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Chapter 173: Care About Her

Mubai's declaration came as a shock to everyone present.

Even Xinghe couldn't help but turn to look up at him.

None of them knew he valued Xinghe so greatly…

Tianxin could feel her legs giving.

She could still somehow accept the fact that Mubai didn't reciprocate her love but witnessing Mubai's concern for Xinghe pushed her right over the edge!

She would rather Mubai ignore her than have him love another woman!

Doesn't he love no one and care for n.o.body?

Could it be that he had always set store by Xinghe?

This thought sent Tianxin spiraling into a deep chasm of despair. She felt her world imploding around her.

"No…" She shook her head in a daze. It was unsure whether she was convincing herself or Mubai. "Mubai, tell me this isn't true. This can't be true. It's impossible that you still care about her because if you do, there wouldn't be a divorce in the first place. Am I right? So, you must be lying to us!"

Suddenly, Mubai's face showed he was experiencing a plethora of complicated feelings.

When they were married, even though he didn't love Xinghe, it didn't mean that he didn't respect her and care about her.

She was after all his wife, she deserved all the respect the t.i.tle begot. Of course, it was respect but not love.

But now… He asked himself truthfully and he had to admit there was a possibility that he couldn't say the same anymore…

However, Mubai didn't care to explain his inner thoughts to the rest of them.

Instead, he said, "In any case, that's everything I want to say. No matter how any of you think of this arrangement, I have to make things right by Xinghe. I will officially announce to the public that the break is a mutual decision between the two families. Furthermore, from now on, please treat Xinghe with the respect she deserves because even after the divorce, she is still my son's mother!"

"No…" Tianxin collapsed onto Mubai's arm and started weeping. "Mubai, I can't let the engagement be over like this. I admit my mistake, and I swear I've learnt my lesson so please don't call off the engagement! I know this is your anger talking, I'm willing to accept any and all punishment but please just take back your words. Please don't do this to me…"

Mubai shook her off gingerly but firmly, adding, "This is not my anger talking, I'm being absolutely serious."

"…" Tianxin was stunned into speechlessness. She felt chills running all over her body.

She had just recently been overjoyed by knowledge of his love towards her the night before…

But somehow, everything had changed overnight…

Before today, she was still his fiancé, their marriage and eventual happily-ever-after a sure thing.

But now, he so heartlessly called off the wedding, stomping on her hopes and dreams.

Why… why did so many things I knew to be true change overnight!

Of course, this is all Xia Xinghe's fault!

Ever since the b*tch made her reappearance, everything started to go wrong.

Now Mubai is calling off the wedding because of her. Therefore, everything is her fault!

Tianxin, of course, didn't see this coming. How could she imagine that Xinghe would manage to ruin everything she had going for her in such a short amount of time!

She glared viciously at Xinghe who remained a paragon of serenity. It took great self-restraint on Tianxin's part to not leap forward and strangle Xinghe.

"Xia Xinghe, I bet you're very satisfied with this outcome, right‽ You must be very happy ruining my relationship to Mubai! You purposely said those words yesterday to garner this effect, how can you be so evil‽ Have you no heart?"

Yes, the b*tch must be doing this on purpose.

The more Tianxin thought about it, the more confirmed she was in her conviction.

She appealed to Mubai anxiously, "Mubai, this is all an evil scheme by Xia Xinghe. Everything that happened last night was part of her plot! She wants to ruin our relationship so that she can stand a chance to get back together with you! How despicable! You mustn't fall for it!"

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