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"Elders? I have not seen an elder act the way you did before, or have you forgotten what you did?" Xinghe chuckled, laying it all out in the open, "You created the opportunity for Mubai and Tianxin during your birthday party years ago, for them to cement their relationship behind my back. And then you came to me with an ultimatum the day after, forcing me to ask for the divorce, or did you forget all those things have happened‽"

Old Mrs. Xi's face was white. She pointed at Xinghe with her finger shaking with fury. "Slander, you are slandering me! I did no such thing. Mubai and Tianxin should have been a pair, it was you who ruined everything! It is only right for you to get out of Xi Family!"

"I'm impressed you still remember what you said so many years ago. Yes, you did tell me all that, that Mubai and Tianxin were in love in each other so it was only natural that they got into bed after a night of drinking. They couldn't help themselves. This was confirmed by Tianxin. These are all truths, right‽"

"You, you…" Old Mrs. Xi stuttered from the fury in her heart.

She didn't expect Xinghe to be so relentless, to not care about the consequences.

She didn't expect Xinghe to become so forceful and incisive.

Xinghe wasn't like this six months ago. She was a recluse and kept to herself, a complete 180 from the unforgiving and confident woman before her.

Therefore, she believed Xinghe would not speak a word, as she had done for so long, but obviously Old Mrs. Xi was wrong!

Anger surged through her.

But there was one person angrier than she was… it was Mubai.

After Xinghe revealed the truth, a chilling and powerful aura radiated off him.

His face was creepily dark.

Tianxin was scared speechless.

When Old Mrs. Xi finally caught the change in her son, she said beseechingly, "Mubai…"

"Everything you said was real?" Mubai suddenly turned to Xinghe and asked.

There was no hesitation in Xinghe's reply, "Of course."

"This is why you chose to file for divorce?"

Of course not, it was merely the last straw that broke the camel's back.

However, Xinghe admitted without batting an eye, "Yes!"

"Why didn't you confront me?" Mubai asked with great perseverance, his voice had dropped several octaves.

Xinghe stared at him with emotionless eyes. "What else is there to talk about? It's the truth that you don't like me and you don't put much store by our marriage. So what if I confronted you about the affair? What would change‽"

"…" Mubai was speechless.

Indeed, Xinghe was right. Confronting him would not change anything. The divorce might be delayed but could it make him fall in love with her and bring life to the marriage?

Furthermore, his mother was h.e.l.l-bent on chasing her away. Could they have stopped her?

So, indeed, what was the point confronting him…

"Regardless, you should have come to me! At least that way I could have told you I didn't betray you!" Mubai roared angrily but the anger was targeted most possibly at himself.

"You didn't betray me?" Xinghe smiled indifferently, "What difference does it make now? Everything's a done deal."

Their divorce and the pain she had suffered after that were a done deal.

Nothing could be changed because time couldn't be turned back… the damage had been done.

At the moment, Mubai felt inexplicably crushed by a heavy weight of guilt.

Xinghe's suffering and grievances, pain and injustices…

It was caused by him.

He didn't pull the trigger but he did provide the ammo.

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