will need some supplements due to an extended period of malnourishment…"

Inside the hospital room, the doctor explained in detail Xinghe's physical condition to Mubai.

The statuesque man frowned slightly.

How could Xinghe be suffering from prolonged malnourishment?

Mubai turned his head to look at Xinghe, just in time to notice the tear that was gliding down his ex-wife weathered face…

His eyes shook slightly as a c.o.c.ktail of emotions surged in his heart.

Xia Xinghe, what kind of life have you been living after our divorce?

Simultaneously, Tianxin, who stood beside Mubai, also stared at Xinghe while nurturing her own thoughts.

She looked at the woman who once had Mubai, but was ultimately chased away by her; she was overjoyed. Her heart soared witnessing the wretched state Xinghe had fallen into.

Xia Xinghe, you lost to me once… you'll fare worse now that you're old and ugly. I can barely summon the energy to deal with you. I'm sure you'll just waste away like the thrash that you've become.

After all, even for an idiot, the choice between a gorgeous woman and an old beggar would be exceptionally easy.

Tianxin might have reservations against a young, beautiful Xinghe, but now…

These thoughts buoyed Tianxin's mood so greatly that she was feeling gracious for her ex-rival.

She nudged Mubai and said softly, "Mubai, don't worry. I'm sure Xinghe will be fine. How about we find her a personal nurse or better yet, leave her some money. I believe that's what she needs the most now."

Mubai looked at his fiancé and nodded slightly.

"Mubai, it's already quite late. We still have a family dinner to attend later tonight to discuss our upcoming nuptials. Shouldn't we be going?" Tianxin asked to test the waters.

Mubai then only realized such an event was indeed in his itinerary.

Ever since his divorce, he hadn't been looking for a new spouse but as the only male heir to the Xi Family, he had to marry to ensure the Xi Name lived on.

Tianxin was his childhood friend. The entire Xi Family was in love with her; her good looks and intellect were definite pluses as well. Therefore, after Mubai's divorce was finalized, the two families had been trying to match the two of them together.

Mubai was warm towards Tianxin but he wasn't in love with her. Then again, there was not a single woman that he was in love with.

Even his marriage to Xinghe wasn't out of love since it was an arranged marriage.

For him, as long as the wife was biologically female, he was fine with anyone filling the post.

His indifference only deepened after the failed marriage to Xinghe. He shrugged and agreed nonchalantly when his family brought up the idea of marrying Tianxin. And tonight was a dinner between the two families to discuss their wedding.

In fact, that morning, they were out to look for a restaurant to host their wedding reception, and dress shopping…

Who knew they would stumble into Xia Xinghe.

The ex-wife he hadn't met for 3 years.

Truth be told, Mubai had once wondered under what circ.u.mstances would they meet again. but none of the scenarios in his mind could have fitted the bizarre happenstance today.

Wasn't she the Xia Family's young mistress, how could she have landed in such a deplorable state?

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