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Soon, two days had pa.s.sed.

"It's past noon now, but nothing is happening…"

Lin Huang stared helplessly at the golden glow on top of Kylie's coc.o.o.n that did not seem like it was fading any time soon. There was no sign of any cracks in the black lightning coc.o.o.n that was bathed in the golden glow.

"Bai, I'll leave for a few hours. Please keep an eye on her for me here. I'll be back around 5:30 p.m." Lin Huang had no other solution but to instruct Bai to stand guard. It was Friday and he had to be back at the Martial Hunter College to teach in the afternoon. Although Bai had no idea why Lin Huang had to leave, he nodded anyway. Since it was still early, Lin Huang munched on a piece of dried meat from his snack bag before leaving.

Seeing that Bai was staring at the bag that he was holding, he pa.s.sed the bag to him.

"These are the snacks that I bought online. They have raving reviews. Try them."

Bai took out a piece of dried meat, took a bite, and returned the bag to Lin Huang.

"It's not good."

"Alright then…" As Lin Huang was taking the bag from Bai, a black glow suddenly shot out of Kylie's coc.o.o.n like a wave coalescing out. The wave pa.s.sed through Lin Huang and Bai's bodies immediately, but the both of them did not sense anything odd. However, the isolated s.p.a.ce started shaking later. The both of them flew into the air and studied Kylie's coc.o.o.n.

Black mist surrounded it and soon, the mist engulfed the golden glow that was sent from the sky. Within seconds, a third of the golden glow was covered by the mist, and it proceeded to climb further.

"Xiao Hei, what's happening?!" Lin Huang asked immediately as he witnessed the odd occurrence.

"The black energy source should be a G.o.dly phenomenon. It seems to be doing something with the Blood Thickening Card although I'm not sure what," Xiao Hei answered.

"It is affecting Kylie?"

"No, Kylie's transformation is basically completed, but the energy source is acting this way now."

Lin Huang was relieved to hear Xiao Hei's answer. He waited for the process to finish patiently. The ground was still shaking, and soon, the black mist engulfed the entire golden glow. Lin Huang and Bai stared at the dark clouds, curious about what would happen next. Within the clouds, thunder rumbled.

"Is it going to rain?" Lin Huang asked as he looked at the dark sky and heard the thunder.

Suddenly, a black thunderbolt blasted into the ground. It was targeting the black rock. Soon, second and third thunderbolts shot down. More and more thunderbolts were fired towards the same direction. Lin Huang and Bai were puzzled by what was happening. It finally stopped after hundreds of thunderbolts rained down from the sky.

Soon, the dark clouds disappeared. The black streak along with the mist had also faded away. Although they had no idea what just happened, they had their eyes fixed on the black coc.o.o.n in which Kylie was. Lin Huang looked closely without blinking as a light cracking sound was heard. He knew that it was a sign that Kylie was coming out. More and more cracks were heard, and there were fissures all over the black coc.o.o.n.

Lin Huang smiled to himself as he looked at the time that was projected from his Emperor's Heart Ring. It was not even 12:30 p.m.

"Looking at the progress, Kylie should be out of the coc.o.o.n in a couple of minutes. Then, I won't have to come here again after cla.s.s."

The ground stopped shaking. Lin Huang and Bai waited patiently as they flew in the sky.

After two to three minutes, the spherical black coc.o.o.n finally broke completely and the pieces transformed into black lightning bolts that penetrated Kylie's body. This time, the half-red, half-blue mask that covered half of her face was replaced by a black one. Her once-silver armor was also now black. It looked like it had been painted with a layer of black piano paint. It was so shiny that you could see your own reflection in it. The 12 black wings on her back had faint white lightning patterns. The purple spear in her hand was now black and was surrounded by detailed purple patterns.

Kylie's aura was just as powerful as Bai's.

"Kylie, which bloodline did you awaken?" Lin Huang headed to her and asked immediately.

"Dark Angel, high-level," Kylie replied.

Lin Huang was shocked to find out that she had gotten the high-level bloodline right away. It must have been the work of the black energy inside her body.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking of keeping the last Blood Thickening Card for Lancelot, Kylie flapped her wings and flew far away.

"Hey, where are you going? I must leave now. I have cla.s.s later!" Lin Huang shouted immediately. Although his voice could not catch up with Kylie, what Lin Huang said was sent into her conscience.

"I need to stay here for a while. You guys can leave first," Kylie's voice entered Lin Huang's mind.

"Where's she heading to?"

Lin Huang realized that the direction Kylie had left in was the same direction where he had found the black rock. He headed there together with Bai. He knew that Kylie had her reasons for staying, but he could not just leave her be without knowing what was happening. Moreover, he was curious about the secret related to where the hundreds of thunderbolts were aimed at.

A few minutes later, Lin Huang and Bai arrived where the black rock was. All that was left in place of the rock was thick, black dust. What shocked Lin Huang was not the missing black rock, but the hundreds of coc.o.o.ns that were covered in purple thunderbolts…

"These coc.o.o.ns…" Although Lin Huang could guess what was inside the coc.o.o.ns, he failed to get a hold of what was happening.

"These are the Starlight Beasts that you saw the last time. They're in the midst of transforming into demiG.o.ds, and they'll be a part of my army in the future," Kylie told Lin Huang honestly.

"Do you mean all of them will evolve into how you looked like when you were the Nephilic Judge?" Lin Huang was puzzled.

"All of them will evolve into the Nephilic Judge, but they won't look like me. Although they'll be in masks, they'll look different under the masks," Kylie explained.

"Besides them, this piece of land will be my mini world. I'll keep them after they've completed their evolution. I'll be the only one who can access this s.p.a.ce. Let me know when you need to come here."

"Sure! I'll only need this s.p.a.ce whenever the monsters need to be upgraded. With you, it'll be much more convenient as I don't have to run around anymore." Lin Huang nodded and looked at the hundreds of purple coc.o.o.ns.

"It seems like they won't be coming out anytime soon. You stay here then. I'll get Bai to stay here with you. I'll leave for cla.s.s now. Let me know when it's done." Lin Huang thought Kylie would be lonely here alone and that it would take days for the Starlight Beasts to complete their evolution as they were not in card forms. Without waiting for Kylie to object to his suggestion, Lin Huang activated his double acceleration and flew out of the area.

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