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When the three of them saw that they had all transformed, they immediately shared the details of their quests with each other and began cursing the game creators.

Since they were all in a scenario dungeon, it was only natural that they would all be on the same team. However when they compared their individual quests, the three of them noticed that they were all doing opposing quests now!

Ming Du had transformed into Ryan, and was supposed to help the leader of the elf race defeat the gnomes and dwarves.

Spring Halo had transformed into Saint Louie and was supposed to help the dwarves to defeat the elves and gnomes.

In a sudden twist of fate, the three of them had suddenly went from being teammates to mortal enemies!

What they didn't understand was why Berserk Heavenlaw was still involved if they already had a three way opposing quest.

"Now what? Are we going to settle this with rock, paper, scissors?" Spring Halo suggested.

Since only one of them could complete their quest, it would have been better for them to unit and help one person complete his quest instead of wasting their time fighting each other.

Spring Halo's reward would be a hidden job so in terms of their rewards, his was the most valuable out of the three of them. It made the most sense for the three of them to work together to help Spring Halo complete his quest. In reality, the relationship between the members of the Quan Zhen Sect was close enough that no one would have felt any resentment even if Spring Halo had directly demanded that the two of them let him be the one to complete his quest.

The main reason Spring Halo had made such an offer was because he felt bad using his quest reward as a means to force w.a.n.g Yu and Ming Du into giving in to him. After all, Ming Du's Hidden Branch Job wasn't weak either and w.a.n.g Yu had spent an exorbitant amount of money to begin his quest…

"Forget about playing for it. Let's just give it to Brother Spring! It's a hidden job for f**k's sake! Just remember to compensate me for it later ok? You're with me on this right Iron Bull?"

"Well no… I feel like there's something not right about these quests..." w.a.n.g Yu furrowed his brows and mumbled.

"Huh? What do you mean there's something weird about it?" Spring Halo hurriedly asked.

"Well I mean we're all against Berserk Heavenlaw right? So shouldn't we be on the same team?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

"Yes that would only be natural." Spring Halo nodded.

"In that case then there shouldn't be any reason for the system to make us enemies with each other as well right?" w.a.n.g Yu asked again.

"In theory there shouldn't be any reason for them to do so. But if we're all helping one faction oppose the other two doesn't it mean that we'll be opposing each other as well?" Ming Du shook his head.

"If that were the case then the system wouldn't need to involve Berserk Heavenlaw as well… Most importantly, the quests don't say anything about beating each other! All it talks about is defeating the three NPCs!" w.a.n.g Yu explained.

"F**k me are you serious? They're really trying to fool us with such a thing??" Ming Du gasped. Ming Du had dealt with high grade AI NPCs on numerous occasions. However, unlike w.a.n.g Yu, he had no experience dealing with the wordplay of the system and game creators.

"I feel like what Brother Bull says makes a lot of sense." Spring Halo mumbled: "The system shouldn't have a reason to try and split up members of the same team. If that really was it's intention, this would already have been a four-way opposing quest from the start! Furthermore, do either of your quests have any conditions for failure?"

"There isn't anything..." Ming Du shook his head.

Normal dungeons would always have a fail condition accompanying the main dungeon quest, and scenario dungeons would have their fail condition spelt out even more clearly.

Seeing that Ming Du was still hesitating on the matter, w.a.n.g Yu bluntly said: "Since we might all be enemies anyway we can just try and kill Spring Halo's target first. If the both of us haven't failed our quests by then, we will know for sure that we aren't doing an opposing quest! After that then we can just kill off the other two!"

"Fine, we'll go with that plan then!" Ming Du nodded.

w.a.n.g Yu's plan already favoured Spring Halo so he naturally agreed to it as well

Since Ming Du had already attempted this quest on his own once, he already knew the right path to take inside the dungeon. Within a few short minutes, the three of them had already arrived at the boss area.

"The moment we enter the conference room the Berserk Heavenlaw players will immediately receive a notification. We don't have much time."

As he spoke, Ming Du pushed open the door and the three of them entered the conference room.

The first thing that the three of them saw were three NPCs animatedly arguing with each other. ALthough they weren't actually involved, it wasn't difficult to sense the tension in the air. The three NPCs looked like they were ready to start fighting at any moment.

Right at this moment, the Berserk Heavenlaw players that were currently at war with the United Alliance all received a notification for a guild quest.


Reading the notification, the Berserk Heavenlaw players all felt like a bucket of cold water had been splashed on their faces and immediately cursed: "It's that motherf**king sc.u.mbag again! He's actually trying to take advantage of us at this time??"

Ming Du had spent the last few days trying to infiltrate Ironcliff Fortress to complete his quest and had even been killed by the Berserk Heavenlaw players in his latest attempt. The Berserk Heavenlaw players had all a.s.sumed that Ming Du had finally learnt his place and given up. None of them had imagined that he would have struck again at such a critical time.

Since the players in the city were all camping at the resp.a.w.n point to watch the action, the Berserk Heavenlaw players couldn't possibly return to their headquarters now or it would look like they were fleeing in fear!

"What do we do now boss?" The players hurriedly sent to Berserk ThunderG.o.d.

Since the guild war was started by Berserk Heavenlaw, they couldn't back down otherwise their reputation would never recover. On the other hand, they couldn't simply ignore the fact that their own headquarters was under attack.

"It's just one guy anyway, he'll need more than one and a half hours to break the seal anyway so just send a few men!" Berserk ThunderG.o.d replied.

"I'll send two teams then..."

"That's fine. He's only one man so it's not like he'll be going anywhere!" Berserk ThunderG.o.d chuckled.

The Berserk Heavenlaw players had already come across Ming Du a few times. However all of these times, Ming Du had done nothing but flee from them. Because of this, the Berserk Heavenlaw players all thought that he was nothing more than another weakling.

What they didn't know was that Ming Du had two helpers of his own this time...

Meanwhile inside the conference room of Ironcliff Fortress, the three NPCs immediately stopped arguing once they noticed w.a.n.g Yu and the others enter the room.

The Dwarven King walked to w.a.n.g Yu's side and chortled: "My friend you came at the right time! These two maggots dare look down on the descendant of the mighty G.o.d of war! Can you help me wipe them off the face of this earth?" Although the Dwarven King wasn't very large, his tone more than made up for it… The moment he opened his mouth he was already talking about killing the other two leaders…

Meanwhile, the Elf Leader and the Gnome Leader both walked towards Spring Halo and Ming Du and asked similar questions.

After they finished speaking, w.a.n.g Yu and the others took a look at the attributes of these bosses.

HP: 200 000

MP: 5000

Skills: [Thunder Slam], [Storm's Strength].

HP: 150 000

MP: 15 000

Skills: [Flaming Shot], [Overload].

HP: 100 000

MP: 20 000

Skills: [Extremespeed], [Summon: Mecha Warrior].

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