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Chapter 176
Chapter 176: Fondness Towards Her (End of the Engagement Arc)

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97


Old Mrs. Xi joined in, "Xia Xinghe, Tianxin did not do anything truly offensive towards you, did she? She has already lowered herself to such an extent to apologize to you, do you have to be so petty?"

Even Old Mr. Xi felt Xinghe had crossed the line…

After all, Tianxin had apologized, did she have to be so narrow-minded?

Only Mubai approved of Xinghe's action.

To accept the apology or not was her prerogative. Why must she accept the apology just because Tianxin apologized?

If he was in her position, he wouldn't accept the apology either.

Xinghe scanned the room of detractors and smiled, "You're right, I am a petty woman so don't do me wrong because I will remember it forever."

"You will hate me forever? What do you plan to do to me?" Tianxin asked fearfully. Perhaps she hadn't recovered from the earlier shock because her acting here was a bit overboard.

Xinghe snickered at her laughable acting and a murderous intent surged up within Tianxin.

As if a.s.sessing the situation for the first time, Tianxin suddenly realized how inferior she looked beside Xinghe.

She tried to regain her footing but the moment she came down to beg Xinghe, she had lost.

"I'm not going to do anything to you because you're not worth my time. Don't think too highly of yourself," Xinghe said before leaving.

Tianxin ruined her marriage so it was only fair for her to ruin her engagement, t.i.t for tat as they say.

Since she had achieved her target that day, there was no reason for Xinghe to stay and look at the bunch of annoying faces.

Xinghe strode out the box like she owned the world and Mubai moved to follow.

"Mubai, stand right there. This fiasco is not over yet; you are not allowed to cancel the engagement to Tianxin!" Old Mrs. Xi called after him.

Mubai turned around and said coldly, "I'm not allowed to, mother? Do you want me to get a lawyer in here? Try me."

"You…" His mother was sh.e.l.l-shocked, how could he talk to her this way?

He was her son. The wife she chose for him was for his own good, how could he not see that?

However, she knew she couldn't force him into any decisions that he refused to make, even if she was his mother…

Mubai swiveled around and left.

After a while, Tianxin realized she should chase after him but she stopped at the door because Mubai had left the building.

Watching his back, her eyes swirled with venom.

Xia Xinghe, you ruined my life, I will never forgive you!

After Xinghe exited the hotel, she stood at the entrance and didn't leave.

Just like how she predicted, Mubai appeared not long after.

"Were you waiting for me?" He stared intensely at her.

"Yes," Xinghe admitted, "I want to see Lin Lin."

He knew she would come up with this specific request that day.

He realized how much she cared for their child from the times they'd interacted recently.

He felt guilty because his family had always stood in her way when she wanted to visit Lin Lin. He understood her desire to be with Lin Lin.

At the same time, Mubai admired Xinghe.

She knew it would be impossible for her to just waltz in and see Lin Lin so she decided to bolster her own backing first.

Only then could her demand be heard.

Despite the fact that it was still not enough for her to claim custody, he admired this hardworking att.i.tude of hers.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Xinghe's other personal qualities were admirable as well.

Mubai had admiration for outstanding individuals and he realized his ex-wife was definitely one of them.

He didn't hide his fondness for Xinghe. "Let's go. Lin Lin is over at the old family mansion, without me, they won't allow you entry."

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