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Published at 11th of July 2019 12:35:07 AM Chapter 440: 440

Originally, at birth, Growing Brain had never come across other living souls, but now most of its memories and knowledge came from the mummies and those monsters that died of dehydration in the desert .

Growing Brain knew what a Monster Trainer was, although it wasn't use to having an owner all of a sudden, but compared to life and death, it was still more important to stay alive .

Not to mention that this guy had a King Tier Familiar with him . It wouldn't be considered shameful if it was stuck with him .

As it rea.s.sured itself, Growing Brain heaved a sigh of relief, feeling much better in its heart .

But instantly a wave of bitterness surged in its heart, when did I end up like this .

Beggars can't be choosers, so Growing Brain lowered its pride .

From the memories that it absorbed from humans, it was rare to see such a thing . Most of the knowledge and experience absorbed by it came from human memories, but it itself existed not long ago, so most of its behaviours were affected by the memories it absorbed .

“I'm willing to oblige . ” The black cave-like hole on top of Growing Brain stopped emitting a colored fog . Gao Peng had a wrong impression when he looked at the cave .

Gao Peng came forward to sign the Blood Contract . With the two parties agreeing, the Blood Contract was successfully signed in a very short time .

Signing the Blood Contract wasn't complicated . After they were both connected by the contract, Gao Peng's s.p.a.ce of awareness was connected to a new consciousness .

A fuzzy shadow appeared among that hazy piece of s.p.a.ce .

Through these shadows, Gao Peng could perceive many memories, memories devoured by Growing Brain into its own brain . All of these memories were incomplete, and a few among them were flawed .

Gao Peng had become its Monster Trainer . After getting Growing Brain's permission, he could read through all its memories .

This was also one of the skills that Growing Brain had . After devouring the brains of other living souls, it could access and read through their memories . This was also its supernatural skill, an extension of its ability, just like when Flamy used its flame on a campfire to boil water .

Those memories were like a broken movie film that played intermittently, where part of it had been roughly torn, leaving only a mess of colorful blurry light spots, and even the audio was bad .

After attempting to hear a part of the broken film, Gao Peng felt his head swell, as if he had been trapped in a car for five long hours, feeling both carsick and horrified .

Gao Peng quickly pulled himself out and ma.s.saged his temples, then he changed to another clearer memory and started to read again .

This time, Gao Peng chose a section of a clear memory and read it from the first-person view .

There was no sense of touch nor smell, Gao Peng could only read other's experience through a special kind of sensory .

When the main character in the picture suffered pain, Gao Peng would not feel any empathy, but he would feel a peculiar perception – he was able to know when the scene showed states of 'pain' or 'hunger' .

The memories stored in Growing Brain's s.p.a.ce of awareness were quite a few, but most of them were memories from low-leveled creatures with no wisdom . These memories were simply just hunting instincts, and did not contain much knowledge .

Those that were truly useful were just a few, where seven of them had belonged to humans, and most of them came from the cataclysm of the beginning of that disaster .

In front of Growing Brain was a large pitch dark hole, which was its eating channel and also its visual organ – but of course, a visual organ was no importance to Growing Brain, because the power of its mind could already replace most of its senses .

Something like memory fragments could be released from this eating channel, one of which was the colored fog that Gao Peng witnessed previously . The memory fragments could briefly increase the power of Growing Brain's mind .

However, releasing memory fragment consumed the memories that he devoured .

Memories were also a kind of matter . Although they could not be touched; colorless and invisible, but they were real, just in a different form of existence .

Under special conditions, memories could be shred and turned into fuel for an explosion of its powerful mind .

Gao Peng was amazed after briefly looking through Growing Brain's skills . It was a new type of monster, rich in skills and had distinctive features .

Gao Peng was very curious about the special power of its mind .

“Release your control over the Taklamakan Desert . ” Gao Peng ordered Growing Brain .

Growing Brain was astounded . It never mentioned that it could control a whole desert, not to mention that it had deleted all memories related to it, so how did he know that it had this kind of ability…

At that moment, Growing Brain felt uneasy; Gao Peng was suddenly a mystery in its eyes . In the end, it obediently released the control it had on the Taklamakan Desert, heartbroken . It was already able to control half of the desert all because of its hard work and the time that he had spent on it, and with just a single order, it was all gone now .

After releasing its control over the Taklamakan Desert, Growing Brain became weak, and its large brain had shrunk from the size of a whole house to 0 . 99 of its area .

Though the Taklamakan Desert was still just a shifting sand desert after being freed from the control of Growing Brain, but it consciously stopped heading toward the direction of Chang'an City .

“Gao Peng, don't tell me that this mouse is dead?” asked Goldie as it carried Moneymaker's tail, frowning .

It looked as if Moneymaker was quite dead as Goldie held its tail upside down in the air, its body swinging left and right .

“Not possible . ” Gao Peng took over Moneymaker's tail, then head toward the direction of the pothole made by Growing Brain .

The Treasure Sniffing Rodent's nose twitched as it swung back and forth in the air .

Its dazzled eyes opened slightly as it pedalled its limbs back and forth in the air, becoming alive again . “I can smell it . I can smell the treasure!”

“You actually survived . ” Goldie was in shock, this was too amazing!

Gao Peng loosened his grip on its tail, causing the Treasure Sniffling Rodent to plop onto the ground and dart into the pothole, then quickly came crawling back out after half a minute .

“Is there other monsters down there?” Gao Peng asked Growing Brain .

“There are a few parasitic beasts of mine,” answered Growing Brain .

With a swift of its mind, the sand below their feet started to move, then a lot of beige roots that were covered in sarcomas came crawling out of the pit .

[Monster Name]: Demonic Sand Tree

[Monster Level]: Level 21 (Commander tier)

[Monster Grade]: Normal Grade

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

[Monster Description]: A kind of parasitic beast that lives near Growing Brain . When Growing Brain is present at a certain place for long-term, the surrounding environment will be infected thus creating these kind of strange monsters .

Huh, this Demonic Sand Tree was a kind of parasitic monster, yet there were parasitic Shabit Beetles found on it that relied on the tree to stay alive .

Amazing . Round and round they grew, circling the tree .

With the control of Growing Brain, the monsters below stopped attacking the rodent, allowing it to smoothly retrieve the treasure from the bottom of the desert .

Gao Peng was amazed by the sight of the treasure – a piece of a smooth and white bone of two meters long .

Just before this, Gao Peng had come across something similar to a white jade bone in Dali Desert .

Both of these materials were almost exactly the same, as they had the same complex pattern on top of it, with a hint of scarlet red right where the jade broke .

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