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Chapter 144: Just Next Door

However, her face was one of understanding. "Mubai must have done it for Lin Lin. Next time, you have to think about yourself and about everyone else. G.o.d forbid, if anything were to happen to you, what will the rest of us do?"

The tears arrived on cue. She played the part of concerned fiancé to the tee.

Old Mrs. Xi quickly went to comfort her. She reprimanded Mubai lightly, "Of course, we should help others whenever we can - but, Mubai, you have to learn to read the situation. This time you were lucky to escape with only a minor wound. You're no longer responsible for your only yourself, you're marrying Tianxin soon. What would the poor girl do if something bad happened to you?"

"Auntie, it's fine. We shouldn't blame Mubai," Tianxin chimed in kindly and understandingly, "He was doing a good thing after all."

"Still, he should take care of himself before he takes care of others…"

Old Mrs. Xi was ready to launch into another litany when Mubai interrupted her politely, "Alright, Mom. I understand. I will see you later because I wish to rest now."

"Mubai, I'll stay to look after you!" Tianxin said gently.

"No need, I need some alone time to recuperate." Mubai rejected firmly.

Tianxin pouted and bit on her lips, "But I want to stay; I promise I won't disturb you…"

"There's really no need." Mubai's tone was unwavering.

Tianxin didn't want to push it for fear of annoying Mubai.

She nodded understandingly. "Okay then, promise me you'll rest well. I'll go back to cook you some broth, I'll bring them over later today."

Mubai didn't give any response, and Tianxin took that as a 'thank you'.

Old Mr. Xi exchanged a few more words with his son and they all left the ward.

The moment they stepped out of his room, they ran into Lu Qi.

Spotting him, Old Mrs. Xi accosted him with a giant smile. "Doctor Lu, thank you for your help looking after our Mubai. If he ever needs anything, please don't hesitate to call us."

Lu Qi smiled back. "Auntie, don't worry. Mubai's wound is not serious, he'll heal just fine."

"That's good to know."

"By the way, Doctor Lu, do you have any information on Xia Xinghe's conditions?" Tianxin suddenly chimed in to ask.

"Miss Xia is recovering well too. I just finished checking her injuries. She is in this ward," Lu Qi said as he pointed towards the door behind him.

So, just next door…

After they bid Lu Qi goodbye, Tianxin couldn't help herself but look in when they pa.s.sed Xinghe's open door.

Xinghe was still unconscious while Xia Zhi sat by her bedside watching over her. When he saw them, he frowned unhappily.

"Let's go," Old Mrs. Xi opened her mouth to say. In her eyes, Xia Xinghe was nothing more than a stranger.

Tianxin pulled her eyes away and followed.

No one saw the malevolence that flashed at the bottom of her eyes…

Xia Zhi went to close the door. He didn't want to see any more unsightly people.

Xia Zhi returned to his post by Xinghe's bedside. He waited for a long time but Xinghe showed no sign of waking up.

In fact, it appeared like her situation had worsened. She kept tossing and turning in her sleep.

And her forehead started breaking out in cold sweat…

Xia Zhi hurried to get Lu Qi who happened to be in Mubai's room.

In the end, Mubai tagged along.

When he saw the condition Xinghe was in, he frowned subconsciously. "What's wrong?"

"I have no idea. I swore she was doing just fine but for some reasons, she began to get increasingly restless. Doctor Lu, please look at my sister, what's wrong with her?" Xia Zhi pleaded anxiously.

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