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Qing Ming and Along The River had already outflanked to the Blueberry Squad original location. In the end, a series of system notifications left the remaining four members in shock.

"What the f*ck happened to you guys? Have you been surrounded?" A curious Qing Ming asked.

"No…" The few of them, who were sent out of the map, replied faintly.

It was embarra.s.sing once someone mentioned about being surrounded. This was because the five of them were clearly the ones who surrounded w.a.n.g Yu.

"So how did all of you end up dead?"

"This…" The group of them were speechless. They were unable to prevail even with five against one. This was simply too embarra.s.sing for anyone of them to talk about.

"We were killed by Iron Bull…" After maintaining that awkward silence for quite a long period of time, Mid-Day broke that silence. He didn't believe that this matter could be kept as a secret for very much longer even if they chose not to answer.

"He killed all five of you by himself?" An astonished Qing Ming asked once more.


"He is indeed a top expert! Let's hurry back to stop him!"

After sending out the orders for his team to retreat back to base, the four of them turned back almost immediately.

At this moment, w.a.n.g Yu mumbled on the team's channel, "There are still four of them. Report their location here the moment you see any of them…"

"Reporting to Brother Bull, I just saw two of them returning to where they came from. They should be looking for you!"

Looking at how five of the opponents were killed by w.a.n.g Yu alone, The Talking Elbow was already completely convinced by w.a.n.g Yu's strength.

"You should say that they are looking for death!" The Rolling Mario instantly corrected the words of The Talking Elbow.

"I got it! I got it!" Just as w.a.n.g Yu replied to his teammates, he noticed the remaining four figures left in the Husband and Wife Squad.

The jobs of the these four remaining members were Weapon Master, Ice Wizard, Dark Shaman and Survivor.

Presently, these four opponents were coming from two different directions.

These four fellas were clearly out to get things done efficiently. They knew that w.a.n.g Yu wasn't weak so they didn't mutter as much nonsense as the other five of them. The Dark Shaman was the first to act as he threw a lush green coloured magic skill at w.a.n.g Yu.

w.a.n.g Yu knew that this skill was called [Billowing Smoke] and it was extremely disgusting. It was able to reduce the opponent's speed and lower the defence. Moreover, it was able to constantly reduce his opponent's health as well. This was also the Shaman's main skill against an opponent.

When Dark Shaman PK others, they would usually use such methods to begin the fight. Their intention was to reduce the opponent's speed and defence from the very beginning. Following which, they would continue to use their magic to inflict damage on the opponent over time. This would be how a Dark Shaman torture his opponent to death.

[Billowing Smoke] didn't have high damage and it didn't exert much control on the opponent as well. However, this plaything was a target-type skill and there was no avoiding it. In an instant, w.a.n.g Yu was covered in green.

Concurrently, the skills of the Survivor, Yellow River, and the Ice Wizard, Along the River, flew towards w.a.n.g Yu.

Yellow River's skill was [Crippling Arrow] while Along the River's skill was [Icicle]. Both these skills were meant to reduce an opponent's speed as well.

"Wow!" Looking at how the three of them coordinated so well to attack him, w.a.n.g Yu couldn't help but praised them.

w.a.n.g Yu might still be a newbie in the gaming world. However, he did manage to learn a few things after hanging out with the people in the Quan Zhen Sect.

Previously when the Quan Zhen Sect talked about skills, w.a.n.g Yu heard about skills that could reduce speed. Even though such skills had poor control over the opponent, an alteration regarding the execution of these skills could be made. When three or more teammates executed speed reduction skill within 0.5 seconds of each other at the same target, they could achieve the root effect. The opponent would be rooted to the spot instantly.

Even though the root effect and speed reduction effect were effects of crowd control skills, there was a mightily vast difference between the two.

The speeds of [Billowing Smoke], [Crippling Arrow] and [Icicle] differed greatly. [Crippling Arrow] was the fastest while [Billowing Smoke] was the slowest…

To ensure the three attacks land on the same target within 1 second of each other, the coordination between the three attackers had to be extremely good. To witness such a great coordination of attacks by these three players, w.a.n.g Yu was truly impressed. These professional gamers were indeed slightly capable.

w.a.n.g Yu dared not use his bare hands to defend the [Crippling Arrow] and [Icicle]. With one hand, he let out [Rippling Wave] to deflect the [Icicle]. With the other hand, he wielded his Universe Sword to block the incoming arrows.

