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The area outside the city was flooded with players from the United Alliance and Berserk Heavenlaw. w.a.n.g Yu and Ming Du would immediately be recognised if they stepped outside since they had killed so many players from both these guilds. Thus they decided to wait for Spring Halo at Ironcliff Fortress.

The city gates had already been shut as the fighting between the guilds got more and more intense. No one was allowed in or out of the city. But this wasn't enough to stop Spring Halo. He simply turned into a dark cloud and drifted out of the city.

w.a.n.g Yu and Ming Du had already been waiting for him at the rendezvous point for him.

"Move quickly, we don't have much time!" Spring Halo urged.

"Why not? Shouldn't they be occupied for a least a day or so?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

"I understand Hidden Lurker very well. That man doesn't have the slightest intention of fighting this war. The only reason that this fight even broke out is because he can't control his guild members..." Spring Halo explained.

"Then how much time do we have?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

"About an hour or so!"

"What the f*ck, then couldn't you have found another guild to fight Berserk Heavenlaw?" w.a.n.g Yu grumbled.

"The only reason that the United Alliance can even survive that long is because of Nian Liuyun. Other guilds probably wouldn't even survive for more than 30 minutes! Furthermore, I understand Hidden Lurker better, so it was easier to predict his next move..."

"He seems like a pretty decent guy, what did he ever do to offend you guys?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

Even after the fiery exchange between Spring Halo and Hidden Lurker, w.a.n.g Yu still felt that the man was rather courteous.

"Decent? F*ck off! That a.s.shole caused the original leader of the Quan Zhen Sect to stop gaming! The fact that we didn't kill him there and then is already considered being merciful. Once this is over, we should tell Fearless about this matter and go f*ck with him again!" Ming Du snorted.


Ming Du's words revealed the unreconcialiable hatred between Hidden Lurker and the Quan Zhen Sect...

Ironcliff Fortress wasn't too far away from Thunderstorm City, the three men arrived rather quickly.

Ironcliff Fortress looked very impressive, its walls were built with heavy iron and even had a magical force field protecting it from all incoming magical attacks.

"It really isn't easy for someone to conquer this!" Spring Halo exclaimed.

There were two ways to obtain a guild headquarter. The first method was to resist the onslaught of monsters from the hunting ground, thereby conquering the area.

The second method was to conquer an existing territory by force. The guild that managed to conquer the territory would become the owner, claiming it as their own guild headquarter. Since the Ironcliff Fortress had been here for such a long time, it was only natural that the players from Berserk Heavenlaw had to choose the second option.

A guild headquarter obtained through the first method could still be upgraded through quests, but one that was obtained through the second method could not. If the gates of their headquarters were to be damaged, they would have to pay the blacksmiths a hefty sum to fix it.

"The Ironcliff Fortress is the bastion of the human race. Berserk Heavenlaw completed a quest to get it, they didn't attack it. The defense that you see right now is a far cry from what it used to be." Ming Du explained.

"I see..." Spring Halo nodded. Based on what Spring Halo said, it would really take a heaven defying monster to be able to conquer such a fortress. It appeared that Berserk Heavenlaw was not as strong as he had imagined.

"Can we go in now?" w.a.n.g Yu asked.

At this current point in time, the gates to the fortress were tightly shut and the system would alert Berserk ThunderG.o.d if they tried to attack it... this had been briefed to them by Spring Halo before they even arrived.

"Follow me!" Ming Du declared as he pulled out a small map, leading them around the city gates to a random corner of the fortress.

Ming Du walked towards a large rock, taking out a gem and placing it onto the rock. The ground rumbled as a secret pa.s.sage opened up.

"This was a secret pa.s.sage that Ryan told me about, it'll bring us to the depths of Ironcliff Fortress!" Ming Du explained.

"Then why did you have such a hard time if you had this secret pa.s.sage into the fortress?" Spring Halo asked.

"This is still the property of someone else. They can see the position of our team if they open a minimap of this fortress!" Ming Du sighed.

"You really are pitiful, were hunted down by them?" Spring Halo asked.

"Yeah and I even died..." Ming Du grumbled: "We can only use this pa.s.sage to enter the city we have to leave through another exit."

"No wonder!"

All dungeons had an exit, but even someone as skilled as Ming Du could not fight the entire Berserk Heavenlaw by himself.

"Okay, we don't have much time left, let's go in!" Spring Halo declared as he walked into the secret pa.s.sage first.

After stepping into the secret pa.s.sage, the scenery around them suddenly changed as they appeared in the depths of Ironcliff Fortress.

What they saw was a flourishing city, with elves, gnomes and dwarves walking around everywhere, just like the lore!

"What the f*ck, scenario dungeon..." Spring Halo gasped.

Scenario dungeons were common in online games, they would basically transport the player into a scenario in the past. The player had to complete the scenario in order to finish the quest.

"Yes!" Ming Du nodded: "These are all scenarios... this is what Ironcliff Fortress used to look like before the war."

After he had finished speaking, w.a.n.g Yu received a system notification.

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