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Chapter 143: Selfless Xi Mubai

The Maybach didn't escape the crash unscathed either.

Both cars received quite a large amount of damage from the collision. White smoke was billowing from their engines.

This happened right outside the police station so many law enforcement officers thronged out the precinct upon hearing the commotion.

Xinghe grimaced from the effort to sit up. She saw two officers pull a large man out of the broken Maybach.

Xinghe's eyes widened in shock. It was… Xi Mubai.

Before she could form a coherent thought, the dark curtain of unconsciousness fell.

Mubai suffered minor injuries. The most serious was an abrasion to his shoulder where it was bleeding.

Xinghe had cuts all over her body and she was unconscious.

Both were rushed to the hospital where Lu Qi happened to be on duty. He heard the news and ran over to the sick bay to pay them a visit, "What happened? I heard there was a car accident."

"You heard right," Mubai answered lightly, his eyes fell on Xinghe who was lying on the bed next to him, "Help take a look at her."

"Doctor Lu, the lady's situation is more optimistic than it looks. She merely fainted," The doctor who was examining Xinghe raised his head to report.

Lu Qi nodded. He moved to bandage Mubai. "Since she's fine, let me take a look at you first."

Mubai raised his hand to stop him. He said in the same light manner, "Ladies first."

Since when did Xi Mubai become so selfless? Lu Qi thought to himself.

He smiled and said, "Alright, if you say so. Follow my colleagues to get your injury fixed. I promise I'll take good care of her."

Mubai nodded before standing up to follow the doctors and nurses out.

After all the unrelated people were chased out of the room, Lu Qi started checking Xinghe's injuries.

Mubai was relocated to the room next door where the doctor st.i.tched up his shoulder wound. Old Mr. and Mrs. Xi as well as Tianxin who'd heard the news by then had quickly arrived at the hospital.

"Why were you so careless?" His mother asked concernedly, witnessing the ten centimeter long wound on his shoulder.

"Mubai, are you feeling better? Are you in pain?" Tianxin enquired with equal concern.

The doctor who was in the room consoled them, "Don't worry, Mr. Xi's wound looks serious, but it's actually nothing. We'll take out the thread in a week and you'll barely notice the scar after a month."

Old Mr. Xi turned to the police officers in the room and asked with a frown, "What happened? What or who caused the accident?"

The officers answered politely, "The accident happened because Mr. Xi wanted to save Miss Xia Xinghe."

"What‽" Old Mrs. Xi asked out loud. Tianxin looked at them in surprised confusion.

Mubai injured himself because… he wanted to save Xia Xinghe?

"Tell us exactly what happened," Old Mr. Xi asked solemnly.

"It has nothing to do with Xinghe. I saw someone tried to make an attempt on her life so I had to save her. I would do the same for anyone else," Mubai answered on behalf of the policemen.

The officers vigorously nodded and agreed, "Yes, Mr. Xi is such a hero! If not for Mr. Xi, Miss Xia probably would be dead by now…"

The police continued to describe the situation.

Old Mrs. Xi and Tianxin became increasingly incensed.

How could Mubai put himself in harm's way to save Xia Xinghe!

What if something bad were to happen to him?

Tianxin was furious.

Why did Mubai have to save Xia Xinghe? He should've let the b*tch die!

The fact that Mubai took such a big risk to save Xinghe made her heart burn with envy.

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