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First Round of the Battle [2]

Han Jun You and Jin Ming Xian looked at each other then walked pa.s.sed the ‘setup.’

Moya quietly looked at everything that happened so far….so this is actually a prank for the teacher ah~. These guys are despicable ah! After that….her face revealed a dazzling smile…

Second-year F cla.s.s students: time for cla.s.s~~~

This special bell rang again….the old professor rushed here with the handouts! Being late to the F cla.s.s can cause him to be in a lot of trouble ah!

Moya looked at the professor who rushed here. She stood up and walked out…

“Professor, please come with me. I have something to ask you.” Moya politely walked out of the cla.s.sroom and bowed at the professor.

“Okay, okay.” Since it’s a problem within the F cla.s.s, that shouldn’t be counted as being late right?

“Oh~! Sorry professor, please wait a second. Si Ming also has a question to ask you.” Moya revealed a sweet smile.

“Okay.” The old professor was already numbed due to their pranks.

Moya bowed once more again at the professor and turned towards the cla.s.sroom…

At this time Si Ming, Hu Lin, and the others discussed what Moya was doing…

“Si Ming, the professor is calling you.” Moya tried to catch her breath and it seemed to be sweat dripping down her forehead.

“Him?” Si Ming squinted his eyes. Why would that old man want to talk to him? The old man should be hiding from him not trying to talk to him! However, Si Ming still stood up, walked in the direction of the door.

Moya quietly looked at Si Ming and slightly smiled as he walked by her….then her attention stopped at the thin lines set by the door…

“Si Ming ah~” The old professor saw that Si Ming really came out and he was nervous…

“You….” Si Ming looked at the old professor and wanted to ask why did he call him out…

“Pang!” “Ah!” ‘Pia!”

Everything happened in the blink of an eye…

Moya softly shook the thin line and a water bucket fell down. The entire bucket full of red dye fell on Si Ming’s autumn leave like hair. Of course, he lets out an “ah!” scream! Right after a bag full of feathers fell on him too~ Now Si Ming was really a red hair monster!

“Moya~!!” Si Ming angrily shouted out this name. Even his eyes were now red.

“Haha!” Moya laughed loudly. “Red hair monster!”

Si Ming held his fist tightly. The old professor who witnessed this held a hand to his heart…Is the cla.s.s fighting within themselves?…

“I’m telling you!” Moya suddenly puts away her smile. “The professor feels worse than you guys!”

The old professor and Si Ming were stunned…

“You don’t like it when people play this kind of joke on you guys?! To be honest, I never thought you guys would design such a harsh setup! So whatever happened today, it’s all your fault!” Moya really got angry. She never thought Si Ming and the others would play this kind of joke on the old professor!

The cla.s.sroom was silent…Hu Lin and the others stared incredibly at Moya…while Jin Ming Xian just slightly turned his head to look at Moya before he turned his attention back outside the window again…Hao Jun You actually revealed a grin…

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