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On the battlefield, 40 players were already engaged in fierce battle with the boss.

There was limited s.p.a.ce around the lucky boss, hence no matter how many players there were, only 40 would be able to attack the boss at the same time.

The [Sharp Blade Charge] of the lucky boss was a teleportation skill which dealt damage. No only was it very flexible, its damage was very high as well. With this skill alone, the lucky boss weaved around the encirclement, driving the entire group into a mess.

What made it worse was that the lucky boss's [Penetrating Sword] dealt true damage, which meant that it would be able to penetrate the thick defences of tanks and even shields would lose a great deal of durability when hit with it.

As a Guardian, Peerless Dominator stood on the front lines with the other tanks to block the lucky boss and at this point, he was brought to the brink of tears.

Shields were his main weapon, hence durability was the most important to him. On top of the hefty repair fees he might have to pay, once the durability of his shield dropped to zero it would be destroyed. What the lucky boss took with each hit wasn't the durability, but instead silver and gold.

However, despite the fact that the lucky boss was very strong, these 40 players were all top tier experts and the equipment they possessed were of the highest grade. Thus they were still able to contain the lucky boss within their encirclement with the help of healing from Priests in the face of slightly heavy damage.

"Shamans on crowd control! a.s.sa.s.sins go into [Stealth]! Magicians and Archers! Prepare to deal damage!"

From behind, Irritated Master could see that the lucky boss was very difficult to deal with, so he started giving out instructions to coordinate their first wave of attacks against it.

Receiving Irritated Master's orders, the four Shamans in their group of 40 used [Dark Barrier] which instantly covered the entire encirclement.

No matter how strong the lucky boss was, it was a humanoid boss that was susceptible to crowd control. Once the Dark Barriers were set up, it was rooted to the spot and the a.s.sa.s.sins appeared behind it, stabbing their daggers into its waist.

At the same time, Archers and Magicians on the circ.u.mference began their barrage of attacks at the lucky boss. But what happened next gave everyone other than the 10 players from Dominator's Guild a shock.

Just as the players' attacks were about to land on the lucky boss, it let out a roar and swung its sword to form a veil of sword afterimages around itself. When the daggers of the a.s.sa.s.sins came in contact with it, they involuntarily bounced back and hit the a.s.sa.s.sins.

a.s.sa.s.sins were high in attack and low in defence, hence their health bars dropped to zero the moment their daggers stabbed into themselves. Flashes of white light erupted all around the lucky boss, leaving everyone speechless.

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