Just as these two skills were deflected, the Guardian, Qing Ming, was already charging towards w.a.n.g Yu with his head down.

w.a.n.g Yu twisted his body and quickly adjusted his centre of gravity. With one hand on the scabbard and the other on the sword's frame, he welcomed Qing Ming's charge with the sword in front of his chest.


Among the seven jobs, a Gurdian's [Charge] was only second to a [Knightly Charge]. How could a Pugilist possibly be able to defend it? w.a.n.g Yu was struck directly by Qing Ming and was instantly sent flying.

However, the direction which w.a.n.g Yu was flying towards shocked him. After getting struck head-on, w.a.n.g Yu should have flew backwards. However, he was actually flying towards Yellow River and Seaward Flows.

"This… How is this happening?" The remaining three of them were equally as bewildered when they saw what happened.

No matter how they cracked their brain, they were unable to figure things out. At the instant w.a.n.g Yu was struck by Qing Ming, he adjusted his centre of gravity to the side. Therefore, w.a.n.g Yu was like a billiard ball struck on the side as he was sent flying in another direction.

With this one dazzling art, w.a.n.g Yu landed right next to the feet of Yellow River and Seaward Flows. w.a.n.g Yu flipped backwards the moment he landed as he appeared behind Seaward Flows. Before Seaward Flows could react, w.a.n.g Yu twisted and broke his neck. Yellow River, who wasn't too far away, took the opportunity to hurry next to Qing Ming.

"Yellow River, why didn't you shoot him down?" Qing Ming reprimanded Yellow River.

Yellow River flew into a rage, "F*ck you! Why don't you try shooting him for me to see?!"

After w.a.n.g Yu was. .h.i.t by Qing Ming, the speed of his flight was incredibly high. Archers had the system's a.s.sistance which could allow them to shoot a few mobile targets. Even so, the system wouldn't be able to help any ordinary person perform an incredibly difficult skill like shooting down a flying bird.

Qing Ming frowed, "I really didn't imagine this fella to be this hard to deal with. No wonder Mid-Day and the other four of them were killed so easily…"

"Quit spouting nonsense. What should we do now?" Yellow River replied impatiently.

w.a.n.g Yu was able to defend against arrows and magic. Even after having his speed reduced, he was still full of life. When the speed reduction effect of the wizard wore off, wouldn't he be even harder to deal with?

"While he is still not able to move that quickly, I will stall him. The rest of you shall attack and retreat continuously." As he spoke, Qing Ming wiped his sweat off his forehead as he held onto his large sword again. He charged towards w.a.n.g Yu once more.

A job like the Guardian had a high defense and high level of judgement. This job was a rather powerful one. Even so, Qing Ming, as a Weapons Master, was actually lacking in confidence when he was presently preparing to charge at a Pugilist. To make matters worse, this was a Pugilist with reduced speed.

At this moment, w.a.n.g Yu was walking as slowly as a snail. Noticing the arrival of Qing Ming, he waved to him and said, "Come come come, hit me one more time…"


Qing Ming's face turned red as he held onto his sword with both hands. He executed his [Tornado Slash].

The two other members noticed that Qing Ming had taken the initiative to attack. Following his attack, they started to prepare their magic and arrows respectively.

Facing Qing Ming's violent [Tornado Slash], w.a.n.g Yu smiled faintly. Without panicking, he switched his weapon and brought out a long pole. Using the pole, he jumped towards Qing Ming and was sent flying again.

As he was flying, w.a.n.g Yu executed [Crushing Blow] and darted towards the top of Along The River. With his [Thunder G.o.d's Stomp], he stomped on Along The River's head and killed him on the spot.

Yellow River sensed danger so he retreated in a hurry. However, w.a.n.g Yu's body flashed and appeared right behind him. With a swing of the pole, w.a.n.g Yu turned the weak Yellow River into a ray of light too.

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