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Chapter 558: Unt.i.tled

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The next morning, Ye Wei was awoken by a noise. She woke up in a daze and felt something warm run over her face. Ye Wei, in her sleepiness, raised her hand and slapped it.

With a loud thud, somebody's pale white face had a palm mark on it. Mo Jue looked on at her, who was in a deep slumber, with gritted teeth and wished he could simply just eat her out. That d.a.m.n la.s.s sure slapped him extremely hard.

Ye Wei was exhausted from his overtures last night and was in a deep sleep. She would have been awoken by the slightest disturbance. Mo Jue, who was unwilling to simply take that beating for naught, felt extremely unfair. He was slapped before he could have her.

He could not help but run his hands across her as he pinned her down and pulled her face over. “Wei Wei, wake up…”

“You… b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” Ye Wei punched Mo Jue who did not seem to mind it.

Downstairs, Birmingham, who was at the stairwell, rushed up in a hurry as though he had something urgent to report. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows at how he had yet to come down to have lunch given the time. As though harsh words did not seem to turn him off, he was still not hungry despite his exertions the night before.

When Ye Wei went down the stairs, she saw Cloud and Wind, whose heads were together, gossiping about something cheerfully. While they made for a perfect eye candy, they seemed to be talking about some gossip. Both of them, especially Cloud, had an extremely thieving look on their faces. Ye Wei's ears were keen enough to pick up terms like 'second master' and 'Miss Ye' from their gossip. Wind's senses were keen enough and she quickly discovered Miss Ye.

Wind greeted her and quickly scooted away. Cloud gritted her teeth and secretly cursed that spineless scoundrel Wind. She then turned to wave at Ye Wei. “Good morning, Miss Ye!”

Ye Wei looked up at the sky without blinking. “It's not early anymore!”

Cloud's lips twitched. It was indeed no longer early in the day.

“Miss Ye, it's time for lunch. I'll make a move first.” Cloud tried to scoot away but Ye Wei called for her to stop. Cloud had an extremely sad face at how unlucky she was.

“What were you talking about earlier?” Ye Wei asked as she looked at a sad Cloud teasingly with arms akimbo and laughed gorgeously. Her reddened face had a few indescribably hints of gorgeousness and was especially charming. Her gaze beneath the smile was somewhat threatening.

“Nothing, nothing,” Cloud panicked and hesitated for a moment as though she was deciding what to say. “We were talking about how good second master's mood is. He looks so much more refreshed and even laughed. What a miracle, what a miracle… Hehe…”

She laughed as silly as she could, rubbing Ye Wei's nose into it. Ye Wei gritted her teeth. Big Boss Mo and Second Boss Mo were extremely stern people who had cheerful and funny people like Birmingham and Cloud. She simply could not make sense of it.

In theory, it would make sense that the characters of one's subordinates were similar to those of their superiors.

“He smiled? I've never even seen him smile.” Ye Wei coldly harrumphed. Although he was definitely refreshed, she was jelly. G.o.d never created men and women equally.

Cloud fell silent and smiled as silly as she could while she looked at Ye Wei's neck. “What are you looking at?” Ye Wei frowned.

She wore a high-collar fur coat that covered all traces, so what else could be seen?

Cloud shook her head like a rock drummer and smiled with raised eyebrows. “Well, I've never seen Miss Ye wear a high-collar fur coat.”

“You've not seen many things.” Ye Wei shrugged her shoulders.

“Yes, yes, yes. I didn't expect Second Master Mo to sleep with women. I'm surprised that he does knock women up too.” Cloud accidentally let slip in her joy and bit her tongue hard after she said it. Oh, my goodness, she was in trouble…

Ye Wei smiled gently and walked forward. “Miss Cloud, what do you mean?”

As Cloud took each step back in fear, Ye Wei took another step forward. This repeated until Cloud's back was against the pillar. Waah! Miss Ye Wei's smile was indeed terrifying!

“I did not say anything… I didn't mean anything at all, really. I didn't mean anything.”

“Be good and speak. If you don't…” Ye Wei flexed her wrists and made her threat clear. It was so clear to the point her wrist bones moved.

Ye Wei smiled even more gently as she suddenly recalled how she was last night. That was so…”Cloud, hearsay has it that your second master and I were married since long ago?”

“Hearsay did have it.” Cloud went along with her answer, looking like she was crying even more.

Ye Wei smiled. “If that is the case, why do you suspect that your second master can't knock a woman up? Unless… You've tried him yourself?”

“No, no! I, even with manifold guts and smarts, will never dare to try! Miss Ye, you're the only person who would dare to try it! Waah…”

This idiot sure knew how to pull that off… Oh, the noise!

“Shut up!” Ye Wei growled.

Cloud immediately kept quiet and laughed dryly. Ye Wei did not buy her story and smiled before she asked, “Is he very well-experienced?”

“No, no! It is second master's first time. Ah, I said the wrong thing again! Miss Ye, could you stop fishing information from me, please? Second master will kill me!” Cloud smiled even more agonizingly.

First time? First time? Ye Wei did not hear anything. Those two words, infinitely amplified, rang out in her head. His first time, huh… She could not help but feel that she had gained something.

Little did she expect it to be his first time.

He, however, seemed so experienced and familiar that it totally did not seem like his first time.

Ye Wei was aghast.

“Hi, Miss Cloud, are you sure you did not smoke me?” Ye Wei smiled happily as she asked.

Since Cloud was d.a.m.ned if she did or didn't, she decided that it was better to sell out second master than offend Miss Ye Wei. Hence, she sold Mo Jue out. “Really, really! Miss Ye, long ago, our second master could not quite tell the difference between men and women.”

“You didn't have to exaggerate it, right?”

“It's true! He did not even know how he got a hard-on, and that was what Birmingham and the big boss said. Birmingham told us that, and we were laughing our heads off. Oh, yes, like how he teased you back then, he totally had no idea what and why he was doing. Our second master is really innocent, like really, really, innocent.” Cloud said all that she knew.

Ye Wei was aghast and lost for words. Big Boss Mo, given how he so liberally spread gossip about Mo Jue, was sure one f***ing gossip himself!

Actually, Big Boss Mo was too overjoyed and accidentally leaked it when he was talking business with Birmingham. It was Birmingham the blabbermouth who went around spreading it.

“I teased him?”

“Yes, yes! It was the big boss who said it, and he cannot be wrong!” Cloud nodded and tried to prove her honesty.

Ye Wei was a little lost at how Mo Jue could be so old and know nothing. She felt so overjoyed. “Were we really married?”

“Miss Ye, you can go ask our second master…”

“Say it!”

Just as Cloud was about to speak, Mo Jue and Birmingham's voice came from the stairwell. The two of them were discussing how the government was cracking down on the Mafia. Ye Wei stood up and stopped making things difficult for Cloud. Cloud heaved a sigh of relief. Her misery was over.


She seemed to have said too many wrong things.

Really… Miss Ye Wei was too crafty.

“Wei Wei, what are you doing here?” Mo Jue saw Ye Wei with his clear purple eyes and walked over as sveltely as he could under the sun. He looked utterly gorgeous.

She finally knew why people called Mo Ye big boss and why he was not called second boss but second master instead. How could such a man be below any other man? He, by virtue of his looks, was indeed fit to be called 'master'.

Ye Wei recalled how s.e.xually aroused he was last night and fell silent. He, clothed or naked, was heaven and earth.

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