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To win every fight, one had to know yourself as well as your enemy. Therefore, looking at the opponent's battle formation and levels was a common habit of gamers before the fight commenced.

Because the Blueberry Squad only had five people, one glance was enough to scan through their jobs and levels. At the very end, they noticed a Level 28 Pugilist. At the sight of this, the Sanguine squad's hearts were beating wildly.

"F*ck, this cannot be true right? This fella just completed his dungeon quest and is here to grind the PVP Arena?"

Currently, there were only a few Level 28 experts in the entire server. In fact, there was only a single Pugilist who was Level 28… And that fella was almost like a nightmare in the eyes of every gamer of the Sanguine Squad. This couldn't have been so coincidental right?

At the thought of this, Sanguine Warflag and co. worriedly clicked on the Level 28 Pugilist's personal information. Iron Bull were the two striking words that appeared.

"F*ck me!!!" Sanguine Warflag broke down instantly, "Why is he everywhere?"

"So are we still fighting?" Everyone asked.

Sanguine Warflag glared intently at everyone, "No way that we're fighting this! Are you asking for a beating?"

"That is good, that is good…" Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief together.

After the Blueberry Squad entered the game, Tibet Martial Bird and co. couldn't help but to panic when they saw the ten IDs of the Sanguine Squad. All ten of them had the word 'Sanguine' in their usernames.

"This isn't good. They are all from the Sanguine Alliance…" Tibet Martial Bird commented worriedly.

"We're doomed. This is harder than I imagine." The Talking Elbow was terrified upon looking at the data of their opponents.

The Sanguine Alliance was a very business-driven organisation. Their master, Sanguine Club, was one of the leaders among many companies. The Sanguine Squad was even ranked in the top 8 within the country.

Anyone with the word 'Sanguine' in their username was most definitely an expert. Even the reserves of the Sanguine Squad were not something that ordinary players could deal with.

Usually, w.a.n.g Yu could kill ordinary players like he was chopping vegetables. Even so, Tibet Martial Bird was uncertain as to whether w.a.n.g Yu could deal with professional gamers like the Sanguine Squad…

The Rolling Mario laughed, "The Sanguine Alliance ah… Brother Bull isn't afraid of them right?"

The Rolling Mario was from Twilight City. Everyone in Twilight City knew that the Quan Zhen Sect was the nemesis of the Sanguine Alliance and in particular, w.a.n.g Yu. The story about how w.a.n.g Yu alone provoked over a hundred members of the Sanguine Alliance on the street was still spreading around the city.

If it was in the past, Rolling Mario would never believe such stories. Presently, he started to suspect if that story might be true.

w.a.n.g Yu replied faintly, "It's okay. As long as I am here, they will surrender…"


The Talking Elbow was dumbfounded at how confident w.a.n.g Yu sounded when he said such ridiculous words. Their opponents are all from a reputable and ranked squad in the country. They will surrender when they see you? Aren't you a little too good at acting?

Even Tibet Martial Bird, who was beyond convinced of w.a.n.g Yu's ability, revealed an expression of disbelief. "Brother Bull, let's not joke about something like that. Why don't we get together to discuss how we're going to deal with them? How about I lure them over so you can break their formation apart?"

From his words, one could tell that Tibet Martial Bird was still very confident in w.a.n.g Yu's abilities. At the very least, Tibet Martial Bird felt that w.a.n.g Yu was still stronger than every individual from the Sanguine Squad.

w.a.n.g Yu shook his head, "There's no need for that. Let's just sit down here for a while. They are going to withdraw very soon."


Indeed, just as w.a.n.g Yu said that, this was displayed on everyone's channel. Following which, the ten players from the opposite team backed out of the arena.

"This…" The Talking Elbow and Tibet Martial Bird were instantly speechless.

"Is this true? I am not dreaming right?"

w.a.n.g Yu replied, "I've told you so. They will definitely surrender."


