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Chapter 198: A Lesson in Humility

She was confident that the mathematics test alone was enough to make quick work of Xinghe. Therefore, she didn't waste time to prepare the test for computer science.

Actually, she only needed to get one professor because one would be more than enough!

She called three because she wanted to utterly humiliate Xinghe!

"What is the test going to be?" Xinghe asked suddenly.

Ruobing smiled. "Very simple, each of the professors will pose you a question. If you answer all of them correctly, you pa.s.s."

"Alright, let's begin." Xinghe uttered softly, without a care in the world.

Ruobing once again derided Xinghe's insolence in her heart.

She turned to the three professors. "Professors, please don't hold back for the sake of Miss Xia. She was, after all, once a student from Academy S' Mathematics Faculty."

This was news to the three professors. They didn't expect Xinghe to be from the famed Academy S and the Mathematics Faculty at that.

Then, her knowledge of mathematics must be at least at a certain level.

The three academics initially felt a bit iffy inconveniencing such a young lady but after hearing Ruobing's introduction, they dropped their hesitation.

What they failed to realize was Ruobing purposely omitted the fact that Xinghe hadn't graduated.

Xinghe dropped out of Academy S in her second year so logically speaking, she didn't have the chance to learn much during her time there.

However, Ruobing planned to omit this detail and she believed, based on Xinghe's arrogant att.i.tude, Xinghe wouldn't bring it up either.

Naturally, Xinghe didn't show any inclination of clearing the air.

Ruobing's smile grew wider. It spoke of her disdain for Xinghe, for her stupidity and hubris!

"Professors, please go ahead. One question each will suffice," Ruobing ordered.

Professor Chen was the first to step forward.

He studied Xinghe and said, "Since you are an Academy S Mathematics Faculty graduate, I'm sure the question I will ask is something you've learnt in cla.s.s before. So, I hope you've retained most of your academic knowledge."

"Please," Xinghe opened her mouth to say, as if she didn't care what kind of question he was going to pose.

Professor Chen was rather irked by Xinghe's braggadocio so he thought to teach her a lesson in humility.

Young lady, pride is the greatest sin. Some modesty might do you some good.

Professor Chen moved to the blackboard that was almost half the size of the wall and wrote down his question.

Two of the lesser-experienced engineers in the crowd were already confused by the question.

They couldn't understand what kind of mathematics question was this!

They could recognize the individual numbers and signs but in that combination? They might as well be looking at a foreign language.

Luo Jun, who was familiar with mathematics, also felt the question was too difficult.

He couldn't help but sneak a look at Xinghe and was shocked to realize her expression remain unmoved.

Is it a calm façade or she has actual confidence?

"Go on, answer this for us!" Professor Chen turned back from the blackboard to address Xinghe.

Ruobing's grin almost reached her ears. She too turned to Xinghe and said, "This question might have some difficulties but I'm sure you can solve it just fine. It's just a matter of time…"

"Not solvable within two hours," Professor Wong said suddenly. There was a bitter taste in his mouth from having been dragged away from his work to attend a frivolity like this. He grunted impatiently, "That is if she doesn't give up first. I'm heading back to my lab, come and get me if and when she's done with this!"

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