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Chapter 195: Me or Her

"That's right, all of us heard her!" The smaller engineer echoed and continued to speak what was on Ruobing's mind, "If she loses, it means that she has no right to be here!"

"You heard that, Xia Xinghe? If you lose, it means that you are not good enough to be here. Be prepared to pack up and leave," Ruobing reminded her with a smirk.

Xinghe nodded affirmatively, "Don't you worry. If I lose, I will leave this place without hesitation."

"Good, we'll be sure to take you for your words! Then…"

"Wait," Xinghe cut her off, she stared at Ruobing and asked, "What if I'm the victor?"

Ruobing didn't think Xinghe had even a shred of possibility of winning so she replied perfunctorily, "You said it before, didn't you? If you win, we'll all submit to your orders."

"Other than you, you must leave this place!"

"What did you say‽" Ruobing stared at her with bulging eyes.

Everyone within earshot was equally shocked.

They didn't see this coming. They didn't think Xinghe would be a.s.sertive enough to ask for Ruobing's removal.

Xinghe repeated herself slowly, "If I win, you leave. I don't want to see you while I'm here."

"Xia Xinghe, do you have any idea who you're talking to‽" Ruobing could no longer suppress the fury in her heart.

This woman is too much. She dares to have me vacate this place! Who does she think she is!

Xinghe didn't care to entertain her outburst. She raised her brow slightly and taunted, "Why, afraid of a little friendly compet.i.tion? Stay away from the kitchen if you're afraid of the heat."


"Miss Xia, I don't think this is a good idea." Even Luo Jun thought she has gone a bit too far.

"Do you think Leader Yun is someone like you can force away? No matter if you win or lose, Leader Yun will always be our leader. No one can ever chase her away!" The taller among the two engineers said furiously.

Even the crowd that had gathered outside her lab from the earlier commotion thought she is being too bra.s.sy with her demands.

She was their guest there. Where did she get the audacity to make such a demand?

Xinghe scanned the lot of them and said with a sly smile, "Why the long faces? At most, it will last a month. If I'm here, she can't be here."

"But why must you make such an arrangement?" Someone from outside the door piped up.

"Because that's the wager your leader proposed for this challenge!" Xinghe said with authority, silencing all discontent.

Xinghe was right. It was only fair that both parties had to face equal punishment.

Or else, why should she accept something that is heavily slanted against her favor?

Regardless, the request was still a little bit hard to stomach.

This. .h.i.t Ruobing's sore spot, her pride.

Xinghe gave her a provoking side-eye. "The decision is in your hands, either you accept the challenge added with my terms or you quietly follow Mubai's arrangements!"

"Fine, it's a deal!" Ruobing finally accepted, "Whoever loses has to go, there shall be no regrets!"

"I'm glad you finally agreed, very good," Xinghe said with a slightly nod. Her expression was one of ease and confidence.

It seemed like she had great confidence in winning this challenge.

Ruobing jeered at Xinghe's vanity in her heart.

Not only her, almost everyone thought Xinghe was going to lose!

This was because everyone there was a top talent in their field. Xinghe might be book smart but it wouldn't be enough to rival their encyclopedic knowledge.

Even Ruobing relied on not only her knowledge, but also her administrative talent to reach the level she was at.

Xinghe had no idea she wasn't going just challenging Ruobing but the whole inst.i.tution of science.

"Let's get down to business. The challenge is you have to pa.s.s the tests of the few esteemed professors employed here.

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