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"If magic attacks don't work then use physical attacks!" w.a.n.g Yu shouted. This was something Ming Du had taught him before.

"It won't work! Physical attacks are useless as well! Even Old Li's [Lighting Blast] only did 20 damage just now!" Vainglory spat.

"F**k! You're kidding right?" Looking clearly at the boss, w.a.n.g Yu realised that its scales had a black sheen, making it look even harder and st.u.r.dier than usual.

"Then try attacking the parts without scales!" w.a.n.g Yu replied.

Frost Blade merely shook his head and said: "We can't reach it!"

There were only two areas on the Nian that didn't have any scales was its skull and and the underside of its tail.

As a Thief, Frost Blade naturally wouldn't try to fight anything head on. However, stabbing his beloved dagger into a monster's a.s.s would leave a shadow in his heart.

"Old Li you can't reach it either?"

"I've tried but magic doesn't it doesn't do jack s.h.i.t…" Ming Du grumbled.

"Then I'll give it a try!" As w.a.n.g Yu shouted, he ran forward and leapt into the air and slammed down on its head with a [Thunder G.o.d's Stomp].


Upon impact, w.a.n.g Yu felt as though he had kicked a rock and his strength had dissipated.


"Roar!!!" Having its head stepped on by w.a.n.g Yu, the Nian roared in rage and stunned everyone around it.

Without pausing, the Nian jumped over Spring Halo and Crotch Lord and struck w.a.n.g Yu. Its one strike activating w.a.n.g Yu's [Spirit Guard].

Being veterans, Spring Halo and Crotch Lord instantly knew that w.a.n.g Yu had pulled the aggro to himself with his one attack.

The Nian's [Beast King's Roar]'s stun lasted 3 seconds while the invulnerability lasted only 2 seconds. When the invulnerability ended, the stun had also just ended. The moment w.a.n.g Yu could move, he immediately rolled under the Nian's body and swapped to the Martial Artist's Determination and swung at its front claws.


The damage of this strike wasn't high but it managed to stagger the Nian for a brief moment.

With another roar, the Nian lowered its head to bite w.a.n.g Yu but was met with w.a.n.g Yu's cudgel again.


By the time the Nian had recovered, w.a.n.g Yu had already rolled out from underneath it. w.a.n.g Yu once again displayed his cudgel arts, suppressing the Nian with numerous afterimages.

Cudgel arts and bare handed fighting were completely different. It was a school of martial arts that emphasised technical precision and accuracy.

With the shaft as the source of strength and the two ends as the gates of h.e.l.l. Using the body as the axis when dodging and flourishing the cudgel to restrain all opponents. This was the true pinnacle of cudgel arts.

In most wuxia novels, there was a school of cudgel arts known as the Dog Bashing Cudgel Arts. It focused on tripping, splitting, tangling, stabbing, pulling, restraining, deflecting and isolating. Though this school of martial didn't exist in reality, the principles behind it were real.

The set of cudgel arts w.a.n.g Yu was using now was known as the Coiling Dragon Cudgel Arts. It was an ancient martial art that was developed for the militia to fight against mounted cavalry and was very successful.

Although the version that w.a.n.g Yu learnt was only the redacted version that was made public, it was still more than enough to deal with a monster like this.

After w.a.n.g Yu took over all the aggro for the Nian, the pressure on Crotch Lord and Spring Halo mostly lifted. Watching w.a.n.g Yu fight caused the rest to freeze on the spot. The current w.a.n.g Yu was nothing less than a G.o.d in their eyes. Even if w.a.n.g Yu managed to solo the boss no one would have been surprised anymore.

"There's something wrong with this boss!"

Seeing the Nian taking a deep breath, w.a.n.g Yu realised that [Beast King's Roar] had ended its cooldown and immediately retreated from its attacking range.

"What do you mean? What's wrong?"

While retreating the rest asked w.a.n.g Yu.

"My attacks deal true damage but it's still barely anything! Isn't that weird?" w.a.n.g Yu seriously said.

"I feel like it has something to do with its [Sunset Guard]." Fearless replied after some thought.

The boss had already used both [Sunset Charge] and [Beast King's Roar]. The only skill it hadn't used was [Sunset Guard]. Whether it was based on its name or its appearance, this skill was likely a pa.s.sive.

There were times that pa.s.sive skills were even more troublesome than active ones.

"So what should we do? Are we just going to fight until tomorrow or something?" w.a.n.g Yu stared at the Nian's health bar and realised that he had only dealt a bit over a thousand damage and the Nian had already slightly recovered some of its health.

Using his martial arts to fight in the game was still tiring for w.a.n.g Yu. Even if it was just a game, fighting for an entire night would still exhaust him to death.

"There's no such thing as an unbeatable boss! Iron Bull just try your best to distract it! Everyone else just go all out! I refuse to believe that this boss has no weakness!" Fearless gritted his teeth.

Nodding at his words, everyone began unleashing their strongest attacks on the boss.


Suddenly the sound of a gunshot rang out and staggered the Nian.



Holy f**k! Which monster managed to deal so much damage? And how?

Turning around, they saw Spring Halo frozen with a musket in his hands. The look on his face made it obvious that he didn't believe that he was the one that damaged the Nian.

Spring Halo was a Dark Shaman so his normal attacks didn't deal much damage. After he had cast all his spells he simply shot the musket to kill time while waiting.

The damage dealt by secondary weapons was based on the sum of its own damage and that of the main weapon. How could a single bullet have been stronger than a spell?

No one would have imagined that the musket could deal so much damage.

"F**k me! Brother Spring when did you get so strong?" Everyone gasped.

After coming to his senses, Spring Halo thought for a bit and then replied: "I think it has something to do with the musket… Nian is supposed to be weak against gunpowder!"

"That's true! In chinese mythology Nian was afraid of gunpowder… Did they really make that its weakness here…"

"There shouldn't be any mistake! By the way, where did you get that weapon Brother Spring?" Fearless nodded.

Secondary weapons were incredibly rare at this point in the game. While others were still using throwing knives, Spring Halo was using a gun!

"Iron Bull gave it to me." Spring Halo replied.

"Urk! Uncle Bull do you still have any more? Can I have one?" Ming Du shamelessly asked.

"Shoo!" With a wave of his cudgel, w.a.n.g Yu smacked Ming Du out of the the way Nian's attack.

Ming Du nearly p.i.s.sed his pants after being saved. A single attack from Nian's powerful claw would have easily turned a weak little Magician like him into white light!

"What's going on Iron Bull? You can't handle it anymore?" The rest gasped. w.a.n.g Yu had been doing the most damage to the Nian the whole time so it's aggro was firmly locked onto him. However, a simple bullet from Spring Halo suddenly destabilised the aggro!

While holding off the Nian, w.a.n.g Yu hurriedly shouted: "F**k! Just one bullet and this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's gone crazy!"

"So it's true! It is weak to gunpowder!" Fearless excitedly shouted.

"Weak your a.s.s! Quickly help me!" w.a.n.g Yu urgently shouted.

After being hit by Spring Halo's bullet, the Nian's speed had greatly increased. This Special boss was already much harder to deal with than normal bosses and its attributes were increased even further! Yet this group of ungrateful b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were still standing around chatting.

Hearing his shout, Spring Halo immediately summoned his ghosts while Crotch Lord changed his equipment and charged forward again.

Fearless and Li Xue quickly followed up with various healing spells.

w.a.n.g Yu's body flashed as he jumped to the backline and pulled out three more muskets to distribute to Boson, Vainglory and Frost Blade.

"Kill it!!!"

As he shouted, w.a.n.g Yu pulled out a round object from his bag.

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