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Chapter 178: To The Old Family Mansion

Xinghe replied without missing a beat, "If you give me back my son, anyone is good enough."

Of course, anyone but her.

"What are you going to do then, chase away all the women who approach me?" Mubai asked with interest. His tone seemed to suggest that he was encouraging her to do so…

Xinghe's lips curved into a slight smile. "I'm not that interested in your life, I just want my son."

"But he is my son too and is destined to stay inside the Xi Family."

"I already told you, I will find a way to get him out."

"There is one way that is fairly simple," Mubai tilted his head to look at her and said, "Get back together with me."

Xinghe blinked slightly but there was no obvious change in expression on her face.

Mubai waited with inexplicable anxiety for her response. She finally said, "You sure have a vivid imagination."

She would not get back with him and she would claim back her son through her own effort.

It was why she was going to the Xi Family's old family mansion.

She was willing to try anything to get Lin Lin out.

If that was really impossible, she must find ways to decrease the possibility of him running into danger. Of course, her focus would still be on springing him out of the Xi Family.

In fact, there was already an idea brewing in her mind, it was to go through Mubai's grandmother.

Mubai's grandfather, Xi Gang was once a prominent political figure in Hwa Xia.

Even after he retired, he retained his regality. No one dared to defy him in the Xi Family.

It was because of him that Xi Family could be the giant force it was that day.

If Xi Gang agreed to let Xinghe temporarily have Xi Lin's custody, the rest of them would have no choice but to agree.

Of course, Xi Gang wouldn't listen to her request. There was only one person in the entire Xi Family that he would listen to.

That was his wife, Mubai's grandmother.

Xinghe didn't know much about the Xi Family's hierarchy but of one thing she was sure.

There was only one person who could persuade and dissuade Mubai's grandfather, that person was his first wife.

She was referred to as his first wife because they had been divorced many years ago. However, they still stayed under the same roof. In fact, Xi Gang had been treating and loving her like she was still his wife. 

Why they got divorced in the first place, Xinghe was clueless as well, but she didn't intend to find out.

She only needed to convince her.

They finally reached Xi Family's old family mansion.

It was situated at City T's famous Prosperity Hill.

Like the name suggested, Prosperity Hill was home to the rich and famous.

The richest of them all was naturally the Xi's. Xi Family's old family mansion was also the biggest there.

Xinghe had only been here once and she could still remember how overwhelmed she was then.

However, for her second visit, she felt nothing. The place was to her like any other normal places.

Mubai led her into the s.p.a.cious and luxurious living room. A maid came forth and greeted them reverentially, "Is Young Master here to meet the Old Master? He's practicing calligraphy with Little Young Master in the study."

"How long has it been?" Mubai asked.

"Half an hour."

Xi Gang would spend an hour every day to practice his calligraphy. No one was to disturb him during this period.

In other words, Xinghe and he would have to wait for half an hour.

"When grandfather practices his calligraphy, he doesn't like to be disturbed. I hope you don't mind waiting for half an hour," Mubai told Xinghe.

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