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"So did you manage to find out about anything?" Imperial Dragon Secret asked curiously.

"No…" Imperial Dragon Carefree shook his head.

"I did tell you that he is an idiot…" Imperial Dragon Secret continued despising on Sanguine Warflag.

Imperial Dragon shook his head again, "No, this fella is clearly trying to hide something. This is why I am unable to find out anything from him."

"Boss, you're being too shameless by saying something like that. Judging from the way you asked him, it should be normal that you are unable to find out anything." Imperial Dragon Secret exclaimed.

Imperial Dragon Carefree's face turned slightly red and changed the topic of conversation quickly, "When is it going to be Qing Ming and co.'s turn?"

"They are up next."

"Alright, get them to video everything."

Recording a video was one of the features of the PVP Arena. It was meant for players to a.n.a.lyse their opponent's strategy so that they could come up with ways to counter them. However, there weren't many players who truly used it to a.n.a.lyse their opponent. A majority of the players mainly used this feature to record their own exciting highlights during the battle so that they could show it off.

As one of the high-end professional players, Imperial Dragon Carefree actually got his men to record videos of their fight. This proved that he was definitely maintaining a serious att.i.tude towards this Blueberry Squad.

However, leader Qing Ming of the "Husband and Wife Squad" under the Land of Imperial Power misinterpreted his intention. "Brilliant! Getting us to record a video of our fight against a bunch of trash? Seems like Boss really wants to put them to shame on the forums. That's right, this is indeed a good way to deal with grinders…"

After the Blueberry Squad clicked to start their matching, the members immediately received a system notification: .

"Husband and Wife Squad? This name seems rather interesting." w.a.n.g Yu scratched his chin as he commented on the opponent's squad name.

The Talking Elbow commented too, "The name of their squad might seem a little interesting but their results are pretty decent. They have a win rate of 65%."

"Oh, are they all husbands and wives?" w.a.n.g Yu continued making fun of them.

The Talking Elbow was sweating profusely as he replied, "This… I am not really sure." The Talking Elbow didn't understand why w.a.n.g Yu was more interested in whether they were really husbands and wives. Shouldn't he be more concerned over their records?

The data of their battle records disappeared as the scene in front of the five men team changed. They entered the PVP Arena's map.

w.a.n.g Yu, this gossipy fella, couldn't wait as he opened up the opponent's information panel in an attempt to find out tiny hints as to whether they were really husbands and wives.

The jobs combination of the squad was decent. They did not have any Pugilists, a jack of all trades and master of none job and also any Archers, who would only be useful in long-range attacks. Besides these, they seemed to have everything else that they needed.

After looking through their names, w.a.n.g Yu exclaimed, "Qing Ming, Along The River, Hoeing Millets, Mid-Day… Their names are really interesting. This isn't how a complete poem sounds right?" The other members were speechless. Everyone thought that w.a.n.g Yu was a.n.a.lysing and thinking of a way to deal with the opponents. Who knew that he was actually a.n.a.lysing their names instead.

"F*ck…" The Rolling Mario wiped his sweat, "No."

"Then why are they form up like that?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

The Rolling Mario replied with a smile, "Along the River during QingMing, Hoeing Millet in Mid-Day Heat… Brother Bull, this is how you should recite it."

w.a.n.g Yu was pleasantly surprised, "Oh, they are indeed husbands and wives ah…"

Tibet Martial Bird couldn't even lift his head without feeling embarra.s.sed.

"Brother Bull, how should we fight this time around?" Tibet Martial Bird decided to bring w.a.n.g Yu back on track.

"No hurry…" w.a.n.g Yu shook his hand as he turned back to The Rolling Mario. "Yellow River doesn't seem to match with the verb Seaward Flows though…"

The Rolling Mario answered, "The Yellow River Seaward Flows. En, this last pair is slightly gay."

"F*ck me! You're making this up right?" w.a.n.g Yu looked doubtfully at the Rolling Mario's explanation.

"Let's make a bet if you don't believe me." The Rolling Mario squinted his eyes like a sly fox.

w.a.n.g Yu shook his hand, "This sentence of yours and your enthusiasm reminds me of a friend. I am not betting with you. I can find out just by going over to ask them."

The Talking Elbow stared blankly at w.a.n.g Yu, "You're just going to go over like that?"

They were already at a disadvantage in terms of their numbers. Going over head on was simply too ridiculous.

"If not?" w.a.n.g Yu refuted.

"You're indeed the famous Brother Bull! So aggressive!" The Rolling Mario continued to compliment him.

"What the f*ck! Everyone has gone crazy…" The Talking Elbow shook his head as he continued, "I shall make my way and find a place to hide first. You guys should do the same too. Let's try to last for at least ten minutes. At least, we will not look so bad when we lose."

w.a.n.g Yu shook his head, "Last for ten minutes? This seems slightly difficult."

"It shouldn't be a problem if we hide well. There is a spot in the river in the middle of the road here and if you hide in places like that, I can guarantee that they will not find you in five minutes." The Talking Elbow replied.

w.a.n.g Yu replied almost immediately, "That is unnecessary. We can just head over and kill them now. We can finish this in less than five minutes!"

The Talking Elbow decided not to bother with w.a.n.g Yu anymore.

"What about us? What should we do?" Tibet Martial Bird asked.

"Just hide well!" After saying this, w.a.n.g Yu instantly rushed off to deal with the problem directly.

When Qing Ming and co. saw that the Blueberry Squad only had five people, they grew infuriated.

"What the f*ck! This bunch of rubbish actually dare to fight us with only five people? Are they looking down on us?" Qing Ming flew into a rage.

Qing Ming's partner, Along The River, replied, "This isn't necessarily the case. Maybe they know that they are going to lose so they only sent five people. When people make fun of them for losing, they can just say that they're outnumbered 2:1. There is no shame in their loss…"

Qing Ming cursed, "F*ck them. No wonder their reputation is so bad, they can even think of such despicable means."

Hoeing Millets commented, "Since we're going to record this fight, why don't we just send five of us to fight them? This way, it will give those losers no excuses."

Qing Ming pondered for a while, "Alright! Along The River and I shall head down while Yellow River and Seaward Flows head upwards. Hoeing Millet shall handle the middle road and there is no need for anyone else to do anything. n.o.body has any problems with that right?"


"No problem!" Yellow River and Seawards Flows answered unanimously. The two of them were indeed both males.

Hoeing Millet held onto his dagger as he replied, "Leave the middle road to me. They wouldn't stand a chance with me around."

"OK, let's move!"

After giving out his instructions, the five of them went where they were supposed to go.

Hoeing Millet went into stealth mode as he walked brazenly towards the location of the Blueberry Squad.

In , the strengths and weaknesses of every job were very clear. However, a.s.sa.s.sin was a very unique job.

Before people figured out how to counter stealth, a.s.sa.s.sins were not fearful of walking towards the opponent alone. Within the same levels, a brutal a.s.sa.s.sin wouldn't feel pressured to exterminate an entire squad of five people. This was, of course, if he acted appropriately. In Hoeing Millet's heart, the Blueberry Squad was already dead.

"Eh? Someone is coming!"

Just as Hoeing Millet reached his position, a figure entered his sight.

"Hehe, he is a Pugilist… He shall be the first to taste my dagger!" Hoeing Millet thought to himself as he walked over sneakily.

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