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A horde of spiders that were as thick as huckleberries!

Qin Ruo could not help but be reminded of what happened on the lower second floor of Erics Underground Ruins at the same time yesterday. He was reminded of the darkest and most "horrifying" half hour of his life. It was absolutely the most thrilling and creepiest thing he had ever experienced since he joined the game.

However, comparing that to the current situation right in front of him, Qin Ruo was suddenly convinced that the situation the day before was merely child's play!

F*ck your grandma in the t.i.ts! This G.o.dd.a.m.n Deathfiend Spider b*tch… actually has a big bunch of these huge "sons of b*tches"!

According to what he heard about spiders, each mother could only give birth to 1,000 baby spiders at most each time. Judging from that, this Deathfiend Spider was obviously one of the strongest and most capable among its species. That one nest had to carry at least 900 baby spiders if it did not carry over 1,000 of them. If a human was to give birth to so many offsprings, it would be as painful as receiving so many parking tickets that one lost count of them!

However, Qin Ruo neither had the interest nor the time to count how many baby spiders there were crawling on the ground. In the face of an enormous horde of nauseatic little things that were so densely packed together, it was truly horrific and disgusting. Anyone who had their sights on it would want to throw up…

Those little spiders were extremely fast and agile in their movements. Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, who were standing closest to the Deathfiend Spider had seemingly been surrounded by the horde of little spiders the next second they appeared. The two of them were completely stuck among the horde of spiders. Most of the remaining little spiders were divided into two forces as they gushed straight at Qin Ruo, Little Apple, Burning Rose, and Violet Orchid. They approached the group like a dark, black-and-white checkered current.

Regardless of how brave Burning Rose and the others were, they still felt terrified having to face such a situation. They almost screamed in terror…

In contrast, Violet Orchid seemed to be a lot calmer than the others. Even though her pretty face looked pale as though there was no blood flow, she remained vigilant as she shouted loudly to remind her party members, "Use all your ranged attacks!

"Quickly! Just do it! Don't let them get near you! Don't get intimidated by their numbers. They're actually very easy to handle! Qin Ruo, protect Little Arrow!

"Burning Rose, don't worry about me. Just focus your attacks on the spider horde right behind the Deathfiend Spider!"

Violet Orchid's voice echoed loudly through the air as she attempted to remind everyone to brace for what was to come. However, Slayer's Heart and Little Apple were already in a perilous situation. Even though the both of them had already launched their range attacks and swiped away all of the little spiders in a three-meter radius around them, they only killed an extremely small number of the entire horde. It did not take long before many more little spiders swiftly crawled out from the Deathfiend Spider's b.u.t.t. They were like a bunch of moving huckleberries that were cramped together. A Berserker only possessed two to three ranged skills. Once the skills were used and they begin their cooldown, Berserkers would not be able to use the skills again for a brief period of time.

At this point, Qin Ruo was once again forced to suspend his task of condensing the Twelve Frostramparts Formation. He controlled all of the current Frostramparts and lifted them from the surface of the ground.

One of the Frostramparts was suspended in a low-alt.i.tude location ten meters away from him.

In the meantime, another Frostrampart flew towards the spot, where Slayer's Heart and Little Apple were currently at…

One of the two groups of cramped up little spiders had entered a range of less than two meters away from Qin Ruo and both Slayer's Heart as well as Little Apple. The second Frostrampart simultaneously arrived right above Slayer's Heart and Little Apple!


Witnessing how perilous the situation was for both Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, Qin Ruo did not hesitate as he pointed his Frostsoul Staff at both of his Frostramparts. The two Frostramparts instantly exploded in the air at the same time with a powerful rumbling sound. The solid ice shattered into countless tiny shards as a result of the tremendous shockwave from the explosion. Soon after, the shattered ice shards shot out in all directions from the blasting point.

"Little Deathfiend Spiders", also known as "Explosive Venomspiders" did not have any Defense to begin with. However, their Attack was very strong. Not to mention, their offensive maneuvers could inflict a Poison Effect. At the same time, those disgusting creatures could stick to the players' bodies and detonate themselves like a bunch of suicide corps to inflict devastating damage on the players. Their Defense was not even affected by this attack. It was the ultimate skill of a high-tier Gorefiend Spider. The only weakness these Explosive Venomspiders had was their extremely low amount of Health. They would basically die the moment players lay their finger on them. The detonation of the two Frostramparts had instantly inflicted devastating damage on all of the little guys within a radius of ten meters beneath them!

