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Chapter 175
Chapter 175: Apology Not Accepted

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Mubai had never considered himself a lawfully good person. He was responsible for himself and himself only. He was not one to care about other people's feelings.

His treatment of the Chu family that day was already a rare exception for him.

If not for the fact that his own mother had a hand in the scheme that ruined his earlier marriage, how he handled this would've been a lot worse.

He thought they would be clever enough to accept the break without a fuss, to save their own face.

But they had the audacity to try to morally shame him…

These people really thought because he had an engagement with Tianxin, he was in their debt? That it would give them the moral high ground‽

They were sorely mistaken.

Since they wanted to do this the hard way, there was no reason for him to hold back anymore.

The fact was even if Tianxin did nothing wrong, he would still rescind the engagement.

He didn't want to marry another woman that he didn't love.

In this boring life of his, he finally found something that piqued his interest so he didn't to waste any more time with frivolities.

He didn't care if what he did hurt the peace between the two families or anyone's feelings.

Better be hurt now than regret it for the rest of his life.

Furthermore, he was more than capable to back up his aggression and do as he wished.

Therefore, if he wanted to seek justice for Xinghe, no one could stand in his way.

Tianxin and her family felt Mubai's aggression at its full force.

At that moment, Tianxin finally realized she isn't at all familiar with him.

In her mind, Mubai was an easy-going person albeit a little hard to approach.

But now she finally saw the real Mubai, his remoteness which she misconstrued as natural aloofness was actually born out of ruthlessness!

His ruthlessness, she realized, could be aimed at her even if they were engaged and had known each other for decades.

Tianxin knew it was in her best interest to bow out of this relationship while Mubai gave her this chance.

But, she just couldn't…

She couldn't part with everything Mubai stood for: his power, wealth, prestige, and looks. Every single part of him was something she couldn't let go of.

Tianxin equated losing him to losing the world.

However, Mubai was adamant that the engagement was over, how could she salvage the situation?

Tianxin's eyes fell on Xinghe and she threw herself at Xinghe's mercy, "Xinghe, I know what I did was wrong. Can you please forgive me? I beg you please…"

She thought if Xinghe forgive her, Mubai would also forgive her.

Since she had gotten down to Xinghe's level to beg her, the b*tch should have no reason not to forgive her.

Xinghe slowly stood up and walked past Tianxin as if she didn't hear her. She told Mubai, "I thank you for returning to me the justice I deserve. I'm very satisfied. If there's nothing else that concerns me, I shall take my leave."

"Xia Xinghe, did you not hear me? I said I'm sorry, can you please forgive me‽" Tianxin hissed through gritted teeth. Hatred tore at her heart from having to apologize to Xinghe.

She couldn't stand the b*tch's smug face. She would deal with her after Mubai took her back!

Of course, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son would have to suffer for his mother's sin too!

One day, sooner or later, she would remove this pair of mother and son that had blocked her way at every turn.

The hatred roiling in Tianxin's eyes was plain for Xinghe to see.

Xinghe looked at her coolly, and these words tumbled out of her red lips, "Your apology… is not accepted!"

"You—" Tianxin's face was red with anger.

Mrs. Chu hollered in anger, "Xia Xinghe, how dare you take a mile while we already gave you an inch‽ My daughter has already extended her sincerest apology, what more do you want?"

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