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Wild Thunderheart wasn't a man known for helping others, in fact, his reputation in Thunderstorm City was almost as bad as Ming Du's reputation in Twilight City. He didn't even interact with this guild members unless they were clearing dungeons. But even then he rarely even spoke to them.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was a skilled player, even berserk Thunder G.o.d wouldn't bother with him. There was hardly anyone that even liked him in the guild.

Not only were the other member of the guild not concerned about the fact that he had been killed twice, they were even secretly rejoicing about it.

Suddenly, another member of the guild sent a message to the guild chat.

"What the f*ck, some random Pugilist killed me when I was training..."

"What did he look like?" Berserk ThunderG.o.d asked.

"He was covering his face so I couldn't see him too clearly. But he killed our entire team with just two or three moves, he didn't even use any skills... he even said he would rid the city of our Berserk Heavenlaw players." The player reported.

"What the f*ck, it's Nian Liuyun again!!!" Everyone cried out.

Nian Liuyun's fighting style was renowned throughout the city. He didn't use much skills and simply replied on his normal attacks to kill his foes. It was his speciality.

But what made it more likely that he was the one who committed the crime, was the fact that he was probably the only Pugilist in Thunderstorm City who could perform such a feat.

"F*ck, the United Alliance really are s.h.i.tting on our heads!" Berserk ThunderG.o.d roared.

"Boss, do you really have to say s.h.i.t?" Someone asked.

"That's not the main point you idiot! What should we do now since they're taking the initiative to attack us?" Berserk ThunderG.o.d roared.

"Just beat them up!" Everyone shouted in unison.

Berserk Heavenlaw, as the name suggested, was an extremely arrogant and tyrannical guild who killed as they pleased.

After receiving Berserk ThunderG.o.d's commands, all the members of the guild promptly returned to the guild headquarters where they subsequently took the teleportation array to Thunderstorm City.

After reaching Thunderstorm City, the players split into teams before running towards the city gates.

Their orders were to kill all members of the United Alliance on sight.

It didn't take long for a storm to brew in Thunderstorm City...

"What the f*ck, what's going on? Why are the players from Berserk Heavenlaw killing us?"

"That's right, they're all over the place! I was killed the moment I logged on! What's going on?"

"G.o.d d.a.m.n these trash! They were the ones that started this fight! How can they be so unreasonable!" Someone angrily cursed. It was obvious that this player was a gaming noob like w.a.n.g Yu.

The guild chat of the United Alliance was a buzz with rage as complaints of their deaths flooded the chat. Their plan now was to group up and fight the Berserk Heavenlaw guild head on!

Hidden Lurker found this situation very fishy and quickly sent a message to Nian Liuyun: "Liuyun, I asked you to have a chat with Wild Thunderheart, what did you do to him?"

"I haven't even found him yet..."

This reply from Nian Liuyun had thrown Hidden Lurker's mind into disarray, he was speechless/

"But how is that possible? The players from Berserk Heavenlaw are killing our guys now!" Hidden Lurker replied.

Hidden Lurker's plan was very simple, all Nian Liuyun needed to do was to have a chat with Wild Thunderheart and teach him some manners. This shouldn't have created such a huge reaction from Berserk ThunderG.o.d!

Hidden Lurker knew the strength of his guild very well. There weren't any experts in the guild other than Nian Liuyun. There were obviously more experts in Berserk Heavenlaw, trying to fight them head on was nothing but a pipe dream! But how could Hidden Lurker possibly tell his enraged brothers to calm down?

"Oh, that's right... I met a Magician when I was trying to find WIld Thunderheart. He even attacked me when he found out that my ident.i.ty. I think he was a member of Berserk Heavenlaw." Nian Liuyun suddenly recalled.

"What did he look like?" As the guild leader of a prominent guild, Hidden Lurker had met the upper echelons of the Berserk Heavenlaw and knew what they looked like.

"Not too tall, he looked rather wretched as well..."

"What the f*ck! That's Wild Thunderheat!" Hidden Lurker gasped: "What did you do to him..."

"Killed him of course!" Nian Liuyun replied. How could he not kill someone that attacked him for no reason?

"F*ck! You savage! Forget it, since it's already reached this point, we can only carrying fighting them!" Hidden Lurker sighed.

Since he had already killed someone, there was no way that Hidden Lurker could possibly convince the players from Berserk Heavenlaw to stop fighting.

Even though this matter could be considered to have started because of Nian Liuyun, Hidden Lurker didn't dare to reprimand him because it was not wise to do so. Hidden Lurker understood Nian Liuyun's strength, but more importantly his temperament. Scolding an expert like Nian Liuyun for his decision could very well cause him to turn against the entire United Alliance.

"Everyone gather together, we'll counter-attack them!" Hidden Lurker commanded. This caused the blood of the members of the United Alliance to boil, how could anyone possibly bear with being bullied? Who cared if the Berserk Heavenlaw guild had more players than them? Victory or defeat would only be certain once they fought!

There were roughly five hundred players in the United Alliance and close to a thousand from Berserk Heavenlaw. A battle of this magnitude was definitely nothing to scoff at.

The players from both guild gathered together, preparing for a collision of epic proportions!

"Not bad, it's time to get what we came for!" Spring Halo happily messaged w.a.n.g Yu and Ming Du as he stood on the city walls, watching the battle that was about to unfold.

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