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Chapter 182
Chapter 182: Have Her Detained

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97


The power structure within a modern rich and powerful family was not unlike that of an imperial harem. Everyone nursed their own aspirations and goals, plotting and scheming against one another.

It was her belief that no matter who Mubai eventually marries, she would not love Lin Lin from the bottom of her heart.

She would have ostracized him or, even worse, harm him.

After all, Lin Lin was Mubai's eldest son so he had the strongest claim to Xi Empire. He would have to be removed for the other woman's own child to rise to the top.

Therefore, after Mubai remarried, Lin Lin's situation would be dangerous and precarious.

Thus, she had to lead him away from this environment, to help him avoid all these power struggles, and for him to be independent and strong.

However, she couldn't reveal all of this to Mubai…

If they knew she was dying and purposely hid that fact from them, it was certain that they wouldn't let her take Lin Lin away.

How could they let Lin Lin grow up alone in the dangerous outside world without the support of the Xi family?

She swallowed her grievances because she knew she couldn't rely on anyone but herself.

Xinghe looked at Mubai with fresh determination. "If I remember correctly, there is a rule within Xi Family that whoever manages to cure Old Madam Xi's physical condition will be granted any wish that he or she wants. Is that right?"

Mubai narrowed his eyes at Xinghe. "You want to try your hands at this task?"

"Definitely!" Xinghe nodded, her eyes shining with confidence.

There was a smile in Mubai's eyes when he replied, "It's not that I have no confidence in you but can you really accomplish this? She requires a perfect artificial human limb; current medical research is not even close to understanding it."

Xinghe replied with a winning smile, "If you don't try, you'll never know."

"So, you're sure this will be another win for you?"

"Truth be told, it's hard to tell for now but I have confidence in myself," Xinghe's eyes were practically glowing when she said this.

It was a light that shone from within her, an aura of dazzling confidence.

This was what Mubai loved most about her.

Whenever he saw her this way, his heart would be rocked, as if swept away by an April Shower.

At that moment, the attraction was at its hardest. The urge to have Xinghe detained and shackled, to keep her to his own rose up within Mubai!

But he knew he can't…

The freedom was part of Xinghe's beauty. Like a born-again phoenix, she needed the open sky to spread her wings, to extend her glory.

Mubai suppressed his inner feelings and looked at her with a burning gaze, promising, "Alright, since you're so confident, go ahead and try. If you can accomplish this, I will grant you the wish that you want, so will the entire Xi Family!"

At that moment, Mubai no longer cared about the custody battle.

Because he wanted not only the child, but also his mother…

So, what if he gave her the child? In the end, Lin Lin would return to him because he aimed to make her his as well.

"For real?" Xinghe said with obvious excitement.

"Would I lie to someone as important as you?" Mubai replied with a light smile. There was obvious flirtation in his words but it flew over Xinghe's head because she was too happy focusing on the fact that he had agreed to her request, albeit on conditions.

Looks like Old Madam Xi's situation was indeed the biggest problem facing Xi Family…

"Your words alone mean nothing to me, I need your grandfather to swear to it too," Xinghe said cautiously. In Mubai's ears, marinated in the haze of infatuation, she sounded like a child asking an adult for a pinky promise.

He suppressed the urge to tousle her hair and responded with a wide smile, "You don't have to worry about that because grandfather cares deeply about grandmother. He will do anything for her. In fact, if you're still worried, why don't we go confirm with him now?"

He then pulled her back to meet Grandfather Xi.

After listening to Xinghe's offer, Grandfather Xi was both surprised and suspicious, "You have confidence you can accomplish this?"

"I'm 70 to 80 percent confident that it'll be a success," Xinghe replied truthfully but it was translated into impudence when it reached Grandfather Xi's ears.

He glared at her and responded with a sneer, "Young lady, might I remind you that talk is cheap?"

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