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Translator: lilcupcakez

Letting you Guys be Surprised [1]

Hao Jun You softly looked at Moya. “Let’s go.” He picked up Moya’s hand once again.

During the sunset, Moya quietly followed behind Hao Jun You. Her face was still red…Plus at this school garden, she would occasionally receive eye rolls…

Moya finally sat in Hao Jun You’s Porsche…

“What should I cook for Senior Jun You tonight?” Moya used her palm to hold onto her chin and made a thoughtful expression.

Hao Jun You reached out his hand to pat Moya’s hair. His face revealed a faint smile. “I’ll treat you out today.”

“Really?!” Moya immediately forgot what happened just moments ago. “We have to eat somewhere expensive!” Eating was Moya’s favorite hobby! Plus, it looked like Hao Jun You was rich.

“Hm. We’re going to a French diner.” Hao Jun You turned the car around and drove in the direction of the best French restaurant in the city…


Along with the bright morning and the fresh summer, the sun was still excited and shook with brilliance….however the usual energetic Qingtan school was lazy today…

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