Even though the Sanguine Squad had retreated, the two of them were still not convinced that w.a.n.g Yu was the reason. They believed that there must be some hidden reason as to why they would surrender.

After all, a team usually only surrenders without a fight if they were convinced that the opponent was so strong to the extent that it wasn't worth a fight.

This was especially true in games like this where reputation was worthed more than life. When two people fight, as long as there was still hope, they would gamble with their lives and fight to their deaths. n.o.body would give up so easily.

However, ten professional gamers simply gave up because of a single person seemed a little too ridiculous.

Just as the five of them were transferred out of the arena, w.a.n.g Yu received a message from Sanguine Warflag. "Boss Iron Bull, why have you come to the PVP Arena today?"

"I've already been here for a few days." w.a.n.g Yu replied honestly.

"Come and hang around in my squad?" Sanguine Warflag invited w.a.n.g Yu in a sincere tone.

w.a.n.g Yu rejected, "It's okay, I am staying regularly with this team…"

"Staying regularly?!" Sanguine Warflag exclaimed.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. Boss Iron Bull, please continue playing. We shall make our move first…"

"En." w.a.n.g Yu acknowledged them and closed the chat.

"How is it? Is Boss Iron Bull coming to our squad?" Sanguine Stormbringer and co. were all very curious to find out more about Sanguine Warflag's chat with Iron Bull. If they were truly able to rope in such a killing machine, there was a high hope of them being able to win this championship.

Sanguine Warflag replied in a depressed tone, "That sicko said that he is a regular member of the Blueberry Squad…"

"A regular member of the Blueberry Squad? No wonder that broken squad has such impressive and unbelievable results."

Sanguine Stormbringer heard what was said and instantly felt relieved.

Just like what was said before, n.o.body was stupid enough to grind so hard to have a 100% success rate. Sanguine Stormbringer had been cracking his brain and wondering how stupid must the leader of the Blueberry Squad be. To think that she would do such a thing without thinking of its consequences.

Now that he heard that w.a.n.g Yu was a regular member of the Blueberry Squad, all his suspicions were resolved immediately…

w.a.n.g Yu was a sicko who could defeat over ten people all by himself. What are the odds that he would lose in a ten versus ten battle? 100% win rate was something w.a.n.g Yu could legitimately achieve. Of course, this wasn't the Blueberry Squad's achievement or records, it solely belonged to w.a.n.g Yu…

'Forget it, let's not talk about this anymore. Let's go." Sanguine Warflag called out for his squad and brought them out of the PVP Arena.

In the Land of Imperial Power's office, Imperial Dragon Carefree spat out a mouthful of wine as he saw the battle report between Blueberry Squad and Sanguine Squad.

"What? The Sanguine Squad has been defeated?" Imperial Dragon Carefree was shocked.

Imperial Dragon Secret nodded his head, "En! They came out after less than five minutes…"

"How is this possible? The Sanguine Vanguard was ranked in the top 50 right? How could they be defeated so easily by that bunch of grinders? What is Sanguine Warflag doing?"

Imperial Dragon Secret replied disdainfully, "I've already said this before. He is a complete idiot!"

"No, something must be going on. I shall ask him myself."

Reputable leaders of the game were naturally friends in the game itself. Imperial Dragon Carefree opened up his Friend List as he clicked onto Sanguine Warflag. He sent a message over, "Old Warflag ah, I've heard you've lost to that Blueberry Squad?"


Just because Sanguine Warflag and Imperial Dragon were friends on the game, it didn't mean that their relationship was harmonious. The Land of Imperial Powers didn't have a good relationship with the Sanguine Alliance.

"Tsk! Don't vent your frustrations on me just because you lost so badly. Tell me, how did you get your a** kicked so badly?" Imperial Dragon Carefree had this sudden urge to gossip and find out more.

"You know nothing at all!" Sanguine Warflag replied with these words and didn't continue to say anything.

Imperial Dragon Carefree looked at these words and thought to himself. This old fella, I really have no idea what is going on in his mind...

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