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Chapter 149: Crazy (End of Fall of the Trio Arc)

"But those aren't the main points. The point is, after you and your mother were both put in the prison, guess what would happen to the inheritance? His plan would not only remove his compet.i.tor but also give him a great amount of money to start anew. I told you his plan was exciting, didn't I?"

Wushuang opened her eyes in disbelief.

She couldn't process the fact that her husband could set her up so badly.

To not only take the fall on his behalf but strip her of her Xia Family's inheritance!

This can't be true… This must be a story created by Xinghe to trick me!

Wushuang lashed out against her, "Stop lying to me! This is all fake, I won't believe you! How can you possibly know what he was thinking? Therefore, you must be lying! Liar!"

Wushuang had some points. Indeed, how could Xinghe possibly have known what Chui Ming was planning?

Then again, the only reason she'd survived until now was because she'd seen through their ploys and prepared in advanced.

Xinghe smiled lightly. "You're right, but I do know what he was thinking and planning. I survived both your attempt and his attempt on my life, didn't I?"

Xinghe continued flatly, "That's because I understand the way you two operate. I know Chui Ming is a person who is willing to do anything for profit and know that you and Wu Rong will not hesitate to take me out. So, I saw your plans from miles away!

"Furthermore, Chui Corps was facing the threat of bankruptcy, Chui Ming wouldn't sit idle. He needed to solve two problems facing him.

 "Number one was to ruin my company's X PC Manager. That's the only way King Kong Internet Security can return to the top spot.

"Number two was to secure a huge amount of money to help Chui Corps bounce back.

"By that time, you'd become nothing more than a giant bank account. Therefore, taking both me and you out was his only solution. And what better way to do that than to pit us against each other?

"Xia Wushuang, your husband had decided to sacrifice you since the very beginning. Do you still think he wouldn't harm you?"

"…" Wushuang was so shocked that she even forgot to breath.

Xinghe's words kept reverberating in her mind.

Every one of Xinghe's sentences was like a knife to her heart because she knew that they were true.

After her accident, she was sure it was Xinghe who plotted against her. She hated Xinghe from the bottom of heart.

She held onto that hate and fought to live so that one day she would have her revenge.

But now, after being shown the cruel truth, her life crumbled.

It turned out that the one who wanted her dead was not Xinghe but her husband, Chui Ming!

He married her only for her inheritance. That was what he always wanted.

He would get rid of her just to get his hands on the money. For the money, he would end her life!

It was Chui Ming who made her this way.

It is Chui Ming…

Chui Ming, my dear husband!

How could you!

Wushuang suddenly started laughing. She didn't care that the wounds on her face were tearing. She laughed until she was out of breath, until her whole body shook.

Xia Zhi was afraid Wushuang might do something crazy so he quickly pulled Xinghe away. "Sis, let's go. You've done what you came to do, so let's leave her be."

Xinghe nodded and followed Xia Zhi out.

Suddenly Wushuang slipped down from her bed, dragged her injured body and crawled towards Xinghe, screaming all the way like a maniacal woman.

"Xia Xinghe, stop right there, I'm going to kill you!"

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