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Chapter 131: You are the One Who Hit Me

He wasn't expecting her to be alert enough to realize someone had entered the room.

He stopped hiding his presence and the door closed with a click. He said no words as he inched closer to Xinghe, a large baseball bat in his hand.

Xinghe's voice showed no sign of alarm as she repeated, "Zhi, is that you?"

She then heard an eerie chuckle in the dark.

She turned around sharply and stared right at his face.

Lit by the weak candle light, the person's eyes were crazed and their smile was creepy. Xinghe was staring into the face of a homicidal psychopath.

The go-to response for any normal person under these circ.u.mstances would be to scream for help.

However, Xinghe was studying the man's face closely with not a trace of fear in her eyes.

"It's you!" Xinghe exclaimed in surprise.

The shock by shared by the man. In a deep, throaty voice, he growled, "You know me?"

Xinghe's body tensed, guarding against him. "Yes, I know you! You're the one who hit me with the car six years ago! I'll never forget your face!"

The surprise in the man's eyes was slowly replaced by murderous intent.

"Well, all the more reason for you to die." As he said so, he raised the baseball bat in his hand.

Xinghe was unperturbed. She folded her legs and asked calmly, "Who ordered you to come for me? Was it Wu Rong?"

"How is the answer going to help you from beyond the grave? Although, I must say, woman you have some impressive guts." He had the bat raised above his head, and was prepared to deliver the final blow.

Even though Xinghe's unconventional reaction surprised him but he had to get his job done.

No matter what, Xinghe had to die that night!

"Well, all the more reason for you to tell me, don't you agree?" Xinghe mimicked his speech pattern. "It was Wu Rong who wanted me dead six years ago and it was her again this time, wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was her—" As the words escaped the man's mouth, the bat in his hands came down hard at Xinghe.

Xinghe kicked the table counter that held the candle and used the rebound the lean back out of harm's way. The man missed his target and with the lights out, he temporarily lost his bearings.

His eyes had gotten used to the glow in the room so the sudden change of lighting befuddled his senses.

He let his guard down for a moment but that was more than enough for the person in hiding to jump on him!

He felt a few heavy blows to his body and his consciousness went out like the light.

Simultaneously, a battery-operated lamplight lit up the room.

Once again, it was Xia Zhi who yelled excitedly, "Finally, we're all done for the night!"

"Tie him up," Xinghe ordered as she stood up.

The four bodyguards moved to oblige.

Xia Zhi walked over and kicked the mysterious a.s.sailant's supine body. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you target my sister's life‽"

Like a ragdoll, Black Three's unconscious body folded from the force of the kick.

Xiao Mo stared at Black Three's unconscious face and frowned. "There's a scary aura radiating off him that suggests this is not his first job."

"His body count must be high," Xia Zhi concurred, "But his weapon of choice is a baseball bat?"

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