Not only were the humongous horde of little spiders that were gushing towards them wiped out, the perilous situation faced by Slayer's Heart and Little Apple was instantly nullified—the little spider horde right behind the Deathfiend Spider had sustained catastrophic damage, which could no longer be undone.

However, Qin Ruo paid a price for his actions as well…

He lost two Frostramparts in the process, which undid quite an amount of his progress on completing the Twelve Frostramparts Formation. In addition, Qin Ruo had also agitated the Deathfiend Spider. The giant spider went completely berserk after it witnessed its sp.a.w.ns get slaughtered right in front of it. Upon recovering back its form, the giant spider completely ignored the attacks that Slayer's Heart and Little Apple launched on its huge body. It also gave up on pursuing the Radiant Priest, who was obviously the most important person among all the six players in the party. The giant spider's hairy, slender legs began to move rhythmically at a rapid pace. It rammed itself towards Qin Ruo ferociously as though it had been buffed with Speed Gear[1]!

"That's not good!"

"Run, Qin Ruo! Run!"

The expressions on Slayer's Heart and Little Apple's faces changed simultaneously as they rushed over to catch up with the Deathfiend Spider from behind.

Burning Rose had initially prepared to go head-to-head with the Deathfiend Spider. However, when she saw how ferocious the Deathfiend Spider was when it was moving forward, her face took on a ghastly expression. Thinking that Violet Orchid would be the Deathfiend Spider's primary target, none of them ever expected Qin Ruo to pull all of the giant spider's aggravation towards himself. He achieved that by merely detonating two Frostramparts…

That was bad!

Currently, Qin Ruo was no less important than the Radiant Priest. Without his weird and smart tricks, it would be a real pain in the a** to defeat the Deathfiend Spider and claim victory over the battle!

Without a word, a scroll was seen rapidly flying across the air.


Instantly, a wave of fire, which was more than a meter tall suddenly emerged out of thin air as it curved downwards to the ground. It then shot towards the enemy! Burning Rose did not even bother to check if the Magic Attack she threw out had annihilated all of the Explosive Venomspiders or not. While she was reaching her hands into her backpack, she turned around and started to sprint towards Qin Ruo.

At that moment, she had to admit that there was a huge gap between her and Qin Ruo when it came to controlling the Elements. Of course, it was also because the fire elemental magic she cast from the scroll was not powerful enough to stop the Deathfiend Spider…

At the same time, Qin Ruo spared no effort as he pushed iLittle Arrow, whom he had sheltered right behind him to the side. He concurrently screamed, "Watch out!" Soon after, he took a quick leap backward, retreating in a hurry.

Time—it was essential to delay as much time as possible.

Having no quarter to spare, Qin Ruo pointed his staff away from him. The five Frostramparts in the air fell right before the Deathfiend Spider, one after another. He did not expect that. Not only had the Deathfiend Spider's agility increase, the six pairs of eyes on top its head were also very responsive to their surroundings. Due to those eyes, the giant spider was able to nimbly evade every single Frostrampart that fell around it from the air. 

"Oh, come on!"

After he saw that even his last attempt had failed to reduce the speed of the approaching Deathfiend Spider, Qin Ruo let out a frustrated cry as he looked at the huge, ugly gigantic spider. It was coming at him at a rapid speed. As he smelled the disgusting stench, which was getting heavier by the second, he felt like dying right then.

F*ck! This is outrageous torture!

Just when everything seemed lost, Violet Orchid's crystal clear voice suddenly echoed across the cavern and reached his ears. "Qin Ruo can be revived later on. Everyone, get over to the other side, quickly! Get to the crypt on the opposite side! It's our last chance!"

"Into the hole?!"

Qin Ruo suddenly widened his eyes and they seemed to glitter with intensity. Right, why did he not think about using that tunnel? Since the Deathfiend Spider struggled through h.e.l.l to get over here through the tunnel earlier on, why don't we just get over to the other side and let the Deathfiend Spider suffer one more time?

Upon setting his thoughts on that, Qin Ruo felt like he was s.n.a.t.c.hed away from the jaws of death in that instant. However, immediately after, he embraced the idea of self-denial as he continued to lead the Deathfiend Spider farther into the distance, simultaneously controlling the Frostramparts…

Even if it meant death, he had to spare no effort in delaying as much time as he could for his other party members to get to the opposite crypt safely.


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